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Subaru Outback Bluetooth Not Working

Subaru Outback Bluetooth Not Working

People face difficulty in Bluetooth connection while traveling in Subaru Outback. Its primary purpose is to connect your device with the STARLINK multimedia system of the vehicle.

Subaru Outback Bluetooth Stops Working due to the Wi-Fi interference, improper head unit installation, and device change. In addition, faulty steering button, an old version of the software, and pairing issues also affect its functioning. However, you can fix the Subaru Bluetooth by turning off the Wi-Fi, restarting your device, and repairing it with the head unit. 

You can enjoy your journey with Bluetooth and receive calls without holding the phone in your hand. Moreover, it also provides navigation and podcasts through the speakers.

Why is my Subaru Outback Bluetooth not working?

Sometimes you connect your device with Bluetooth, but it does not work correctly. The following problems can create a distraction during connectivity.

Wi-Fi interference

Outside signals such as Wi-Fi interfere with this Bluetooth connection.

Moreover, it will lose the stable connection and cause distraction during calls and music because the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have the same frequency for data transfer.

Turning off the Wi-Fi from your device and vehicle is better for proper connection. In this way, the Wi-Fi signals will not interact, and you will have a stable connection throughout the journey.

Change of device

You connect your mobile phone when you buy the vehicle for your convenient travel. Sometimes you turn on the Bluetooth, but it does not have access to the Subaru STARLINK multimedia system.

It happens when you have a new device and do not pair it with the Subaru Outback.

Furthermore, the disconnectivity issue occurs in the absence of a radio system in a device or SUV.

One of my friends changed his mobile phone and complained that the device did not connect automatically to the Bluetooth. Many vehicles come with the audio button on the steering wheel.

He used this button and cleared all the installed applications and paired devices. After that, he paired his device again and was excited to listen to music.

You can solve his issue by removing all the data of previous devices and adding the new phone in the setting menu. You can also use the steering wheel “off-hook” button for connection.

Improper installation of radio system

Sometimes the vehicle comes into the market with a faulty radio system. Moreover, it can also damage during accidents and because of a low-quality head unit.

The radio system is the central unit of the audio system through which you can connect your phone and play everything you want.

There must be an issue with the head unit when the device disconnects suddenly. You can call customer service or take your SUV to the workshop.

It s better to repair the old head unit, or you can also replace it with the new one having an efficient radio system to play audio.

Software not updated

Your Subaru Outback and device use the software to play music and other essential purposes. When the software is outdated, the Bluetooth system does not work correctly.

If you face a connectivity issue, check the updates available on the screen. Then, go into the setting and scroll down to the ‘Software” option.

You can update the software by connecting it with the internet connection. However, it requires a new software version for mobile and vehicles.

Faulty steering button

The manufacturer installed the button on the steering wheel for safe driving. In addition, an audio button on the steering wheel controls the Bluetooth connection and radio system.

You can turn on the music without removing your hand from the steering during driving. Moreover, you can press the button with your finger and thumb and turn on the audio system.

It is better to replace the faulty steering button with the new one. You can also change the connecting wire for its proper working.

Forget to turn on the Bluetooth

Your device automatically connects with the STARLINK multimedia system of the SUV. It happens because you turn on the Bluetooth of your device and vehicle all the time.

Sometimes you mistakenly turn it off from the bar menu of the phone. For example, when you go into the SUV, it does not connect to the system because you forget to turn on this system.

If it does not work properly, first you should check its sign on the phone screen. Then, turn it on and play the songs to enjoy your trip.

Out of range and sudden signals drop

Many people connect the phone to the head unit of the Subaru SUV and come out of it. If you bring your phone along, it drops the signals with the vehicle and turns off the music.

It means that it only works if your device is in range. Moreover, you can leave your phone inside the SUV and higher the music volume.

You can solve the issue of sudden signals dropping by manually connecting the device with the head unit when you sit in the SUV.

Device not paired

Some people use the Bluetooth system without pairing it with another device. As a result, it creates disturbance as signals up and down during driving.

It disconnects the phone when you do not pair it and disturbs the audio system. Therefore, it is better to add the new device to the STARLINK multimedia system.

For this purpose, you need to clear the cache and add the new device name. Then, the password will appear on the screen. Furthermore, enter this password in the pairing device and press the okay key.

Sometimes it does not pair; use the number of pairing devices available in its memory.

It is better to remove the unnecessary devices from the list and pair it again.

What happens when Subaru Outback Bluetooth is not connected?

There are few consequences when the Bluetooth of the Subaru Outback does not work. First, you will have to hold your mobile in your hand to receive a call.

It increases the chances of accidents during driving because your attention diverts from the road. Second, it will bind your hand to take the cell phone to your ear and hold it till the end of the call.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to control the steering wheel with one hand when you pass through the uneven surfaces or another vehicle suddenly comes in front.

It is against the traffic rule to use a mobile phone while driving, so you will pay a fine. Moreover, many people listen to music while going on long tours to remain fresh and active.

Your journey will be unpleasant when there is a problem in the head unit of the SUV. Sometimes the drivers sleep during driving, and accidents occur.

Furthermore, there will be an issue with the navigation system as it also works with the Bluetooth connection.

You will hear the dreadful sounds from the speakers when you play the music with the faulty head unit.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Subaru Outback?

Many people complain about the Bluetooth connectivity issue while going on a trip in a sports utility vehicle.

One of the significant reasons is that they forget to turn on the Bluetooth from the SUV system.

Press the menu button on the dashboard under the screen to turn it on. Next, you will see the setting icon on the screen; click it and open the tab.

Go to its setting; probably, it will be the last or second option. Here you can turn it on and pair the new devices.

The code will appear on the screen when you send the pairing request. You can now connect to the mobile phone and play music.

How to reset Subaru Outback Bluetooth?

Many people face issues with the Bluetooth connections in their Subaru Outback after applying the possible solutions. 

Sometimes the company does not mention each thing properly in the manual so that you can do it yourself. First, you should restart your phone and wait for 2 to 3 minutes for connection.

If it does not work, you can set your phone to airplane mode for a few seconds. Then, turn off the airplane mode and wait until the mobile comes to its normal position.

Moreover, you can reset it through another method if the above ways do not work. Press the three buttons, POWER, TUNE, and CD EJECT, together for 10 seconds.

Leave the buttons when you see the restart sign on the screen. You can turn on the Bluetooth and pair the device from the start.

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