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How to Install a Linear Lift on an RV Bed?

How to Install a Linear Lift on an RV Bed?

Here are the 9 DIY steps to add a linear lift to your RV bed. It gives a particular distance to the RV bed from the floor. 

How to Install a Linear Lift on an RV Bed? Install a linear lift on an RV bed with bracket and spring adjustments. Attach the bed frame with the lift kit tools through screws. Adjust the shafts and add weight to the bed frame. Check the movement of the bed with the lifting device and remove all errors. 

It is an up-lifter of an RV bed with various supporting tools. It is advantageous due to multiple purposes. 

How to Install a Linear Lift on an RV Bed?

Many people want to install a linear lift on their RV beds and they are confused about methods. In this detailed guide, we have explained the linear lift mechanism and easy methods to use it.

Tools required

  • Lift kit
  • Screws
  • Drill machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Iron nails
  • Brackets
  • Measuring tape

Purchase a bed lift kit

Purchase a bed lift kit before starting such procedures. These kits include woodblocks and screws.

The actuators are part of the toolbox, and it also comprises a manual with different pictures.

It is a complete demonstration of the whole mechanism, and you can follow the guidelines with setup numbers.

It is a convenient way to install bed lifting devices. You cannot buy the bed lifting tools without the kit. 

Remove RV bed frame and mattress

It is one of the essential steps in the installation procedure of the bed lifting tools. Remove the regular mattress in the RV to reduce the weight from the massive structure.

Remove the bed frame as well to view the underlying space. It helps to comprehend the installation procedure to add the lifting tools.

Remove the pillows and other soft cushions. Discard the bed sheet from the mattress and remove these materials.

Adjust them in another room or adjust them in the bedroom. The reduction of weight helps to handle the structure without any fear.

The removal of the underlying material is also essential. Few people like to adjust stuff under such bed frames.

The removal of such items makes extra space for convenient installation of linear bed lifts. Never leave a single pillow on the bed frame.

Take measurements

The measurements are essential during such procedures because they instruct about the layout. Use a measuring tape and take dimensions of the bed frame side.

Uplift the cover of the bed frame and take measurements according to the manual. The internal parts of the tool kits depend on different criteria. 

You cannot exceed those dimensions, or the process leads to miserable conditions. Measure both sides of the frame and add the extra wood material to reduce space.

You cannot adjust the lifting tools right under the head area. The bottom side allows such installations, and you should follow the instructions.

Add the elongated woodblocks to the bed frame with a hammer. Push them in their original position to reduce the size. It must adjust under the measurements and other such criteria. 

Add some iron nails to these wood blocks to secure them properly. They never move from their position after such additions. Secure the tools with the external equipment and adjust the layout for the next step. 

Install bracket on wood blocks

The brackets are metal blocks with a flat surface. These are supporting tools of the woodblocks and secure the bed frame.

They are not easily adjustable directly into the wood part of the RV bed, and they require security and protection to resolve the flexibility issues. Adjust the bracket on one woodblock and mark it with a non-permanent marker.

You need to make holes at these points according to the manual instructions. Use a drill machine and make holes on the woodblocks.

Generate them right under the bracket without moving them from one position. Add screws into these holes and tighten them accurately.

Repeat this process for the second woodblock as well. Never leave any single step because it prevents time consumption. 

Use a marker to mark spots

Take these woodblocks near the bed frame. Adjust them on the installing side and mark these spots.

You cannot install them directly without precise measurements. It can lead to time consumption and other repairing mechanisms.

Use a non-permanent marker and add different spots.

You can also draw lines on these areas for better vision. Do this for both sides of the bed frame and make the marks prominent. 

Add mounting brackets

The mounting brackets are the initial step to adjust the linear bed lift. Attach the mounting bracket on one end and select the right parking spot, and use a drill machine and make holes.

Add different screws in these brackets and secure the system. Check its movement and flexibility to rescue all types of errors.

Move to the second side and repeat the same procedure. Make sure that both mounting brackets are in the same line. Add screws to protect these brackets from falling on the ground.

You can also add supporting tools to protect the system from various hazards.

It is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience. You cannot skip a single hole without adding the screws. The whole system becomes disastrous due to negligence. 

Attach spring shafts

The soring shafts are the powerful connection of such systems. The process requires professional expertise, and you should read the manual after every single step.

There is no room for error or any significant mistake at this step. The spring shafts are those lifters that help in control.

They lift the bed upward and downward in all conditions. The springs are flexible but have adequate strength.

They never allow the free-falling of the mattress, and it never lowers down with a specific amount of weight. The shafts are long metal structures with springs inside them. 

They have adjustment properties in the brackets, and they work efficiently. You cannot change their pattern because they have specific marking on them.

Adjust them on the mounting brackets and add different screws, and there are minimum chances of error during such installations. In case of any difference, take measurements during the process. 

The addition of more holes and screws secure the system properly. You can take the support of a friend during such procedures.

It reduces the consumption of time, and you can perform it conveniently. There are chances of human error when more than one person follows the process.

Always follow the precise guidelines to keep the shafts flexible. The springs remain moveable during the process. 

Adjust weight of the mattress

The linear bed lift remains in its position after the installation. You can observe a difference when you add weight to the bed frame.

Adjust one mattress on the bed structure and identify the movement. The bed lift instantly moves it upwards without any restriction.

People do not want to keep the bed frames high more than the casual limits. Add and adjust another heavyweight mattress, and observe the linear lift movements.

It remains at a particular height after such additions. You can settle all the bed pillows and bed sheets. In such situations, you can enjoy the maximum lifted bed structure.

Why would you install a linear lift on the RV bed?

Add a linear lift on the camper bed for a distance from the ground floor. These setups are suitable for peaceful sleep and resting conditions. 

You can add weight to the bed to enhance or decrease the height. These layouts are painless for the back and are accessible to everyone, and you can install them for more underlying storage space. 

They are convenient for small bed arrangements, you can buy the tool lifts from any hardware store, and they are easy to adjust.

The springs allow cozy and comfortable movement of the bed mattress. You can use any side to access the bottom of the RV.

These lifting beds are suitable for those who have physical impairments. The medical authorities recommend the installation of linear bed lifts to reduce body pains.

The non-positioning equipment becomes supportive with these lifting beds. The mattress moves with the bottom springs gradually. The movements are not quick, and they never lead to any accidents.

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