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Common Problems With Outdoors RV

Common Problems With Outdoors RV

Outdoors RV has a high-quality floor plan that is durable and lasts longer. The interior is large, with a separate bathroom and queen-sized bed. These are smaller issues, but you can purchase them because of their benefits instead of problems.

Common problems with Outdoors RV include broken cupboard doors, broken drawers, cold air entry, faulty microwave oven push button, foggy glass pane windows, and incorrect size clamps on water lines. Moreover, these have small kitchens, faulty USB ports, and improperly fitted water heaters.

These trailers contain large freshwater tanks for the storage of water. Moreover, the interiors are insulated that remain cold and warm according to changes in weather.

Outdoors RV Problems Solutions
Cupboard doors fall off Check hinges
Broken drawers Fasten with screws and wood putty
Cold air entry Add foam layer to fill gaps in doors
Faulty microwave push button Install a new microwave oven
Fogging of glass pane windows Reseal the double pane glass window
Use of wrong size clamps for water lines Install correct size clamps
Less storage space in the kitchen Prefer outdoor cooking
USB port not working Check USB ports and remove dust from them
Poorly supported water heaters Tighten the water heater screws

Cupboard doors fall off

Many people complain that cupboard doors fall on the ground due to poor fitting. It is a factory-installed problem due to the poor fitting of the cupboard doors.

Moreover, the loose and broken hinges cause their sagging, and suddenly they fall off. These are secured with screws and bolts that become loose over time.

Frequent opening and closing make the screws and hinge loose, and these can fall on the ground. The vibrations from the road cause the rattling of doors and cause loose hinges.

Sometimes the hinges are of low quality and cannot bear the doors’ weight, making them fall on the ground.

You can fix it by checking the holes in which the hinges are correctly attached. It is also better to tighten the hinges when you feel doors become saggy.

Avoid hanging heavy objects with doors because these can cause screws to become loose.

Broken drawers

Wooden drawers are present in Outdoors RV to increase the storage area and decorate the interior.

People add decorative things on their top surfaces, including lamps. These wooden drawers break due to their age-related degradation.

The issue also comes due to the use of low-quality wood by the manufacturer to make these drawers that can crack easily.

Moreover, the loose screws on the joining points can cause their breakage. The nails come off from the sides, and these can break easily.

The breaking chances increases due to exposure to heat from the electric heaters. However, you can fasten the broke joints using screws and nails.

You can also use adhesives or wood putty to combine the broken ends of drawers.

Cold air entry

People complain about the entry of freezing air on the interior side. The interior does not become warm when you turn on the heaters because of the entry of cold air from outside.

The cold air enters the cabin because of the poor sealing of the roof and side walls. Moreover, you can face this issue due to improper closing of windows and doors.

Windows cannot seal properly, and there is a gap of some inches which causes the cold air to enter when you drive at high speed.

The floors are not insulated, which can make the inside of the RV extremely cool. You can fix it by checking the seals of windows and doors.

Close the doors properly and add a layer of foam if there is a gap between them.

Faulty microwave push button

Microwave ovens have a glass door that can close this container while heating food to prevent heat loss in the outside environment.

The movement of these doors s controlled by the side button on the ovens. You can push or pull this button to open and close these doors.

Sometimes the push button becomes faulty, and you cannot open the doors. These buttons become faulty due to wear and tear in their internal parts and broken springs.

You cannot replace the push buttons because these are not repairable. Instead, you have to replace the ovens and install new ones to close the door.

Fogging of glass pane windows

Double-pane glass windows are present in these trailers to insulate the interior. It is especially beneficial in winter because it protects the heat loss.

These windows contain an absorbent seal to prevent them from water. The seals get damaged when they age and cause moisture to enter the inner membrane.

The issue also comes due to poor sealing of the double-paned windows. The incorrect seal application causes moisture to enter, making the inner side foggy.

You can fix the issue by resealing the double-pane windows. Moreover, increase the air circulation in the interior to prevent foggy windows.

Use of wrong size clamps for water lines

The clamps are used to join the plumbing system of water lines. For example, two interconnected water pipes are fastened with clamps.

These clamps are the wrong size and do not adequately tighten the interconnected joints. In addition, the improper connection of the water lines causes leakage in the RV.

It is the manufacturing fault, and you can fix the issue by consulting the company’s customer service centers.

Manufacturers also delay the repair, and you have to wait for several months for a single repair. Finally, you can select the correct size clamps from the market and install them at home.

Remove the old clamps and tighten the new ones with screws.

Less storage space in the kitchen

Storage space in the kitchen is not enough for the standing of two or more people. Moreover, it makes the cooking of food hectic when one person is doing the kitchen chores all time.

The kitchen looks messy because of the small area, and you cannot add more accessories. Moreover, smoke while cooking different food items remains in the kitchen and causes suffocation.

It is better to avoid cooking in these small areas because smoke can accumulate there. Instead, I prefer outdoor cooking when traveling on this RV using fireworks, which is also good in winter.

You can also add some kitchen tools outside if there is not enough place for their placement. For example, add the oven outside the kitchen because of insufficient places.

Store the utensils in outdoor cabinets to protect them from breaking.

USB port not working

USB ports are present in these trailers so that you can connect the mobile to the stereo system. In addition, you can also add USB drives in these ports to listen to music according to your will.

Sometimes the USB ports stop functioning, and you cannot connect your mobile phones. In addition, the connection becomes poor when you attach unrecognized or incompatible devices with them.

Moreover, you cannot connect the phone or USB devices due to broken USB ports. USB outlets also fail to perform function due to the accumulation of dust and grime.

Furthermore, age-related wear and tear also come in these outlets, and you cannot charge your devices due to issues in the circuitry.

You can resolve the problem by removing the dust and grime from them. Take a toothpick to remove dust or small accumulated particles from them.

Poorly supported water heaters

These trailers have specific space on the walls, and water heaters are mounted using screws and nuts.

Sometimes these screws are not enough to hold the weight of the water heaters. Moreover, water heaters in the Outdoors RV are tank-type, which means they contain water tanks.

These can fall on the ground because of the weight of the water. In addition, driving on unpaved roads make the water heater mounted screws loose.

The weight of the water also causes breakage of these screws and cause improper fitting.

You can fix the issue by using high-quality nails and screws that have more thickness to bear the weight of the water tank.

Tighten the wall-mounted screws and inspect them regularly.

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