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Do Pickup Trucks Still Have Bench Seats?

Do Pickup Trucks Still Have Bench Seats?

Here are the pros and cons of having bench seats in your pickup truck. Many people do not like these seats, but I am using a Ford F150 with a front bench seat, and it is comfortable.

They are like a usual bench with a foamy seat and no possible side support. However, the backbench seats remain convenient on the backside of the cabin than the middle or front seats. 

Do Pickup Trucks Still Have Bench Seats? In general, pickup trucks do not have bench seats due to safety concerns. As a result, the new trucks lack this sitting arrangement. However, few manufacturing companies offer front bench seat setups according to customer requirements.

The comfort and convenience of these bench seats enhanced their demand. Few companies offer such vintage structures on trucks. However, it is still a fancy and stylish addition to the pickup truck. 

Do Pickup Trucks Still Have Bench Seats?

The bench seats in a truck are in a proper alignment. They are 2 to 4 seats in one row without any boundaries. The absences of middle handles allow more people to adjust together.

The seats are comfortable if they have support as well. These also allow the lying down of a person during long-distance traveling.

More accommodation space

They can accommodate 3 to 4 adults and 1 to 2 kids in one single row. It prevents the other areas, and you can utilize them for more people accommodation. 

The settlement becomes convenient for the passengers during the traveling conditions. 

People use trucks for the transportation of their materials. In addition, they can move their family to the same truck due to bench seats.

These are suitable for all ages people and provide a comfortable arrangement.

The adjustment depends on the passengers, and they can align according to their comfort. 

Luggage adjustment

These are suitable for the adjustment of luggage. You can adjust the heavy loads and bags on the seats without any hesitation.

There are minimum chances of any damage on these stable seats. They also provide more space for the settlement of the luggage.

You can adjust the bags and plastic containers under the seat. Thus, the adjustment becomes convenient for all the passengers. 

The stuff remains secure, and you can access it anytime. In addition, the control of the luggage provides relaxation to passengers.

These are suitable for all these activities. They are also beneficial for placing the material over and under with no fear of damage. 

Bench seats are more appealing

It gives a formal and stylish look to the inner structure. In addition, people find it appealing due to the presence of leather and foam.

The seat comprises foam material with a single couch. There are no boundaries or separations on these backbench seats. They are usually a single row but can accommodate at least 3 to 4 people. 

The adjustment and smooth sitting area provide comfort to the users. The passengers feel comfortable due to the clean and leather covers. They allow convenient movements of the passengers while sitting on them. 

The person can fold legs while sitting on the seats. They have enough gaps between the front seat and back seats. 

They allow the facility of folding and resting at the same time. 

In those situations, when the passengers are fewer, then they can adjust according to choice. For example, the passengers can sit away from each other on one bench seat. 

It is beneficial for them to adjust in the long trips. The road bumps have minimum effects on the people when they sit on these seats.

These sitting arrangements provide a sense of sofa or folding bed in a truck. The overall level of comfort enhances more than the standard seat arrangement.


These are moveable, and you can change their direction in one particular place. They have stable locks, but you can detach them from their floor.

People can easily find their stuff under these seats. The unloading of luggage also becomes convenient when you move these in one corner. 

It offers feasible access to all of your stuff. In addition, the process reduces time consumption, and there is a minimum chance of any error.

Convenient cleaning

The cleaning of the seats is comfortable than the other sitting arrangement in a truck. You can clean it from the top and bottom. Use a leather cleaner and rub it on the couch. 

You can wipe the bottom side of the seat bench with a mop. Then, move it in the relevant direction and clean the floor.

11 Examples of Pickup trucks that have bench seats

I have mentioned few pickup truck examples that come with the bench seat.

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • 2020 Ford F150 Regular Cab
  • Ram 1500
  • Chevrolet Silverado HD
  • Ford Super Duty F-250 
  • Nissan Titan XD
  • Toyota Tacoma regular cab
  • GMC sierra regular and crew cab
  • Ford Super Duty F-350
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban

When did trucks stop having bench seats?

The manufacturing companies stopped producing the bench seat setups from 2011. However, it remained in the trend in years 2008 and 2009.

 The safety concerns lead to the non-production of such sitting arrangements.

You can also get few models of the trucks today with such seats. It happens due to the demands of the customers.

Why do new pickup trucks not have bench seats?

Here are reasons due to which modern truck manufacturers have stopped making these bench seats.

Safety concerns

The seats are like a standard bench, and it has no back support. The seats remain comfortable when they are on the backside of the cabin. It provides wall support to this sitting arrangement. 

In those situations, when the bench seat is in the front of a truck, then the situation gets worst.

The person can keep or take a nap on these seats, and he can fall on the pickup floor due to a sudden road jump. The falling can be severe for the person who was already numb. 

The situation can lead to life-threatening incidents. Therefore, the manufacturers do not prefer these seats due to safety concerns. 

They avoid such structures to keep the passengers safe in front seat models. 

Unstable journey

The absence of handles and support the journey becomes unstable for the passengers. It happens on the hilly roads and worst road conditions. 

The jumps and holes on the roads can lead to inner bumping. In addition, instability can lead to harmful conditions. 

The passengers get frustrated due to such conditions, and they lose control. In such circumstances, they take support of each other. It leads to uninviting situations, and the whole journey becomes misery. 

These are not advisable for those vehicles that move to the long-distance areas with the worst road conditions.

Chances of accidents

The chances of inner accidents are more common than road accidents. For example, a person in a truck cabin can strike anything inside.

It leads to wounds and bleeding due to harmful conditions. Moreover, the lack of instant help can cause deadly accidents.

The children get more effects than an adult person in such situations. The bench seat setup is not suitable for those pickup trucks that retain kids and adults.

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