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Can You Use SiriusXM on More Than One Car?

Can You Use SiriusXM on More Than One Car?

SiriusXM provides an opportunity to enjoy the music of any genre, depending on your mood. This app opens a new world of ad-free music to improve your driving experience.

Can You Use SiriusXM on More Than One Car? You can use SiriusXM on more than one car to benefit from a wide range of music and videos through hundreds of channels. It offers better streaming and ad-free music with lower subscription charges to enjoy exclusive programs. It provides a cost-effective subscription of almost $30 to $35, which is lower than having two separate accounts. You can add a second vehicle to your existing account on this app by paying a few extra charges. Furthermore, you can choose a platinum VIP plan when you want to use the app on two cars.

It offers a platinum protection plan for those users who want to use the same account to use the app on different vehicles.

It has some restrictions on the number of vehicles you can add. However, it allows only one or two cars to connect with a single account.

What is SiriusXM? 

It is a satellite radio service provided by an American broadcasting company in the US.

You can avail the opportunity of enjoying music and get free access to multiple channels through the SiriusXM app.

You have to pay fees and subscribe yourself to get access to their features.

Moreover, you need a separate subscription for each automobile when you have more than one vehicle.

It can operate in only one or two cars at maximum with the same account login credentials.

It is a combination of two satellite radios; Sirius and XM.

Furthermore, you can enjoy free music and listen to many talk shows or comedy shows.

It keeps you connected with the world’s current situation as you can listen to the news.

It is not only an easy app to stream a wide range of content but provides you with the content that you demand.

In addition, you can create your favorite channel list and songs that allow quick access.

How do you use SiriusXM on more than one car?

It is easy to use SiriusXM on more than one vehicle as you have to make a few modifications in the app settings.

You can follow the process if you have never installed and used this app on your vehicle. However, you can directly jump to add a vehicle when you have already installed and created an account.

Install SiriusXM on Android

Go to the play store if you are an Android user and search for this app. Then, tap on the relevant app from the search results and wait for it to download.

Sign up to SiriusXM

Sign up for an account on this app after installing it successfully on the device. Provide all the relevant information and create an account.

Pay subscription bill

Go to the payment option on the menu bar and choose your plan. For example, you can choose a subscription for only one automobile when you have no other vehicle.

However, choose a platinum VIP plan to enjoy the app features on two vehicles. Then, pay the bill by adding your credit card information and completing the subscription procedure.

Add a radio

You can also have a compatible radio device in your vehicle if it is not present or does not match with the app.

It can cost you a lot, but you cannot play this satellite radio device without a compatible radio. Make a space in the dashboard and install a radio.

Then, add a streaming service if you have not still added it to your car. Finally, go to your account and tap on the option to add a radio device to your account.

Connect the device to the radio

When you have got permission by subscribing yourself for using the same account information in two cars, connect your mobile device to satellite radio.

Add the account login information in your vehicle and connect it to this satellite radio app feature. Next, go to the menu bar and scroll down to the media and music option.

Press the option and then go to the satellite radio mode to operate the app. after that, move to your favorite channel by scrolling up and down or create your favorite library.

Why would you use SiriusXM on more than one car?

Adding two cars to a single account of SiriusXM has many benefits, like it can help save money.

Better streaming

You can enjoy a better streaming experience on your device.

Its remarkable features are at a distance of one click, and you can find music according to your taste.

You can switch to another music, channel, or program quickly. They can make your ride more pleasant and entertaining.

Exclusive quality programs

It offers easier access to quality programs, including comedy standups and news about the current situation.

You can choose your TV programs according to your interest. In addition, it offers an opportunity to make an on-demand playlist or library having all your favorite music and videos.

You will not miss your favorite celebrity interview at a popular show anymore. It allows you to choose a channel and enjoy listening to it without any barriers.

Wide coverage area

The local radios provide restricted access to users and can only listen to the local area. However, this app covers a wide area, and you can stream music of different genres.

It allows quick and easier access to more than 100 channels that are available online. You have to connect to a good internet connection to enjoy them fully.

Ads-free music

Ads are the most frustrating when watching a video or listening to music. Many apps add an advertisement in between the music for the sake of commercial benefits.

However, it provides ad-free music so that you can listen to your favorite playlist without any interruption.

Transfer service to another car

You can use it in multiple vehicles by transferring the service to another vehicle.

You have to follow the same installation procedure as in the first one but login into the second vehicle by using the account information of the second one.

It allows you to enjoy the same features and the same selected playlist on the second one.

Reduced subscription rate

You have to subscribe to the Platinum VIP plan to use the same account for operating the app in two different cars.

It is far better than a simple Platinum plan as it offers lesser subscription charges. You have to pay $20 to $22 to get a subscription to the only platinum plan.

The subscription to two platinum plans for two separate cars costs you around $40 to $45, which is more than the VIP plan.

Get a family discount

You can enjoy a family discount using the same account in more than one car. It makes your payments convenient and waives off almost $11 each month.

However, you have to purchase a complete payment plan to get a family discount on your second vehicle. This way, you can easily afford the subscription charges and enjoy a considerable discount.

How much is SiriusXM for 2 cars?

The charges of an overall subscription of SiriusXM are lower when you want to use it on 2 cars.

You have to pay $8 to $10 less than a platinum plan, which only offers only single subscription. However, it provides a new plan, Platinum VIP, for its users.

You have to pay almost $30 to $35 each month to keep it working. However, this subscription allows you to navigate the same features in different automobiles.

You can access the satellite radio services and enjoy streaming by subscribing to a VIP plan.

Is it possible to use SiriusXM in a rented car?

Many people rent a car due to various reasons.

You do not have to create separate accounts for a rented automobile. It is easy to operate the satellite radio app on the vehicle that is under use for rent.

Download it and make your account to operate the app in two automobiles simultaneously. Accordingly, you can listen to your favorite singers in a rented car.

What cars can have SiriusXM?

All the new automobile models like BMW have installed radio devices compatible with SiriusXM or satellite radio.

However, the old models have old radio devices that are incompatible with this app. So, you have to replace them with the new ones to connect to the app.

Therefore, almost all vehicles have this feature and a compatible radio that the manufacturing companies add as a prominent feature to get multiple benefits.

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