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Common Problems with Keystone RV Furnace

Common Problems with Keystone RV Furnace

Keystone RV furnace is beneficial in cold environmental conditions to make the interior warm and cozy. Its major components include a blower motor and thermostat. 

Common problems with keystone RV furnace includes damaged wiring due to overheating and poor insulation layer. In addition, the furnace will not ignite properly when the sail switch goes wrong, not providing ignition to run the fan for heat. Its function will also decrease due to dust and dirt in air vents. Moreover, the failure of the thermostat will also reduce their working efficiency.

This device is working on two fundamental principles, including propane-based or electricity-based. Propane type will heat the furnace, and electrical ones help spin the fan. The furnace is powered by propane and electricity in RVs to run the fan.

Damaged wiring

The electrical furnace in RVs requires proper electricity with wiring for ignition. It is expected due to poor wire connections, and your device will not start to perform its function.

It starts to shake and wiggle for movement when you turn it on and off. The wiring issue is loose connections which can occur due to continuous vibration, and due to this, the circuit breaker will not perform its activity.

Moreover, the dirt and debris also entered the air filters and clogged them. Eventually, the clogging of air filters with dirt can cause problems with the blower motor.

The blower motors start to overheat, and this overheating will damage the wires and cause the blowing of the fuse.

The wires will also damage if you attach a small fuse to the system, not matching their capacity.

Moreover, the switch requires 8 to 1 volts of current for proper ignition. Therefore, when your battery has less power, and the switch continuously drains more power, it will damage its internal wires. This happens when you run the furnace on the battery.

Sometimes the wires are also damaged due to overheating in the inner side and due to which good current will not flow in it leading to the poor ignition problems.

When you face wiring problems, you should hire an expert to check the wiring connections. Disconnect the wires tighten the connections if they become loose, and then place them back at their original position.

After six months, you should also clean the air filter or replace them with new ones. It is also better to inspect the damage in the insulation layer of wires every year to prevent these issues.

Moreover, check the current stability in wires to protect against any damage by using a multimeter.

Inadequate heating

Sometimes your furnace ignites in the RV but cannot provide proper heat. The insufficient heat is due to many reasons, including the problem with airways.

Sometimes airways are not working adequately or proper air exchange. It will also occur when you have large interiors in which a single device is insufficient to heat the room during winters.

This situation will also come when you set the temperature of your vehicle at one set point and when suddenly the temperature drops, the Keystone RV furnace will not be able to heat the interior adequately.

The heating error will also come when you set the room temperature below the average temperature.

Most people also complain that the heating fan is working, but it is not providing sufficient heat to make the interior cozy during winter.

The fans will become slow when it becomes old. Moreover, the accumulation of dirt and debris in heating vents will also reduce the speed of heating fans.

The less voltage from the battery turns on the ignition process but reduces the speed of the fans. Therefore, you can set the heating system to AUTO when you face small or less heat production.

You should also ensure that the thermostat is set to a heating system. You can also set the temperature higher than the room temperature for proper functioning.

The thermostat does not work properly

The adequate positioning of the thermostat is necessary for its proper and efficient working. You should place them at a right angle or some feet above the floor.

When you place them near the sunlight, it will consider that the interior is warmer and works accordingly.

You can fix the misreading of the thermostat by placing them at a right angle. Moreover, it is also necessary to set their temperature according to your surrounding environment.

They will not produce sufficient heat if you forget to set them during cold winters. The other issue that will hinder the working of this device is an accumulation of dust and grim.

Due to which they can’t correctly gauge the temperature of your internal environment. The improper leveling of the thermostat will also cause a problem in the RV furnace.

The thermostat also requires some power supply like a battery to work correctly. When the power supply from batteries becomes zero, they will not perform their activity, and indirectly furnace will not ignite.

The problem with heat production also comes when you install them improperly, and the connection of wires is also loose.

Sometimes the overheating in the engine compartment is also the cause of the failure of this device. This vehicle furnace fails after some years, but my brothers have another trailer whose furnace last for a long time.

If you are looking for Troubleshooting the RV furnace, you should clean the grim from the air vents to increase the life of this device. It is also better to set the temperature to produce heat accordingly.

You can also check the display if it shows an error code then consult with an expert person to resolve it.

Ignition sensor problem

The pilot or ignition sensor is the central part of your furnace that helps in the ignition. It is the thin metal road that is present near its flammable part.

It will ensure the presence of fire when you open the gas. If this sensor becomes faulty, gas will accumulate in the interior and cause a dangerous situation.

It is a sensitive sensor, so when they become old, the accumulation of dirt and carbon residues decreases their life and functioning.

Moreover, it will cause an issue in the furnace’s ignition. The thermocouple is the central part of this sensor; the fault in these thermocouples causes a problem in the furnace.

The other thing is the position of this sensor, the area where airflow is more and wind is blowing fast, and these thermocouples will not work correctly.

The function will also reduce faults that come in these devices due to the low pressure of air. In addition, the broken or damaged gas valves or faulty vents also cause this issue.

Moreover, the presence of corrosion in these sensors also causes malfunctioning. The heat exchangers are also the central part of these sensors and furnaces; when they become dirty, they will not perform their activity correctly.

I have surveyed 20 people using RVs with furnaces; most of them tell that the issues in furnaces come after 3 to 5 years.

Most of the issue that comes in this furnace includes faulty pilot sensors. You should clean these sensors after some time and remove dust from them.

The problem of sail switch

The sail switch is also present in this device, responsible for the internal flow of air or heat. It is mainly present behind the wheel cover to start the blower motor.

It provides the signals to the system that your fan is running fast and then signals the propane to provide ignition. You should also be able to check when the furnace runs out of propane.

It is the safety measure that prevents the RV from catching fire. The problem with this switch comes when they become old.

They will also not function when there is less or no power supply from the battery. The malfunctioning of this switch also occurs when there is no proper backflow of air from air vents.

In this situation, your fan is running, but there is no proper ignition for heat production during cool winter days.

When you feel that the fan is running, but this system is not working well, you should always check the sail switch because it is the common reason behind this problem.

It will not work or provide ignition for the lightning of the furnace when there is less propane supply through the valves.

You can resolve this fault by replacing the sail witch with the new with the help of a technician or experts. If the wiring of this switch gets damaged, then you can also change them carefully.

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