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Chevy Equinox Child Lock Button Replacement

Chevy Equinox Child Lock Button Replacement

A child lock button is an electric or manual lock that prohibits the children from opening the rear doors of Chevy Equinox.

However, it is an advanced addition to the SUV to improve the safety of young travelers.

You can replace the Chevy Equinox child lock button by accessing it on the right side of the driver’s seat, adjust a flat screwdriver under its plastic cover, pull it outward, and remove it. Next, remove the safety button with a flat paper clip; disconnect the connectors and electric wires. Purchase an appropriate sized button, adjust it on the lever, connect it with an electric passage through wires, push it on the lever and fix it.

These locks are essential components of small to mid-size SUVs across the USA. 

The button shows fast responses after pressing and locks the doors through actuators. However, the internal handles cannot open the doors despite excessive force.

What is a Chevy Equinox child lock and its mechanism of action?

Child lock is a safety button on a Chevy Equinox that keeps the rear doors close in the activated conditions. 

The children cannot open the vehicle’s doors from inside, and it keeps them safe during traveling conditions. In addition, it provides extra safety to the driver and young travelers.

You can manually control the locking switch by pressing a button. For example, you can access the locking button near the driver’s seat on this SUV. 

Press it once, and it locks the back doors with the sound of a click. 

In addition, push the button again to unlock the doors of your compact SUV, and open them.

These are electronically controlled equipment with advanced locking properties. The safety lock provides comfort and security for travelers with a family of children.

What is the method to replace the child lock safety button on a Chevy Equinox?

I have explained a step-wise guide to changing this small button without damaging the surrounding electric connections. 

However, the procedure for Chevy Equinox Child Lock Button Replacement takes less than 3 to 5 minutes, but a beginner can find it a complex activity.

Access the child lock button

Typically, these locks are present on the rear doors to lock the younger travelers inside. But, the lock button is available on the front side of the cabin compartment. 

You can find it on the right side of the driver’s seat according to the design of your SUV. It is a small button with a plastic covering. 

Also, it contains a lock sign that indicates the pressing activities. The manufacturers keep the button on the front side because it requires prevention from excessive pressing. 

Also, it is accessible to the driver for immediate usage and control.

Remove the plastic covering and button

In this step, use a flat edge screwdriver with no broken ends. Hold the tool in a position where the flat side faces the corner of the button.

Fit it inside the plastic cover and slowly pull it outwards. However, it has a stable connection with the internal wiring of your vehicle. 

But, an extra force can pull the plastic lid, and you can remove the button without any difficulty. Hold the button and drag it outwards.

In addition, you can use a paper clip to remove the button. Adjust the tool inside and pull the button with the appropriate force. Then, remove the button and keep it aside.

Disconnect the electric connection

These are electrically empowered locks that gain the current from the battery of Chevy Equinox.

The electric connectors and ground electric wires keep the child lock buttons intact for durable performance. 

Move your fingers inside the open hole and disconnect the electric supply by removing connectors.

The addition of a lubricant is an additional step to enhance the performance of the child lock and its lever. 

You can add a commercial and high-quality lubricant and make the system efficient.

Select a right-sized button

Every vehicle has a specific child lock safety system with a particular button size. However, these are available on authentic websites according to the models and other specifications.

Select an appropriate-sized new button for your vehicle. Then, check its compatibility with your SUV and select it according to warranty policies.

Install a new child lock button

Adjust the new button on the open hole and fix it on the lever. Then, connect it with the electric power supply and adjust it in one position.

Press it on the level and push to adjust it appropriately. Next, turn on the vehicle and press the child lock safety button. 

Push it 3 to 4 times and observe its performance. According to manufacturing specifications, it has a different price range, but these are affordable gadgets.

Why should you replace the child lock button on a Chevy Equinox?

People use this mid-size and compact SUV as their regular vehicle for family transport and other such movements.

In such situations, the driver uses this button abundantly. Also, it leads to inappropriate handling and control. As a result, the alteration activities increase, affecting the budget.

Damaged due to frequent use

The safety lock has a sensor that supplies signals to the rear passenger doors. As a result, the doors receive input signals and lock immediately.

It keeps the children safe in the rear seats. They cannot open the back doors with handles because the door remains locked.

But, long-distance traveling and excessive pressing lead to the inactivity of sensors. As a result, the button loses work efficiency, and the internal level sticks in one position.

In such circumstances, the system cannot send or receive any signals. Also, the doors remain locked or unlocked, and you cannot change their position. 

As a result, the SUV owner replaces the broken child safety button with a new and efficient gadget. It immediately correlates with the sensors and door levers.

The rear doors lock perfectly after such alterations.

Pressurized conditions

It is a small button and cannot bear excessive force and pressure. But, in some conditions, the accidental pressure breaks the top layer of these safety buttons. 

The plastic cover breaks from the middle section. It loses the pressing and pushing ability instantly. As a result, the button cannot send signals to the door of Chevy Equinox.

In such circumstances, the driver cannot lock the doors, and it is an alarming condition for the safety of children. 

The broken safety buttons are not acceptable because they can originate from dangerous conditions. 

Replacement of damaged safety tools is advisable for these SUVs and improves the safety of young travelers on Chevy Equinox.

Failure of electric connections

The button connects with the electric supply of the vehicle through a battery. It uses a few amperes for its standard performance. In addition, the electric wires have insulation that protects them from electric surges.

But, excessive usage and old age of these gadgets result in the wearing and tearing of protection layers. 

The material removes from the wires, and it disturbs the electric passage.

It interrupts the input signals, and they cannot reach the rear doors. As a result, the locks malfunction, and it requires instant repairing.

The repairing of broken wire insulation is a challenging activity. However, people change the safety buttons with a new gadget in a $7 to $10.

Malfunctioning lock actuator

The door actuator is responsible for unlocking and locking the doors of an SUV. In a few conditions, the actuator breaks due to sudden pressure and inappropriate handling.

In such conditions, it cannot work with the lever and handles of the doors. The driver presses the lock button, but the door actuator cannot receive the signals. 

In these conditions, the system remains in one position and decreases the safety of travelers. 

The replacement of the actuator is necessary for such conditions.

Also, change the child lock button for maximum compatibility of the actuator and input gadget.

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