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Common Problems with Bighorn RV

Common Problems with Bighorn RV

Many people love Bighorn RV due to their construction material and manufacturing design, although it has some minor issues. These have wide dimensions and large bedrooms with large windows, king-size beds, and closet areas.

Common problems with Bighorn RV include noisy ceiling fans, faulty folding chairs, unlevelled floors in the bedroom, bent frames, and protruding wires from outlets. Moreover, you can face issues with landing gears, stove pilot lights, and leakage in kitchen sinks. 

These trailers are equipped with comfortable accessories, which are highly reliable for winter due to their fireplaces.

Bighorn RV Problems Solutions
Noisy ceiling fans Clean fan blades
The issue with folding chairs Lubricate the folding mechanism of chairs
The unleveled floor of the bedrooms Clean water with a dry mop
Bent frame Contact dealerships
Protruding wires from outlets Secure contact pints of electric outlets
Leakage of kitchen sinks Tighten faucets
Landing gears not extracting Grease landing gears
Faulty stove pilot light Check the working of the thermocouple

Noisy ceiling fans

People often complain about the humming and clicking noise from the fans when they reuse their trailers after storage for a long time.

The storing causes the dirt to come on its blade and change its original shape. As a result, the fan blade bends and does not move properly, leading to noise production.

The bending of ceiling fan blades also occurs during their storage. In addition, faulty fan motors are also responsible for fan noise and irritate people during driving and sleeping.

You can resolve the problem by wiping off the dust from fan blades carefully so it cannot cause their bending.

Clean them carefully because poor handling also causes this problem.

The issue with folding chairs

Four chairs are in kitchen areas for dining purposes, and two are folding chairs. The company adds this type of furniture so you can store them anywhere to create more space.

Folding dining chairs become faulty, and you cannot open them when you need this furniture. This is because the folding mechanism of the chairs becomes faulty when you open and close them frequently.

These chairs produce a squeaking noise when you open them because of the poor lubrication of their parts.

You can resolve the issue by replacing these chairs with other upholstered accent chairs or ottomans. Moreover, you can lubricate the folding mechanism for their smooth opening without any noise.

The unleveled floor of the bedrooms

The floors in these RVs are made of laminate material because of their finished appearance and resemblance to hardwood structure.

Laminate flooring is made of more than one component fused by the lamination process. It is also a type of wooden flooring that has a hard texture but is permeable to water.

The laminate flooring in bedrooms has an uneven texture, and you can face bumps when you walk on them.

Many people face issues while placing furniture in bedrooms because of their uneven ground surface. The poor leveling issue comes during manufacturing and poor installation of subfloors.

Moreover, laminates are permeable to water and swell when moisture seeps into their inner layer.

As a result, the laminate floors swell from different sides due to heat and moisture damage, and you can see bumps in these areas.

Proper cleaning and maintenance can prevent the leveling and bumping issues in the Bighorn RV. Mop or dry the water and other liquid spillages quickly so they cannot seep into its layer.

Bent frame

Many people complain about the bent or cracked frame of the trailer from different sides.

Cracking in the frame worsens the situation because water leakages can damage other structures.

A bent frame disturbs the stability during driving, and you cannot completely equip the RV. You can see slight bending in frames that comes during manufacturing faults.

The several parts of the frames are interconnected with the welding procedure. Welding of soft material cause bending in its structure due to high pressure and heat.

The frame is made of aluminum which is a soft and flexible material and is more at risk of bending due to heavy welding procedures.

You can take it to dealerships to get rid of the bent frame, and the repair cost depends on the severity of the problem.

Sometimes the bent is not severe, and the dealerships resolve it with bending machines.

Protruding wires from outlets

The wires are coming out from the electric outlets, creating a harmful situation for people. In addition, water can come in contact with these wires and produce electric shocks in the RV.

In addition, people can also touch the exposed wires, and it can cause an electric shock due to its damaged insulating layer.

The wires come out from the electric outlets due to their loose contact points. Contact points become loose with age and also cause the outlets to come off the walls.

The outlets start to sag, and you can see exposed wires outside. You can resolve the problem by fastening the contact points of electric outlets by putting wires back on the inner side of the outlets.

Leakage of kitchen sinks

Many people complain about the leakage in the kitchen area near the sinks that can rot the floor. The water accumulates near the sink due to the poor fitting of its parts.

The sinks are made of stainless steel and lighter in weight. Moreover, these take up less space and are easy to install and maintain.

You can see leakage in kitchen sinks due to loose or damaged faucets that cause water to come from the pipes.

The washer or rubber seal is in the faucet to control water flow. The rubber seals get damaged over time and cannot control water flow leading to leaking.

Check the water pressure in the plumbing system. In addition, tighten the faucets of the kitchen sink so water cannot come through them.

Landing gears not extracting

Landing gears are attached to the front side of the trailer so you can raise or lower them for servicing and other procedures.

These are long bars that are made of metal or aluminum material. In addition, these are electrically driven components, and the motor supplies power to the landing gears.

Many people complain that the landing gear on one side of the RV does not come out when they press their control button.

The issue comes from the poor greasing of these parts, which causes them to get stuck. Moreover, the electric motor installed to drive them becomes faulty and does not operate these gears.

In addition, people also complain about slipping landing gears on the ground surface. You can fix the issue of landing gears by regularly greasing them for their quick and smooth movement.

You can put the wooden block under these gears to prevent their slipping.

Faulty stove pilot light

The stove pilot light is the small burner that remains on and turns on your burner when you need them.

Sometimes the pilot light of the stove goes out, and do not flame your stove when you press the button. This is because the faulty thermocouple devices in the stoves cause the pilot light to go off completely.

The Thermocouple device is the safety equipment in the Bighorn RV that cuts off the gas supply by shutting its valve when the pilot light is off.

The faulty or dirty thermocouple cause the pilot light to go out because of its poor signaling. In addition, the flame also turns off when there is dirt or debris on it.

Stove pilot lights become faulty due to age-related issues and degradation. Therefore, it is better to check the functioning of thermocouples when the pilot light comes off.

Remove the dust and dirt from the small flame area to keep it functional.

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