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Rugged Mountain Polar 860: Facts You Should Know

Rugged Mountain Polar 860: Facts You Should Know

The New Rugged Mountain Polar 860 camper is a compact and adventurous vehicle. It contains all the household accessories like kitchen, bathroom, electric appliances, bedroom, dining, and many other essential features. The inner portion has a hardwood cabinet, enough interior, exterior storage, and proper LED lighting.

Rugged Mountain Polar 860

The Rugged Mountain Polar 860 is a compact size, fascinating camper. It has similarities with the Polar 990.

The specific feature of this model is to use the space properly. They do not waste any extra piece and make it a sophisticated and beautiful look.

In a short time, it gains the trust of motorhome lovers. In this article, we will discuss the unique features of this camper and its advantages, capacity.

Features Range
Cost $40,286
slide-out 66×42
Battery 100Ah capacity(2)
Refrigerator 6 cubic feet
Propane 18-22lb
Waste water tank 2
Fresh water 30gallon


The dimension includes the overall height, width, and length of the exterior and interior portion.

These smaller vehicles are best for small families, solo traveling, and designs according to the needs. 

Dry and wet weight

Manufacturers provide your camper with dry weight. You should ensure that each RV maker has their own choices and standards.

It depends on them rather than excluding the additional requirement or not from it. You should include the extra option while doing the calculation of matching truck and camper.

The average dry weight is around 3,000-3,120pounds. The additional option weight like fresh, grey, and black water is around 35, 25, 24 gallons. 

You can calculate the wet weight of it by using the standardized equation. For the calculation of it, you should add the full freshwater.

It can also include the maximum propane tank weight and stuff weight around 500lbs along with the dry weight.  


The interior dimension of your polar 860 models is around 6 to 7feet and 5-inches in height.


The overall dimension of your camper is approximately 16feet and 10 inches in length. The floor-length range is about 7 to 8feet and 6inches long.

Two storage sides in which one of this compartment you can put the generator around 2400-2500watt. The exterior LED and running lights are also present. 

Battery compartment

You will find the battery compartment of Polar 860 on the driver side accessible from outside the camper.

It has bit storage space to accommodate only one battery of about 100Ah capacity. It will be sufficient to fulfill the electrical requirements of your vehicle.

However, there should be space for at least 2-batteries to have enough backup power. This 12V battery is rechargeable either by shore power supply or with solar panels installed on the roof. 

Full boot dinette feature

The dinette compartment has all the essential facilities. It includes a table supported by two metal poles and can use for eating, work, and a laptop.

There is two parallel seating arrangement with sturdy cushion, hold tight with the stitches. This portion is present on the slide-out, but the refrigerator is not in this option.

The layout of this section is compatible with the floor. The floor color combination with the cabinet hardwood door, table, and cushion provide a beautiful appearance. 

Refrigerator position

A refrigerator is also a luxury amenity for a camper to store food items and beverages.

Polar 860 comes equipped with a 5 to 6 cubic feet refrigerator and can take a maximum of 1.5’2’ space.

It is sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the camper. You can locate it near the dinette table and sleeping area. It can be 3-4ft tall with electric outlets below it.

They install it near the camper wall to provide a ventilating space for compressor and condenser tubes.  

Wet bath

Rugged Mountain wet bath fully equipped with all essential items like lit, sink, shower, and flush toilet. It has an air vent for proper ventilation.

All of this chamber made of high-quality molded fiberglass. There is also a duct or tube which use for better heat exchange. It has an easy and convenient sliding door for your bath cabin. 

Water Heater

A Propane based water heater system is available to enjoy the hot bath during the winter season.

You can locate it outside the camper on the rear of the left side.

It is directly outside the shower area inside the vehicle to instantly provide hot water without wasting much water to wait for heating it.

This arrangement saves fuel and conserves water that is the essential utility during a camping experience.  

Kitchen area

The kitchen area consists of a small space with Propane based burner, oven, microwave oven, exhaust hood, and lighting for proper visibility.

LP-based stovetop with three burners is sufficient to fulfill cooking requirements. It has a cover installed on it to hide it after cooking.

It also prevents anybody from accidentally touching it immediately after the burner turns OFF.

Beneath the stovetop is an LP-based oven for specialized cooking requirements. It has a pull-down door to access it. 

Exhaust hood

The exhaust hood has an opening right on the top of the burner with a fan installed.

The fan installs by cutting a hole through the wall to provide evacuation of air, smoke, and cooking fumes outside the camper.

You turn it ON while cooking because oil fumes can deposit on walls and other surfaces degrade the overall cabin interior look.

It also helps with general ventilation of the area to remove any odor or foul smells, keeping a clean environment in the camper. 

Some people even use the oven for crockery storage or other items after cooking as they may seldom use it for cooking.

Light over the cooking area is necessary during cooking to have proper visibility of the whole section. Otherwise, you will end up with burnt or uncooked food.

Microwave oven

You will find a microwave oven on top of the exhaust hood to quickly heat the food items or boil water without igniting the burner.

A small cabinet near the Microwave installs on the cabinet wall to provide storage space for cooking utensils and other grocery items.

This compact cooking area of 2’3’ is sufficient to fulfill the requirements of a family of 2-3 persons.

stainless steel sink

Another essential amenity near the cooking area is a stainless steel sink with a faucet to provide a place to wash and clean food items and cooking utensils.

It also fulfills the water requirements during cooking. Stainless steel is a default choice, but you can customize it according to your choice and need.   

Sleeping area

The sleepy area includes the queen bed, curtain, and closets for hanging essential accessories. The two cabinets are present on both sides of this bed.

The lightning for this area in particular, like touch lights. Another feature is the TV facility, and alongside the cupboard, two hampers are also available.

Safety Gadgets

Propane is the fuel source during camping for cooking and heating purposes.

Therefore, polar 860 will also be equipped with this feature with gas pipes from propane cylinders to the cooking area.

Due to its flammability, it is mandatory from a safety perspective to prevent gas leakage in the camper to avoid the risk of fire.

Therefore, manufacturers have installed smoke and gas detectors near the cooking range to detect any gas leakage and generate an alarm in the event of an unintentional fire.

Another safety gadget can be a Carbon monoxide detector to turn on an alarm if its level goes beyond safe range during the operation of a gas heater at night. 

The presence of circuit breakers of sufficient capacity also protects the camper from fire risk due to any short circuit. 

Drawer on Exterior Basement on Front Side

There is a drawer running across the length of the camper in the basement. You can access it beneath the front side door of the camper.

This long drawer is helpful to store tools like fishing rods that otherwise are difficult to fit in the tiny cabinets of the camper.

Manufacturers have made the best utilization of the limited space available to provide maximum facilities to the customers. 

Propane Storage Tanks

There is a special fireproof compartment accessible from the exterior of the Mountain Polar 860 to store 2 Propane cylinders of 18-22 lbs capacity.

Cylinders can be placed in a horizontal position and are unexchangeable. You should find a gas station to refill the tanks.

Therefore, plan your journey accordingly to have a gas station nearby to avoid any inconvenience.

The compartment space specifically designs for 2-cylinders of mentioned capacity, and you cannot retrofit larger size cylinders due to limited space available.

Waste Water Holding Tank

2 number of wastewater holding tanks store the wastewater separately from portable toilets and other areas until you find a disposing spot or tank becomes full.

You can locate them on the bottom backside of the camper behind a closed compartment.

Before pulling the waste tanks, make sure that the cap of the sewer outlet connection is tightly fit.

Sometimes it can open by dragging, and all waste can spill on the camper or outside. Remember to empty the tank after regular intervals to avoid foul smell inside the cabin.

Fresh Water Tank

The freshwater tank with Rugged Mountain Polar 860 has a sufficient capacity to store more than 30 gallons for washing and other household applications during camping.

For refilling purposes, it is accessible from the exterior on the side of the driver.

Exterior Shower

There is a point available outside the camper to connect the shower hosepipe to enjoy an exterior shower in an open space.

LED light available on the same side illuminates the area at night-time while taking a shower or for other purposes.

Exterior finishing

It includes the high gloss available from the Gelcoat and has a fine coating.

It is super shiny and has high reflection, which enhances its appearance.

The main advantage of this pant is to block moisture penetration and easy cleaning of the roof. It can prevent bumps, scrapes, and nicks. 


The awning is an essential component that has various advantages. It gives you a shady area and prevents severe weather conditions, like rain, wind.

The type used for it is the one power-retractable that can roll over easily. The survival rate of each is different for the wind tolerance.

These are self-supported, which show response against worse condition and its spring arm extend and elevate when gust collides with it.


When you entered into Rugged or leave makes you excited. You can see camper can provide how much floor area for you.

The color of the floor is light grey, which makes a comfy combination with the dinette area, sleeping portion, and cabinets. The floor-length is 8 foot 7 inches.

Polar 860 TPO roof

TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. Its use increases in the RV and camper because it is cheap, affordable, and has a white appearance.

You do not have to pay an extra cost for painting. These are UV resistant which protects from excessive heat absorption and makes them comfortable.

Its parts easily weld and prevent dirt or other debris accumulation. There is no effect of the hot and cold weather on it.


It has a slide-out feature with 66 feet 42 inches. It provides extra space for your camper.

It can extend and retract by a different mechanism like hydraulic, electric, or manual system and make it spacious for you.

The slide-out counter extension present below the refrigerator area having 100-110 voltage output.

It is small, light in weight, and more expensive, and faces less structural challenge than the long and heavy.


Its another feature is the installation of the single pane sliding window. These are available in different styles, and materials have one layer of glass. 

Vinyl decal package

This truck camper has the 3M vinyl decal package. These are a sticker which used for better appearance which is available in printed or cutting form.

The Rugged has navy blue and black in appearance. 


The average cost of Polar 860 is approximately $30,300, and the retail price $40,286.

The company offers direct sales. They provide it at a low price, but its interior option and feature remain the same.

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