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Common Problems with Montana High Country

Common Problems with Montana High Country

Keystone RV manufactures the Montana High Country travel trailers for a comfortable camping experience. Moreover, these have many design issues, like you cannot open the cabinet and doors when you open the bed for sleeping.

Common problems with Montana High Country include failure of fireplace remote, limited interior space, damaged DARCO layer, corroded furnace, holes in vents, and uncomfortable bars in the bed frame.

These RVs are fully airy, and you can feel fresh while sitting in them because of air circulation. In addition, the interior is equipped with large windows that allow better airflow.

Montana High Country Problems Solutions
Failure of fireplace remote Change remote
Limited interior space Avoid overloading
Damaged DARCO layer Add polycarbonate plastic sheet
Corroded furnace Regular maintenance
Holes in vent covers Replace air vents
Uncomfortable bars in the bed frame Add a plywood sheet beneath the mattress
Smears of adhesives on walls and ceiling Remove adhesive by melting them
Dangerous bunk bed ladder Replace bunk bed ladder

Failure of fireplace remote

The fireplace is the heating equipment in trailers that is helpful to warm them in winter and decrease the temperature.

These electronic devices are controlled by remote for their functioning. Many times people cannot turn them on because of the failure of remotes.

The remotes fail to perform their function because of faulty and weak batteries. Moreover, the broken remotes cannot turn on and off the fireplaces.

Sometimes the buttons of the remotes also break and you cannot operate the fireplaces with them. Purchase a new remote if the controls are broken.

Recharge the batteries of the remote for their proper signaling.

Limited interior space

People always wish for a wider interior space in their RV to make them roomier and more comfortable.

You always want to set the extra drawer, cabinet, and furniture in them to make it your second home for long trips.

These trailers have limited interior space, and you cannot add more drawers and cabinets to adjust more accessories.

Moreover, you cannot add extra furniture in them for the accommodation of more people due to limited space in the interior.

Many people overload their interior instead of its crowded space, damaging the different parts. In addition, overloading can decrease the floor’s durability because of extra weight on them.

Floors become saggy when you add excessive things to them. Therefore, it is better to load the things in RVs according to their weight and the strength of the frame to reduce damage.

Damaged DARCO layer

The DARCO is the rigid sheet on the bottom of the RVs for better insulation and acts as a moisture barrier.

The lower side of slide-outs contains the DARCO sheets to make them well insulated and prevent moisture and rust attack on their metal surface.

The rigid sheets start to come off from the slide-out rear end, making them rusty. In addition, the lower end comes with exposure to water and road salts which can increase the chances of corrosion.

I prefer to use polycarbonate sheets of plastic under the slide-outs instead of DARCO because of their effectiveness.

You need the screws to install them, but these are more durable than DARCO sheets.

Corroded furnace

The furnace is present in these Montana High Country RVs as the heating source, which runs on propane and electricity. Most of the furnace parts corrode easily, and you can hear rattling when you turn them on.

The parts of the furnace are extremely hot, condensation comes on its different parts, and rust comes on them.

The moving air in the furnace is humid and cold, which can cause this issue. In addition, unusual and sudden changes in temperature cause the vapors to come into several regions.

The furnace also corrodes when these become old and dirty. The leakage from water tanks causes the water to come in contact with furnace parts.

You can resolve the corrosion on the furnace by properly maintaining and cleaning its parts. This equipment’s regular services and maintenance are necessary to keep them functional for longer.

Holes in vent covers

Small holes are present in the vent covers, and these are not covered with any pipes or window screens. The holes cause exterior noise inside the cabin and make the people uncomfortable.

People cannot sleep comfortably due to the noise of roads and generators. In addition, the odors from outside also come inside through these holes and cause a problem for people.

Moreover, it causes an issue in temperature maintenance in cold and warm weather. This is because the heat and cold air continuously come inside from these holes.

It is necessary to fix these holes to keep the dust, smell, noise, and cold or hot air away from the interior side.

Use the window screens to cover these holes and use tape to secure the small hole. Moreover, you can also install new air vents that do not have any holes.

Uncomfortable bars in the bed frame

The beds present in these trailers are highly uncomfortable from the middle side. In addition, the RVs bed does not have thick mattresses like traditional ones available in the market.

These are low quality and have thin surfaces because of their lower cost. In addition, the bed frames contain central bars that make the beds highly uncomfortable.

These bars are in the middle of the bed frame to support them and prevent them from swaying. The middle support bar also causes an irritating situation when you sleep on the mattress.

You can feel these hard bars when you sleep on thin mattresses. You can fix the issue by adding a plywood layer beneath the mattress so bars cannot irritate the people.

The plywood layer acts as a supporting material and makes the beds comfortable.

Smears of adhesives on walls and ceiling

These are poorly maintained trailers, and you can see smears of adhesives on walls and sealings. The smears of adhesives remain on the walls while sealing the roof.

Sidewalls contain wall panels that are secured with gluing material. The excessive gluing material remains on the walls, and the company did not clean it.

The issue comes because of poor maintenance of the factory-installed parts on the Montana High Country trailer. As a result, the glue becomes difficult to clean from the walls and ceilings when it becomes dry.

It can also damage the paint when you try to remove them. I prefer to scrape off the adhesive smears and repaint the scrapped walls.

You can also use the hair dryer to blow warmer air and remove the glued material.

Dangerous bunk bed ladder

The bunk ladders attached to reach the upper bed are unsafe for your children. Many people complain that kids fall from the bunk ladder and are prone to serious injury.

The rugs of the ladders have round shapes, and children can slip from them. The friction on these round edges rungs is less, causing the slipperiness issue.

The company does not know about this problem and adds these ladders because of their finished and attractive appearance.

You can add the small wooden parts on the round rung to reduce the slippering issue of children. In addition, you can also replace them with new ladders that have horizontal rungs.

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