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Can You Put a Regular Mattress in a Camper?

Can You Put a Regular Mattress in a Camper?

Many people try to add regular mattresses to a camper. In this article, we have explained the differences between a regular mattress and an RV mattress. 

Can You Put a Regular Mattress in a Camper? Yes, you can put a regular mattress in a camper with little modifications in the internal structure. The placement depends on the model and size of the Camper. The firmness and adjustment are the essential components during the settlement of a regular mattress. 

Can You Put a Regular Mattress in a Camper?

Multiple types of regular mattresses are adjustable in a camper setup. All of them have exceptional qualities and numerous features.

The sizes vary according to the weight and customers’ demands. You should always select the mattress according to the size and requirements of your camper.

A chart of different mattress types for Campers

Regular mattress types for a camper Size Features
Double mattress 27 – 70 inches They are durable with maximum accommodating space.
Full-size mattress for camper 52 – 76 inches They are huge in size and installation is easy.
Third half mattress 49 – 78 inches They are smaller than a standard mattress and can accommodate three to four people.
King size foam matter 77 – 79 inches They are popular among the campers and other fifth-wheelers.

Family setups

They have maximum accommodation space, and people utilize them for sleeping. They occupy more space inside the Camper but can settle more than five people simultaneously.

They have a vast range of sizes and an average size range between 29 – 80 inches. All of these sizes are easily adjustable without any error. 

Double layout

They are usually available in combination, and you can settle them according to your choice. Settle the foam materials in series or building setups, and it is suitable. 

The size range varies with manufacturers, and the average size range is up to 27 – 79 inches. They have a maximum fitting property with comfort and relaxation.

These are easy to install with tiny changes in the internal structure. 

Single and standard

They are single and have a standard size with better accommodation. The size ranges vary from 53 – 76 inches to 50 – 79 inches.

They are durable and long-lasting. The regular mattress has folding property, and that is why they are more in demand. 

Small than normal 

They are double but are smaller in size than the casual mattress. The matter has the best fitting property but leaves edges of the bed frames. 

The small mattress is durable and economical. You can fold and settle materials anywhere in the vehicle. 

Queen size

These have maximum settling property for those campers that have vast spaces. The average sizes of these foamy matters are up to 62 – 78 inches.

They are attractive with maximum durability. The queen sizes of these materials are expensive than standards. 

Is there any difference between a regular mattress and an RV mattress?

Regular mattress RV mattress
It is a bit heavier in weight with high-quality features. They are bound to the RV structures.
They have accommodation quality and adjustable with tiny changes. There are no customization facilities because all of them are of a specific size.
It has customization options, and they have increased their demands. They are big and occupy more space on the bed frame. Few of the materials are adjustable, but it is a rare case.
They are economical for every camper owner. They are more durable.
They are durable except for longevity. All of them are expensive due to their different features.

Method to adjust regular mattress in a camper

Multiple methods help to put the mattress in a camper. These methods offer a proper step-wise guideline about placement and control. 

The procedures are, select the right quality, measurements, control edges, place of the bed frame, settle, and check. 


A measurement of the camper bed frame is essential before their selection and purchase.

Sometimes the dimensions guide the owner about adjustment of the home mattress in the setup. Check the edges and protect yourself from installation difficulties.

Never forget the dimensions of the iron body of the bed frame. It can retract and change positions. Observe the sleeping space and then the selection process. 

Select right quality

Always choose the right quality products for your adventurous layout. It must have all the accommodating and water-repelling properties. These materials offer space to sit, sleep, and eating facilities. 

Check the foam to check the settling and fitting quality. Observe your budget and never compromise on the quality.

It must be long-lasting and should suit the other things in the internal setup. Choose the color in the right combination with the bed frame. 

Control edges

The installation process requires little expertise like a professional person. Always tuck the edges in the bed frame because they have maximum adjustment property.

Settle the sides with the whole setup and make sure there are no grooves.

Observe the middle surface with the external area. Push the upper side with the head of the bed. Make more sleeping places because the camper beds have this facility more than other things.

Place on the bed frame

Put it on the bed frame and leave it for some time. It requires time for the adjustment, and you cannot tuck it all at once. The bed cover may move over the surface to settle it properly. 

Settle and check 

Push it inside the sides and upper surface. Check the settlement by sitting on the matter. In case of any error, push it more in its original place.

The final check is essential when you are traveling a long distance. The proper adjustment makes the traveling comfortable. 

Things to consider before buying a mattress for a camper

If you are replacing the old one, then choose the same quality as before. In those circumstances, when it is a new layout, then consider the size, weight qualities, durability, water resistance, long-lasting control.


This feature is all about the size of the bed frame inside the wheeler. You cannot choose a smaller size for a setup, and the same is the case for vast materials.

Always consider the measurements of the frame and its edges. Never decrease the quality in terms of rates because it is a permanent investment. 

Weight qualities

Check the weight of the mattress before buying it for the vehicle. The material should be foldable and moveable because the layout requires adjustment.

You cannot place it in one position for a long time. It also serves as a sitting arrangement with sleeping routines.

The weight must coordinate with the demands, and you can customize the sizes with width and length. 


Always consider the durability of the mattress before purchasing. It should be a long-lasting material for such expensive vehicles as campers.

Take the warranty cards, and keep them till the mentioned date. You can replace the matter in case of errors. 

Water resistance

It plays a vital role as a seating arrangement, and people spend most of their time on it.

There are chances of water flow and stains, and it is not a favorable condition. Check the water resilient property of the mattress, and it should absorb the humidity.

Consider the cleaning properties and take tests in case of doubts. 

Long-lasting control

It should be a long-lasting material because it is going to get many challenges. The longevity depicts the quality of material in all possible aspects.

The lifespan increases with this quality, and it is one of the most beneficial features. 

They are expensive in some sizes, and that is why the lifespan is essential.

The controlling property is also significant, and it is all about sticking inside the structure. The edges must comprise the strength to bear the human body weight without any damage. The foam should be durable with all essential qualities. 

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