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Can You Turn a Camper into a Food Truck?

Can You Turn a Camper into a Food Truck?

Here are 9 best DIY methods for converting a camper into a food truck. It is an easy process, and we have included all the details in this guide.

Can You Turn a Camper into a Food Truck? You can turn your camper into a food truck by measuring the available size, determine the layout, cut the cardboard sheets, attach steel brackets, make drawers and shelves, add a refrigerator, and connect the electrical supply.

You have to add all the facilities you can use to sell the food, cooking the food and a small seating area. You can check different vehicles before making them for your own.

Can You Turn a Camper into a Food Truck?

We use a vehicle for cooking food, serving, and supplying it to different locations. You can convert your camper to your food carrying truck.

Tools required

  • Wooden panels
  • Cutter
  • Plier
  • Wrench
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Bulbs
  • Drill machine and drill bits

Determine the layout of the camper

You have to make all the plans on the paper by looking at the dimensions of the vehicle. You have to use a led pencil and draw all the structure on the paper.

You can modify your plans when you want to change it. You have to mention each and everything that you want to implement in the automobile.

You have to add the place of the cooking, seating, and all others that you want. There are different forms that you can choose from while making their design.

You have to look for the purpose for which you are using it. Some people want to send items from one part of the country to another region. You have to add facilities to it accordingly.

You will no need to add any seating or cooking setup in those vehicles. You have to maintain a specific type of temperature in them as that particular product requires from you.

If you are thinking of cooking in that vehicle, you have to make a layout for that type. You have to define a concrete purpose before arranging anything for this conversion.

You can make all the types in this vehicle if you are passionate about doing so. The layout design is also essential because you will get an idea about the space in it.

Measure the available size

You have measure the size of the beds of the vehicle in which you are adding. You will get to know how much space you have.

You can use a measuring tape and measure all the sizes like width, height, and length. You have to do your planning as the size allows you to do so.

You can plan how big a setup you can make in your vehicle. You can also turn your truck bed into a tent and enjoy the journey.

Cut the cardboard sheets

You have to buy long panels of cardboard sheets to keep items in them. You have to cut them in different lengths and widths. These are also used when making a chicken coop; you should accurately adjust the sides.

Use the big cutter to divide them into different numbers. Make all the sizes that you can install in your pickup. You can place the jars of the items, burner, and all other things there.

When you cut the cardboard sheets, you have to try to match all the sizes with your spaces. You can modify them at that time if you cannot reach them. You can turn the camper table into a bed and use it for this purpose.

Attach steel brackets

When you match all these things like the size you want, you have to attach the steel brackets on these sheets and look for better results.

First of all, you have to mark the points for making holes in them. You have to use smaller drill bits and start drilling in cardboard sheets and the brackets you are using. You can make all the holes easily when you have marked those points.

The balance of the sheets will not remain stable until you have made more holes for nuts and bolts.

You will not keep the more weight on it till it has a greater capacity to bear the weight.

You have to look for all the factors while doing this for your business. You have to do all the things as you have decided on its design.

Attach shelves

When you have to mark the holes and drilled them, you have to fix the nuts and bolts with the vehicle’s sides.

You can keep all the jars and other products on them. It will depend on the weight of how strong it should be.

The shelves that you are making should be free from the problem and have proper supports under them.

You can make small pillars under them to help them carry the weight and not bend easily.

After attaching them, you will have two options: you may leave them open or cover them by adding the doors on them.

It will depend on the use that you have to take from them. You can go with both options by making some of them open and others close.

Make drawers for crockery

It will help you to store things for easy access. The small things like forks, knives, cutters, or spoons can place in the drawers.

You will no need to start finding them from the big setup. It should be your priority to do all the things to help you while cooking or for other purposes.

You can also place all the crockery in these drawers for better access. You can adjust all the settings as you want to use them.

Add a Refrigerator

You will also need to place some perishable items in the fridge not to decompose quickly. 

You have to choose the size of the fridge as you want to put the things in it. You will also leave someplace in the vehicle that will help you to place it quickly.

If you have made shelves on all sides, then you will face the problem of putting it.

You have to keep it near the electrical connections so that it may get an uninterrupted electrical supply. Often fellows complain that their camper fridge is not cold; you should buy a good quality product to prevent such issues.

If you place it far away from the power cord, you have to manage the wires. You have to hide it under your floor, and it will be challenging to manage.

Leave someplace for the microwave oven that should be placed near to the burner so that the cook can easily access it.

You can find its place on some shelve or under it. You can add a few other electrical appliances to your system.

Provide electrical supply

You should provide continuous electrical supply to the set up not to consume perishable food easily. You can install solar panels on your truck camper for better results.

You can add stabilizers or voltage regulators for the proper voltage supply. You have to add different power cords at different positions of the four-wheeler to connect any appliances without any movement.

You should use the insulated cables with proper safety so that your system may be safe from electrical shocks and short-circuiting.

You can keep the wire under the carpet if it is available on the floor. It is better to use the covered wire so that you may get a safe system.

You have to attach these wires with the battery to get a connection at any place.

Check all the things

You have to run all the functions correctly on a trial basis to note any problem in it. You should check that the shelves are balanced and you can keep all the items on them quickly. You can add colorful decals on the tailgate for a better image.

You can try that the products that you are using should be beneficial for you. You can make any changes to it when you note any problems with it.

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