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Common Problems with Cherokee Arctic Wolf

Common Problems with Cherokee Arctic Wolf

Cherokee Arctic Wolf trailers have several minor and major issues, and their customer support and warranty are poor, which can make people worried. In addition, many buyers have to spend cost on expensive repairs of different parts.

Common problems with Cherokee Arctic Wolf include a non-operational backup camera, leakage in the bedroom, a warm bunkroom, poorly insulated slide-outs, and an improperly installed awning. Moreover, these have broken pantry areas, cheaper chairs, loose glass cabinet doors, and poor plastic tables.

You can only select them because of their design, wider interior floor plans, and separate large areas for the bathroom and kitchen.

Cherokee Arctic Wolf Problems Solutions
Non-operational backup camera Reinstall the backup camera
Leakage in the bedroom area Tighten plumbing connections
Warm bunkroom Add ac unit in bunkrooms
Poor insulation around slides Wrap a blanket around the thin metal of slide outs
Improperly installed awning Reinstall the awning to cover the entry door
Broken pantry area Secure the pantry area shelves with glue
Cheaper kitchen chairs Replace legs of kitchen chairs
Loose glass in cabinet doors Secure the glass material using sealant
Dining table plastic covers come off Reattach the plastic covers on the table

Non-operational backup camera

Backup cameras are present in these trailers because of their larger size and high width, which make reversing and parking difficult.

Backup cameras make reversing, parking, and hauling easy because you can easily see the backup view on the screens.

The backup cameras in these RVs are not installed properly from the factory, and they never work when you purchase them new from the market.

The issue comes because of the improper connection of the wires that stops their functioning. You can resolve the issue by hiring a mechanic to check and reinstall the backup camera.

Install it again and connects its wiring properly for correct signaling and functioning.

Leakage in the bedroom area

You can see the leakage in the bedroom, which can increase the risk of damage to different furniture. The water comes under dressers and causes swelling and warping of the lower parts of the drawers.

The water leakage increases the bedroom’s humidity and causes the wall panels to come off. Moreover, you can also see the water droplets in the closet area.

The leakage in the bedroom comes from the freshwater tank and poor plumbing of pipes and their loose joints. The loose joints of the plumbing pipes cause leakage in different areas.

You can fix the water leakage issue in the bedroom by fastening the joints of the plumbing system because water drips from the loose screws.

Warm bunkroom

The bunkroom area for kids is relatively warmer than other interior spaces because of the absence of air circulation.

Your children do not want to sleep there at night because of the warmer rooms. In addition, the temperature is high in them because the air vents of these rooms are not opened.

These get stuck, and you cannot open the vents for air circulation. As a result, the summer temperature rises when the bunkrooms’ air vents are closed, and there is no proper air circulation.

Moreover, these rooms do not have any windows, making survival difficult. Install a separate ac unit in these rooms for your children so they can comfortably sleep at night.

It is also better to open the room’s air vents for better air crossing.

Poor insulation around slides

The slide-outs in these Cherokee Arctic Wolf trailers do not have an insulated coating on floors and sidewalls, which cause an issue in summer and winter.

These are only better for mid-season because you cannot feel comfortable on extreme winter and summer days.

These are made of thin metal sheets that cannot act as a barrier in summer or winter. These remain extremely cold in winter because metal does not become warm.

Furthermore, the outside heat can easily warm the slide-out area due to the thin metal sheets. The company does not insulate the slide-outs to save the overall cost.

You can make the thin metal sheets of slide-outs properly insulated by wrapping a blanket in their surroundings.

Blankets provide the insulation layer to the blanket and maintain internal temperature.

Improperly installed awning

The retractable awning on the exterior of the trailers is not properly installed. As a result, these do not cover the entry doors correctly when you open them for a rainy reason.

The improper installation causes rainwater to come through the entry door.

The side of the doors expands because of high humidity and water absorption, and the floors become spongy and saggy.

The improper installation is a factory-related issue due to the mechanics’ negligence. You can resolve it by removing them and hiring a mechanic for their correct installation.

Unscrew the awning and install it properly so it can cover the entry door when you retract them during rain.

Broken pantry area

A pantry area is present in these areas so you can store the food, cleaning products, and other canned items in them.

These have several wooden cabinets for storing various food and other items. However, the pantry area of these RVs is made of cheaper wooden material, which can cause the cabinets breakage.

The cabinets and shelves of the pantry area break when you put heavy items on them.

The cheaper and thin wood of the pantry area does not bear the weight of the heavy items and breaks from the center.

Moreover, these can also collapse when you move them from one place to another with heavy loads.

You can repair the broken shelves of the pantry area using glue and other adhesive materials. Furthermore, you can also fix them using nails.

Cheaper kitchen chairs

The kitchen has 4 chairs so people can sit on them and eat fresh and hot food directly from the cooking area.

Kitchen chairs are of poor quality and easily break when you stress them. These are made of cheaper wooden materials that break easily.

The jumps from the bumpy road make them loose, and their parts fall apart. In addition, chair legs are thin relative to their structure and cannot bear weight.

These chair legs also twist and break when you sit on them. You can resolve the issue by removing the thin, cracked chair legs and installing new ones.

Screwed chair legs are available in the market, and you can add them by drilling a hole in the lower side of the chair.

Loose glass in cabinet doors

Glass material is embedded in some cabinet doors to give them a decorative appearance.

However, many people complain that glass fitted inside the cabinets becomes loose and produces noise during driving.

You can hear the noise from their movement and hitting the wooden frame of the cabinets. The glass becomes loose due to season-related contraction and expansion of wooden cabinet doors.

The expansion of doors creates more space, producing rattling sounds because of their constant back-and-forth movement.

In addition, the poor and weak adhesion of glass between the cabinet doors makes the poor fixing of glass material. You can resolve the rattling problem by adding sealant in the empty corner for better fixing.

Moreover, you can add the plywood piece to fill the gap in the wooden cabinet door.

Dining table plastic covers come off

A plastic covering is on the wooden dining table to protect it from moisture and heat damage.

The plastic coverings start to come off from the sides and can also cause injury when you pass from the sides.

The sides of the plastic covering come off due to their poor fastening with the table. The plastic layer on the table is attached with screws and bolts.

The broken and loose screws cause them to come off the table. In addition, the protruding plastic corners can cause injury to your hand because of its sharp edges.

The plastic covers also come off the table because of their broken and chipping issue.

It is necessary to fix this in your Cherokee Arctic Wolf because it can change the overall appearance of the furniture and protect them from damage.

Remove the old plastic covering and add the new one with adhesives and screws. Furthermore, you can also secure the existing one with nails and bolts.

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