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Common Problems With Forest River Vengeance

Common Problems With Forest River Vengeance

People love this Forest River Vengeance Toy Hauler because it provides plenty of space for luggage storage. These trailers have minor issues, but people face problems fixing them because of poor customer support.

Common problems with Forest River Vengeance include water leakage in the closet area, soft spots on the roof, freshwater tank leakage, and falling trims and window valances. Moreover, you can face issues with generators, fridges, on and off buttons of the fan, poor septic system, and corrosion on stabilizers.

Problems are minor but take several months to fix because customer support representatives do not respond quickly to your message and emails.

Forest River Vengeance Problems Solutions
Water leakage in the closet area Fill cracks under ac
Soft spots on the roof Use a plywood layer on the roof
Freshwater tank leakage Fill small holes or replace the tank
Window valances and trims fall off Tight screws of window valances and attach the trims again
Problem with generator Plug out the unneeded electric appliances
Only on and off buttons on fans Reattach the button
Fridge not working Check door seals
Rust on stabilizers Sand and repaint the stabilizers
Problem with its septic system Clean the black tanks regularly


Water leakage in the closet area

Many people complain about the water leakage in closet areas which is the most worrying situation. You cannot place clothes, accessories, and shoes in them because they become wet.

You cannot wear wet clothes and shoes in winter because of the cold weather. Moreover, water drops in the wooden closets also increase the risk of mold growth.

In addition, it also causes the rotting of wooden materials, making them spongy and easily breakable. People checked the roof area, but there was no crack or hole in them.

The cracks are present under the air conditioning unit because of their weight. These are non-visible holes that cause water leakage.

The water comes from the ca units and outside sources during the rainy season. You can fix this issue by removing the ac unit to fill the cracks.

Take a rubber or fiberglass patch to seal the marking on the affected area. Add the ac unit again after patching the cracked area on the roof.

Soft spots on the roof

You can also see the soft spots of white color on the RV roof that can decrease their durability. These can make the roof material softer, and these are more prone to holes.

The spongy spots come on the roof due to their manufacturing with low-quality material.

Many people do not park their RVs in the covered garage because of their larger size. Instead, they use the grounds or lawns for parking instead of garages.

The night rain ruins the Toy haulers’ roofs and makes them soft. Water droplets are trapped in the roof’s inner layer, making the layer spongy.

The issue also comes when heavy things are mounted on their roof. You can fix it by installing the plywood layer for mounting vents and other fixtures for proper weight distribution.

Use the plastic sheets when you park them in your home’s open grounds and lawns.

Freshwater tank leakage

Freshwater tanks hold the fresh and clean water used for bathing, cooking, and drinking.

It is connected to the faucets of kitchens and bathrooms through a plumbing system. Leakage in freshwater tanks occurs due to poor sealing of drain holes used for draining and winterizing.

In addition, these tanks are made of plastic material that can creak and scratch easily. Small holes produce in them when plastic material becomes old and weak.

You can use different methods to fix the issue depending on the extent of the damage. For example, use sealant, epoxy resins, and tape if the holes are small.

You have to replace the tanks if the holes are large and multiple.

Window valances and trims fall off

Window valances are present on the upper side of the windows for decoration purposes. These are helpful to cover the curtain roads and bolts and give a luxurious appearance.

These are also attached to the curtain rods on the top side of windows to hide the hardware. The window valances fall off after some months in these RVs.

The issue occurs due to their improper installation of curtain roads. Sometimes the roads are not fixed properly on the thin walls and come on the floor.

You can fix the issue by adequately drilling the hole of the correct size to fasten the rods for window valances. Avoid adding heavy valances because these cause the loosening of mounted screws.

Trims are the wooden parts on the boundary of walls to make the interior adorable. In addition, it also protects the corner from stress and damage.

These trims can fall off on the ground due to their poor adhesion and dirty surfaces for their installation.

You can attach them again using sealants and adhesive glue after removing the dust from the walls.

Problem with generator

Many people who used this Toy hauler complain about the sudden shutting of the generators. The generators stop supplying power and shut off due to overloading circuits.

The problem with their shutting off occurs when you turn on multiple electric appliances simultaneously.

It puts loads on their work, and these can shut down. You can face the issue when you simultaneously turn on the ac, oven, and water heater, which puts a load on the system.

You can fix the issue in the Forest River Vengeance by decreasing the load and unplugging the extra appliances. Unplug the devices from the sockets that are not in use and then restart the generators to check their functioning.

Only On and Off buttons on fans 

The fans in the kitchen area have only an on and off button. It is problematic because you cannot change the speed from medium to high according to environmental conditions.

Moreover, the buttons are too high that you have to call a taller person to turn them on and off. These are not controlled by the remote, and it is challenging for shorter people to reach these buttons.

People often have to turn on the fan at medium speed because of their kitchen chores, but they cannot adjust the speed.

The high speed sometimes also causes an interruption in cooking. You can fix the issue by replacing its button and adding it on the lower side.

You need extra wire to install the buttons on the lower side and connect it with a fan.

Fridge stops working

The fridges in these trailers do not work correctly and cause food spoilage due to poor temperature control.

These cannot produce cooling properly when their doors are not closed completely. Therefore, the cooling is wasted continuously due to the incomplete closing of doors.

The issue with closing doors occurs due to damaged and poor seals. In addition, the problem also occurs due to loss of power supply, dirty condenser coils, and poor arrangement of appliances.

You can fix it by checking the power outlets supplying sufficient current. Also, inspect the door locks of the refrigerators and their seals, so there is no gap between them.

Rust on stabilizers

Stabilizers are metal parts that support the RVs from the lower side when you park them on the ground. It provides complete support and protects them from swaying and leaning at one side.

These are attached to the frames of the trailers and extend outside to reach the ground surface. The stabilizer jacks become rusty after some months and become weak.

These cannot hold heavy weight because of rusty ends. Rust on these metal parts comes when you park the Toy Haulers on lawns that have wet grass and on wet roads.

You can remove the corrosion from the metal stabilizers by cleaning it with a vinegar solution. Then, sand the rust and paint them with paints that have anti-corrosive material.

Problem with a septic system

The septic system in the RVs is the black tank that holds the toilet water. Sometimes people face the issue from the septic system of the Forest River Vengeance because of blockage and overfilling.

It is necessary to dump the black tank timely because bacterial growth starts to produce a bad odor in your trailer.

The smell also comes from the septic system when insufficient water is mixed with the toilet flush.

Moreover, clogging in these tanks also produces a foul odor and complicates the problem. You can fix the issue by dumping the black tanks on time.

Add the extra water to them for better mixing and to prevent drying.

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