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Do Dealerships Give You Loaner Cars?

Do Dealerships Give You Loaner Cars?

Many dealerships or mechanics have a larger fleet of loaner cars, and you can get that as a courtesy automobile while your vehicle is under service or getting fixed. 

Do Dealerships Give You Loaner Cars? Dealerships can give you loaner cars as a replacement for your vehicle without any extra charges. You can get it under different circumstances along with specific terms and conditions. For example, you can get this car if your vehicle is under service or maintenance due to an accident. You can also buy these cars from an insurance company to test the advanced features of the latest cars.

Moreover, you can use these cars for only a short time until you get your vehicle back. 

What are loaner cars?

It is a car that is offered by any business company engaged in selling, servicing, and repairing vehicles. 

The mechanic provides you with an alternative automobile whenever you take your car for maintenance. 

You can use it for a shorter period until you get your automobile back after a few days or weeks of maintenance.

It is a fantastic deal as it is free of cost, and you are more likely to be provided by any vehicle having more advanced features than your car.

Why would dealerships give you loaner cars?

You are provided with this car as an alternative automobile by any dealership under specific circumstances due to different reasons. 

Replacement of under-maintenance car

If your automobile requires service and takes more than a day, the workshop can offer you a service car to finish your day-to-day drive.

Any company or workshop can provide you with an alternative automobile while your car is under maintenance.

Replacement of an accidental car

An insurance company offers it as a temporary alternate for your accidental car. 

Moreover, it is easy for you to get this only if you have insurance from any reliable insurance company. 

To try out advanced features of new cars

Some of these can only be provided to interested customers so that you can check out the new features.

The interesting part about their automobiles is that you can get easier access to the latest models and enjoy the rides. 

Many dealerships showcase their vehicles in public places and shopping malls to attract customers. 

Who can get loaner cars?

Many people want to get this optional car if their vehicle is not available. Here are the details:

Adult drivers

According to this policy, you should be 20 to 25 years old if you want this as a replacement for your car.

You should also have a proper driving license and papers for your old automobile.

The company will check all these documents, and then they will decide about this.

Valid personal documents

You should have valid personal documents like your social security number, license, credit card, and proof of insurance.

You are not allowed to avail this option if you miss any of these documents.


Every company has different rules, but usually, they will only give this vehicle to drivers and those who have signed their policy. 


You should be a non-smoker to use this option; otherwise, you are not provided with this vehicle.

You can be charged $205 if you smoke while driving.

How do you get a loaner car from a dealership?

Many companies and body shops which provide you with the facility of loaner cars have a specific policy regarding this. 

Contact a dealership and make an appointment

You have to contact an insurance company to avail this facility while your vehicle is in the process of getting fixed. 

You have to set an appointment for that purpose so that you do not have to face any delays or inconvenience. 

They can contact you when it is your turn, and then you can meet them to fulfilling further formalities. 

Sign the contract

You have to fill out different application forms once you get in their office. 

They also demand that you present your valid personal documents to avoid inconvenience.

You have to read all the terms and conditions thoroughly and sign them for further procedure. 

After completing all the procedural steps, you can use it.

Restriction for mileage

You can only drive between 70 to 80 miles per day. If you exceed the restricted mileage, you can be charged up to $30 per mile. 

Restriction of pets

According to terms and conditions, you are not allowed to have pets with you in these vehicles. 

The dealership can charge you a heavy fine when you do not follow their instructions. 

You can be charged up to $215 for transporting pets in automobiles. 

Buy a loaner car from the dealership

You have to access the specific dealership’s website from where you want to buy a loaner vehicle. 

Find out their contact information, and then you can send an email or make a call to ask for your desired automobile.

Then, they can provide you with all the information regarding their available fleet of vehicles.

After selecting your favorite model, you have to make an appointment to test drive it and check its mileage correctly.

It is better to check it thoroughly to ensure that there are no scratches or dents on it. Also, make pretty sure that the spare tire is in place already.

You can negotiate its price once you decide on your desired vehicle. 

Moreover, you have to fill out the finance form when you get done with pricing.

Why do some dealerships not offer loaner cars?

Dealers or any mechanic do not give you this facility if they face a shortage of them in their fleet. 

Sometimes, you cannot get it while your car is in the workshop waiting for its turn to get fixed because dealers cannot offer it. 

These are some rare cases, but unfortunately, it happens sometimes. 

What are the advantages of buying a loaner car?

You can enjoy driving these vehicles as they come with many advantages.

Good quality

They have fantastic quality but are used and have less mileage. 

You can use all the latest facilities in these automobiles as they are in top-notch condition.

Moreover, these are in good condition as their internal parts have no corrosion, and they do not have any dents and scratches.

After-sale benefits

You can get many benefits involving its warranty once you register it.

The warranty starts when you register it with your name as a first owner. 

Moreover, these automobiles come with advanced automotive features and good aesthetics.

What are the disadvantages of buying a loaner car?

These cars offer many benefits but here are some disadvantages like it comes with very low mileage and some minor damages.

Less mileage

They can restrict you to their mileage policy to control the quality of these cars.

According to this offer, you can use this only for 90 days or more in some cases. 

A disadvantage of these automobiles is that dealerships implement mileage restrictions because you have to use them as temporary vehicles. 

Interior or Exterior damages

Sometimes these come with minor damage either on their exterior or interior parts. 

You can observe these damages if you pay close attention to them. 

You can find a few scratches on the surface or windshield and many minor damages; this is normal for these.

How many miles can you put on a loaner car?

Dealers or workshops implement mileage policies so that you can use them for a shorter period. 

You are allowed to cover 1000 miles to 6000 miles with these automobiles, which means you can use them for a maximum of 90 days. 

Dealerships restrict you to lesser mileage so that they can control the vehicles from coming into bad conditions. 

Moreover, some dealers ask you to drive within your State.

Why are loaner cars cheaper?

These automobiles have a lower price than others because they are used cars, so you can get them at an affordable price. 

It saves your pocket even up to thousands of dollars while also facilitating you with state-of-the-art features.

It is an excellent choice to buy these automobiles, as it saves your wallet hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Moreover, these automobiles are not registered, so you can become the first owner after registering them.

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