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Can you put a car seat in the front seat of a truck?

Can you put a car seat in the front seat of a truck?

Here are the best DIY methods for adding a car seat in the front seat of the truck. We have added the required tools along with this step-by-step guide.

Can you put a car seat in the front seat of a truck? Yes, you can put a car seat in a truck front seat by measuring both the seats, remove the truck seat, add a car seat, adjust the angle, secure it with nuts and bolts, and install the belts.

These provide comfort and many drivers prefer to use their equipment in all of their vehicles. We have also added the cost of this procedure.

Can you put a car seat in the front seat of a truck?

In this article, we have explained 12 easy steps for adding a car seat in your truck. Before going into the details, let me explain the required tools for this procedure.

Tools required

  • Utility knife
  • Sewing machine or sewing kit
  • Wrench set
  • Padding
  • Welder
  • Clamps
  • Grinder
  • Tap and die set
  • Drill and bits
  • Washers, nuts, and 5/16 grade 8 bolts
  • Matching bolts
  • 11 gauge rolled steel

Check car seats

The foremost reason for putting adding this in a pickup seat is to get high comfort and proper support. So it is the most crucial step.

It does not matter whatever your seats are, first hand or second hand. These are usually made with different materials and cushioning that makes the springy and soft. But the chair must be meeting your needs and fulfilling your wishes about the spaces.

When you are going to purchase the equipment, you should sit on it. You should sit and check the room before buying it. Make sure you are ordering them from an authentic and well-known brand or company.

Measure the car seat with truck seats

These come in multiple variations in width, height, base width, backrest, and length. Measurement makes everything perfect and correct. Because it prevents you from getting irritated for repeatedly checking the size.

If the size is incorrect, It will ruin your money and time also. It is not a tough task; it is as simple as you could not think about it.

Begin the measurement in inches instead of feet. Measure the length and width with a measuring tape. You can use these methods to access and install a truck horn in a car.

You can measure it in two methods, One is the hip room, and the second way of measuring the seat is the shoulder room.

The hip room is the sitting surface, measure the seat from door to door. The purpose of measuring the hip room is to know how roomy or wide space is available.

The shoulder room method is to measure the upper seat from door to door. It tells you how much it is wide and tall.

The size of both automobile seats should be the same and accurate. The minor changes in seat size, can not fix it properly.

Seat Type

The front seat of a vehicle is a bench seat or a bucket seat. Some vehicles have bucket seats and it has two separate chairs.

The bench seat is like a big continuous seat along with a passenger seat. Vehicles’ models and brands may vary. And you need different tools according to your pickup type.

Open bolts and nuts

In the old model, pickup seats are directly placed on the floor, but in a new vehicle, these are bolted or place on the mounting bracket.

Wherever these are bolted, four bolts are used to secure the equipment, two bolts in the side, and two-bolt in the front.

Usually, bolts are covered with plastic caps that are nipped off with appropriate tools. Modify the seat position if needed, so you can easily access the screws.

Go every rod in a counterclockwise direction, untie the bolts and remove them.

Remove truck seats

To remove them, you should first disconnect the belt with the Torx wrench’s help. It will help to remove the seat belt faster.

Disconnect or remove all the electrical wires that connect it. Gently turn off the ignition. Open the bracket bolts of the rear seat.

At this spot, you may need a helper to buzz up the seat. Carefully take the equipment from the doorway without itching the headliner or dash, door jam, and seat.

Keep it in your mind that different models and makes of pickup have diverse installation and removal seats. So you should check the manual or follow instructions before removing them from the vehicle.

Clean the area

You should clean the surface of the pickup after removing seats. The surface is free from seats and complete, and you can access the garbage.

You can clean it entirely when the pickup is empty or without any equipment. Wipeout all the floor with warm soapy water or cleaning product.

Your pickup area should include floor, door handles, steering wheel, driver switches or control, and gear selectors.

Install car seats

Now, every vehicle comes with a manual or instruction kit from the company or manufacturer.

Detailed information is included in this manual kit. Do not avoid this and follow all the given instructions for properly completing the procedure.

Make a T shape hole in a rug. Place it in a pickup and make necessary electrical connections.

Screw down it by connecting two bolts of both seat, attach the remaining two bolts. Repeat this method with a second product. You should choose a suitable exhaust for your pickup.

Adjust the angle

During fixing of the equipment, you have to make sure that it is accurate. If the base’s angle is incorrect, your head can not stay in the right position and can fall forward.

Most pickups have indicators of level on the rear of sear, which help recognize if the level is inappropriate.

Some sears have various types of angle indicators such as bubbles with a particular range and stickers with a line. Follow these steps to install the seat covers with these easy steps.

Secure the seat properly

Your safety and life need to ensure that seats are safe and secured. And make sure seats are correctly fixed and do not swing during the journey.

There are usually three techniques to lock up the chairs. The first one is Latch, which is a lesser presenter, rare seat belt, and Latch and installs the seat belt.

Most products come with this type of installation but it does not mean that every vehicle has the same methods of installation or securing the products. It will also help to make your truck seats more comfortable.

Install seat belts

When you effectively install the seat, because these are the vital object for your safety.

First, you should read the instruction book for properly install belts. If your pickup does not have a lower anchor, read the manual carefully, and find out how to bolt the belt. Make sure it can give you extra security and do not get loose.

Sit on seats

When you finished your process of putting them in a pickup, then you should sit on chairs at the end. And check either your chairs are fit correctly or not.

Make sure that these are comfortable and do not make restlessness. You should ensure the perfect environment for the journey, and all the bolts and screws are tight.

The chair should be such that you get fixed, do not cause to move your head or body, and not get tired.

If you feel that these are according to your requirements and wish, then there is no need to change anything, and you are ready to travel.

If they do not fulfill your requirements, then check all the steps carefully and make changes where you need it.


There are several benefits of putting a car seat in a pickup because:

These are designed to give you a vibration or shock-free environment during driving.

The technology makes them ergonomic, charming operating functions, comfortable cushions.

These are durable, safe, secure airline systems, best-aligned objects, and fewer moving chunks. And have more stability or firmness.

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