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Can You Put Laminate Flooring in an RV?

Can You Put Laminate Flooring in an RV?

Here are 7 easy steps to add laminate flooring to your RV. These are available in a variety of patterns which provide you multiple options.

Can You Put Laminate Flooring in an RV? In RV, laminating flooring is the best option with many advantages. It is available in different options like tiles, hardwood, and stones. The replacement cost is between $600 to $900 that includes labor cost of about $450-$550.

Can You Put Laminate Flooring in an RV?

Replacing flooring or installing the new is the easy job to enhance the RV interior. Laminate flooring has various characteristics like good appearance, free from an allergen, and a low chance of foul-smelling.

Types of RV flooring

When you decide on flooring installation, you can find multiple options of flooring material. There are some common types includes carpet, vinyl, and laminate flooring.

Each has its benefits and durability. Hardwood flooring like laminate and tiles gives an aesthetic look and has the best resilient ability. 

Carpet flooring

Mostly RV has carpet flooring because it is suitable to maintain temperature during climate change.

It has an insulating effect and less chance of scratches during slide-out or pet damage during walking over it.

It is easy to install and affordable for you. It is smooth in appearance, and walking over it is easy and comfortable.

Its drawback is to capture the dirt and debris more than the other flooring material. It has many different types, including polyester, Nylon, carpet pad, and intelligent stand carpeting by DuPont. You should maintain its proper cleaning and vacuum it daily.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring material is available with adhesiveness on its back. It gives you an easy way for installation.

It looks like wood, engraving property which increases grain appearance. In an odd-shaped wet area like the bathroom and kitchen, vinyl tiling is a suitable option.

At the top of it has a printed and embossed pattern with a thin layer of rubber. It has waterproof property and easy to install.

You can install it without replacing the existing floor. The drawback of it they have direct contact with the sub-floor.

While others give extra comfort and install insulation and padding. These are thin, which show the imperfection of the floor. 

Laminate flooring

 Its installation is an easy job, and most RV lovers prefer it because it can handle any damage for a prolonged time.

It uses a floating design, and its removal is easy. Before putting the planks, use the insulation, which gives the proper rigidity and comfortable feeling during walking over it.

It is easy to clean and you should use some well-recommended cleaner by spraying on a mop or onto the rag. 

Bamboo flooring

It is an eco-friendly flooring alternative. These are available in the form of planks and single strips.

Compressed bamboo roots consume for their manufacturing to make them more durable and resilient. Bamboo flooring uses the floating process for its proper maintenance and keeps it in its position. 

How to select the flooring for your RV?

When you decide to buy and change the flooring, then make some consideration before it.

Proper selection of it is a bit challenging process for you. You should keep in mind some following steps during selection and purchasing. 


You should also consider the water-resistant aspect. Any unexpected situation can happen during traveling. However, waterproof features prevent humidity. In this way, it can protect you from swelling or wrap.


Durability is also an essential factor for your RV flooring. Climate change can affect it like hot weather conditions or a cold environment.

Due to this, it can cause changes in its structure like expansion and contraction. During traveling, you can go through an adventurous, rough, and open road.

Dust and dirt can capture by the flooring material. You should choose the best option where the chances of its accumulation are less. 

Mild resistant

Another essential feature of your best flooring is mild resistance. Choose the best flooring with less chance of mold growth. It can occur due to improper cleaning and moisture content. 

Cost and appearance

Cost is also a prime factor for you. You can choose the flooring material which is cost-effective and highly affordable for you.

Appearance is also an essential component, and you should consider the point. Select the best which is scratchproof and cannot change quickly and remain stable with time. 

How to install laminate flooring in RV?

You can give a significantly remodeled appearance to modernize your RV.

You can replace and remove it by the expert or do it yourself. If the motorhome has no slide-out mechanism, then it is easy to install.

You should properly measure it and use the flathead screwdriver for removal.

You can install it according to the recommendation and make sure to leave expansion space during weather changes around the perimeter.

You should use the mask and eye gear to prevent any irritant and mold spores. Always buy the product which is good in quality and has the best customer reviews.

Sometimes off-gassing potential becomes high compared to the carpet flooring, and it takes time for goes away.

Do proper consideration for the trim and confirm the subflooring condition. If any leaks or damage appear, repair it. In slide-out RV, check for water that comes inside during retracting.

Flooring can degrade over time and its quality also affected by regular use.

You can replace it or slow down the degrading process like flooring corrosion and wear tear issue by some preventive measures. You have a lot of options with pros and cons and have different properties from each other. 

Replace the old flooring

In slide-out RV, it is a little bit tedious job for you to install new flooring. When camper come into the market, the manufacturer builds these and use staples for proper adjustment.

Its thickness is around 5mm-7mm. You will also need some essential tools for removing like a grinder, pliers, nail pullers, scraper with a dull blade, hammer, and carpet knife.

You can grind these staples or remove them with pliers or nail pullers. Around the edge and walls where the carpet is present, remove it or cut it with the carpet knife. 

Measure its size

It is necessary to determine the proper dimension in both slide-out and without of it in RV.

You should consider it carefully because each RV has a different slide-out mechanism. Draw the dimension and mark it. 

You have to find out if other joints and supports are necessary before installation. Seal the loose cuts or incisions with duct tape.

If any obstruction occurs during its functioning or operation like air vents or a heat outlet, pay attention.

Determine soft spot on the floor

Soft spots on the floor can develop due to some problems like leakage or plumbing, affecting your motorhome.

For this, remove the old removing material and hire an expert technician if you have no experience.  

Install new laminate flooring

For replacement, follow the user manual and proper instructions. There is no definite rule for its starting point but a suitable option for you to initiate from the straight wall.

Make some appropriate adjustments so that it becomes even with the wall. Laminate planks acclimate to the RV atmosphere for 2 to 3 days before installation.

Leave a gap from the walls around 1 to 2 inches to become accustomed to the climate changes or expansion and contraction process.

Use the rubber mallet and press these with sufficient power for better attachment. You should check if these locks properly stabilize at their position.

It would be best to tighten the distance between the planks, so any accumulation of dirt and dust in the joint cannot entrap.

Check for slide mechanism

You face a problem in replacing the laminate flooring with a slide-out floor because a gap of about 1.5-2 inches develops between the main floor and the slide floor when it is extended.

It is recommended that we use the type with pre-installed underlayment.

Use the laminate board for its filling, which covers it adequately. Check its measurement so that tongue of the laminate plank cannot bulge when the slide-out retract.

Adjust the odd-shaped area

For odd-shaped areas like kitchen cabinets and a cupboard, you face the problem. However, cut and trim with suitable and proper measurement.

Also, leave a space for the expansion of about 1-2 inches. When you adjust all the dimensions of this area, then install the planks uniformly across the floor. 

Install the baseboard

To fill the expansion gap, you can use the baseboard or base shoe molding, which is compatible with your laminate flooring color and texture.

You can also place it over the high traffic areas and edges. It gives a smooth transition and appearance. 

How to maintain RV laminate flooring?

Its maintenance is easy if you clean it regularly. Try to avoid the accumulation of food and other debris. If you neglect it, then these stains can damage your laminate flooring. 

Avoid spills

Prevent damage from liquid product spills. It can cause disaster for your flooring.

Check the issue in your camper, like pipe leakage. Use the mats for your bathroom and kitchen area. It protects the seeping of it into the laminate and subfloor.

Use dehumidifier

You have to maintain the humidity in case of this type of flooring.

A humidifier is essential in your motorhome. If the moisture level becomes increases, laminate responds to it. It means you should optimize it. 

Prevent from pet damage

Pets can slip on this surface and it is difficult for them to walk or run.

You can do some measures to give proper traction and overcome the hard surface slickness. You can solve this issue by using rubber mats which free from toxic components.

It also protects and warms up the surface and gives proper insulation for them. Its maintenance is also easy job dust and dirt can wipe out easily.

Is Laminate flooring in RV worth it?

Laminate flooring contains many unique features like waterproof, scratchproof and can handle heavy traffic and minor pet damage.

It can repel the water and prevent the flooring from swelling. With a click-lock system and floating process, you can install it with less effort.

It is hard and cannot retain the stain, which can wipe out easily. Its surface has an embossed texture with a realistic wood visual. 


It enhances your exposure to the formaldehyde chemical, which is a carcinogen. 

These are used in the plywood and particleboard and also use for flooring and other purposes. If you face any breathing issues and irritation in the nose and eye, it may be the reason behind it.

If you encounter such a problem, then adequate ventilation is necessary. Therefore, open the window and allow proper airflow for the exchange of fresh air.

You should buy a product that meets the standard criteria of ANSI. Another drawback is that it is considerably thick and less resistant to water. Its repairing is a difficult step, sometimes re-doing the whole flooring is the option for you at the end. 

How much does it cost to put laminate flooring in the RV?

Cost depends on the type of RV you use, like class A, B, C, or more. Cost is directly proportional to the square footage of your motorhome.

It also depends on the material you use and its up-gradation for its replacement. You can figure out that it is cost-effective or costly.

On average, it costs around $600 including the tools and other expenses. In case of any existing floor damage, you may expect to pay more for it.

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