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Common Problems with Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler

Common Problems with Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler

Keystone Raptor is the best Toy Hauler because of its large garage door space. In addition, the interior is also made of high-quality materials and has luxurious furniture.

Common problems with Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler include faulty oven, drawer knobs fall off, absence of shelves in cabinets, improper wall shape, and bedroom issues. Furthermore, the side table is absent, and massage seats have sensitive buttons.

You can select this RV for camping because of its wider floor plan and durable material that is not prone to scratches and scuff marks. It also provides a warranty to their customer for free repair of damaged parts by customer service centers.

Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler Problems Solutions
Incorrect weight label on ramp door Add plywood sheet
Problems with microwave oven Reinstall the microwave oven
Drawer knobs fall off Tighten the knobs of the drawer
Absence of shelves in cabinets over TV Make shelves using wooden pieces
Poorly shaped walls b/w garage and living area Reconstruct the wall
Bedroom issues Add customized mattresses
Absence of side tables for sofas Add a new side table
Sensitive buttons of massage seats Use a plastic container to cover the buttons

Incorrect weight label on ramp door

The rear side of the ramp door label claims it can hold a weight of about 1800 to 2000 pounds.

These cannot bear the weight of about 1000 pounds and start to bend due to poor quality material and the heavy weight of the bikes and other loading accessories.

It becomes problematic because people cannot load heavy items with them. You can also see the dents on their surface while adding heavy loads.

The issue comes from poor installation of the ramp door and incorrect label information from the manufacturers.

It is a factory-installed issue, and you can also complain to the manufacturer. Moreover, you can fix the problem at home because customer service centers take a lot of time.

You can cut the plywood sheet according to the dimensions of the rear ramp door. Use this sheet to reduce the stress on the ramp door and for proper weight distribution during loading.

Problems with microwave oven

The microwave oven in these Toy Haulers is of Furrion brand, which is not famous in the market.

It is the less familiar brand in the market, and people never heard about it, while other accessories and furniture are from well-recognized brands.

These can also become faulty due to their average quality compared to other brands. In addition, the vents that are present on the rear side of the ovens are closed and cannot move the heat outside.

Moreover, the installation of a microwave oven is not proper. Your plates suddenly slip when you open the glass door to take the food item out. It occurs due to their installation in a sloppy direction instead of straight.

Most people think that issue comes because their trailers are not parked at the leveled surface. They checked the ground surface to fix the issue but did not fix it.

You can resolve the problem in the Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler by removing the microwave oven and installing it again in a straight position.

Drawer knobs fall off

The knobs or pulls used to open the drawers fall off after some months because of their poor installation by the manufacturers.

The issue comes because of their age when these become loose due to their frequent use. the screws become loose when you pull them to open the drawers.

Loose screws of the drawer knob cause them to come off. Loosening of knobs occurs when the company uses the wrong size screws and bolts for their fastening.

The hard pulling of knobs to open and close the drawers cause them to come off. Tighten the screws of the drawer knob and also check their size.

Moreover, lubricate the sliding mechanism so you do not have to put extra pressure to pull the knob.

Absence of shelves in cabinets over TV

The cabinets on the walls over the TV do not have proper shelves. These do not have separate portions for the placement of various accessories.

You cannot add anything without racks and proper cabinets without any support. Moreover, the compartments and cabinets in the shelves also increase the storage area.

You can fix the issue by making the partitions on the large shelves to place accessories. Then, cut the vertical pieces of wood and add them to the shelves to make the racks.

Moreover, you can also cut the plywood in a square shape and make the compartments.

Poorly shaped walls b/w garage and living area

The wall between the garage and living area of the Toy haulers is not shaped correctly. The frame embedded in the walls also causes a problem, and you cannot close the door properly.

The improper placement of the frame occurs due to the poor design of the walls. The incorrect frame adjustment in the walls causes air and dust to enter the living area.

You can fix the issue by rebuilding the wall and calling the mechanic for help. You can correctly place the frame by reconstructing the wall in the correct direction.

It is a costly repair, but you have to do this for the proper closing of doors and correct adjustment of the frame.

Bedroom issues

The bedroom walls are painted with dark color, which can make the interior dull. You cannot make it brighter and well-illuminated by adding lights.

The paint of this color also makes the interior look smaller because of the darkness. In addition, the beds also have hard mattresses that can form marks on your skin when you wake up in the morning.

You cannot feel comfortable sleeping on them due to their hard texture. However, you can make the room lighter by creating a lighter tone.

Add the sheets and covers on the bed that is lighter in shades. Paint the cabinets with lighter color paint to reduce the darkness.

Furthermore, you can add customized mattresses in the bedrooms that are soft and comfortable.

Absence of side tables for sofas

All the RVs have side tables on the side of the sofa and the middle of the furniture to keep edibles and other accessories on them.

These are not equipped with tables, and people feel difficulty putting the utensils.

Moreover, mobile phone also falls on the floor when you put them on the armrest. The foodstuff also spills on the floor when you place them on the armrest, making the interior dirty and messy.

People eat snacks while watching TV for fun purposes and enjoying shows. Adding things to the armrest is risky when there are no side tables near the furniture.

You can fix the issue by selecting the small round table and adding it to the side of the sofa. You can select the plastic or metal ones because of their lightweight and unique designs.

Sensitive buttons of massage seats

The luxurious travel trailers have comfortable furniture to make the trip enjoyable for people.

Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler is equipped with massage seats to ease people so they can rest when they feel tired during the journey.

The buttons of the massage seats are very sensitive, and you can turn them on and off with a single touch. These can often turn on and off when your hand or arm accidentally comes in contact with them.

Furthermore, these can suddenly turn off when you put your arm on the armrest. You can fix the issue by covering the buttons with plastic pads so you cannot touch them slightly during sitting on the couch.

You can also use small plastic containers to keep the buttons away from your hands.

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