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What Happens When RV Furnace Runs Out of Propane?

What Happens When RV Furnace Runs Out of Propane?

You should maintain the RV furnace for its better functioning. Here are the causes and methods to reset the RV furnace when it runs out of gas.

What Happens When RV Furnace Runs Out of Propane? The heating system of an RV stops working when the furnace runs out of gas. Multiple other things can happen like rusting in the furnace tank and gas leakage. It is not an overall suitable condition for any recreational vehicle and its gas appliances.

What Happens When RV Furnace Runs Out of Propane?

The furnace of the RV contains propane gas. It is a general rule of gas for all models and types of RV. The tank remains full of propane all the time.

It is better for the excellent functions of all the gas-oriented things inside the RV.

Air locking

The furnace does not stop working even when it runs out of propane gas. The pump and pipelines keep on exerting the pressure.

In this way, the air starts locking in the valves and pipes. There is no regular pattern of entrapping air. It forms bubbles that lock themselves in the furnace pipe.

As a result, the system becomes miserable. The pump exerts more pressure to get the gas out of the furnace, and it gets the air.

The entrapped air brings a hurdle in filling the furnace tank once again. People think that it is full of gas immediately, but the air provides such an appearance.

The cycle happens one after the other, and it is not suitable for the furnace’s body and whole mechanism. 

Use an air compressor machine for the cleanliness of all the pipelines and tanks of the furnace. It is essential to remove any stuck air particles.

In this way, you can fill the gas furnace to its upper limit without any fear. The utilization increases with the maximum capacity conditions. 

The constant movement of blowing fan

In the absence of propane gas inside the furnace tank, the blowing fan keeps on moving. It happens when the recreational vehicle moves.

The blowing fan helps in the exhaustion of the RV from the gas pressure. When there are low levels of propane, then the blowing is not suitable.

It evaporates every particle from the tank and leads to drying conditions. The fan runs on electric power, and as a result, both systems bear the impacts. 

Observe levels of propane by checking the quantity. Use propane gas detectors in your RV.

They provide all the information about the lack of gas in the furnace area. The propane gas detector has alarms in it, and it keeps on beeping when the furnace runs out of propane. 

Rusting in the furnace tank

Few people do not consider the low levels of gas in the furnace areas. They convert all the gas devices on electricity for immediate use. It makes the process a bit comfortable, but it is not suitable.

The other machinery that is in link with the device keeps on moving. The environmental moisture and air combine with each other.

It results in the rusting of the furnace tank. The walls of the tank get severe corrosion. It is not an advisable condition because it hinders future gas filling in this area.

Always fill the furnace immediately when it runs out of gas. It helps for better filling conditions and prevents the tank from rusting. 

Inappropriate heating mechanism

Some heaters and stoves require maximum gas for their functions. The furnace is like the hose and it supplies propane to all other devices.

In cold weather conditions, the use of gas and the appliance increases. It drains the furnace at a fast speed. As a result, the device deprives of all the gas storage.

Identify the problem and access the location accurately. Maintain a proper channel for the supply of propane gas to all the devices. It helps in the prevention of propane loss as well.

Lights off due to lack of gas

There are specific lights in an RV that get their power through a gas supply. In the absence of propane in the furnace tank, it cannot supply enough energy to light.

The brake lights turn off immediately when the furnace loses the propane gas completely. It is good and bad simultaneously because the turn-off brake lights indicate the gas deficiency inside the tank. 

It is not a suitable condition because the brakes stop immediately and lose all the signals. It is an issue that causes severe accidents and hazards to the vehicle.

Leakage on filling the furnace tank

When the furnace tank remains empty for a certain period, then it generates other issues. The valves get vulnerable, and tanks work improperly.

When you refill the tank of the device with propane, and it starts immediate leakage. It happens due to excessive pressure inside the tank. If you have a propane gas detector, then you can sense the leakage instantly. It prevents the waste of propane gas from the tank. 

What are the reasons due to which the RV furnace runs out of gas?

Sometimes the furnace gets out of the propane gas. It is a deadly condition, and you need to sort it out immediately. Numerous reasons lead to a lack of propane.

The endpoint of the gas level inside the furnace is not advisable. It happens due to several reasons, and human errors are prominent. 

No check and balance

It is a human error due to which the furnace runs out of propane. Observing the propane furnace and its tanks now and then is essential. People leave the furnace area without giving any importance.

It leads to the consumption of propane with speed. The entire gas appliance consumes the propane gas for its normal functions.

The furnace utilizes at the same level, and its level keeps on decreasing. The phenomenon happens more in cold weather conditions and hill areas.

In those places, people require more warm water and heating appliances. As a result, the gas decreases and reaches its end level. If you do not consider this frequency, then the furnace loses every gas particle.


It is one of the reasons for the furnace running out of propane. It happens due to human negligence. Sometimes the faucets of the furnace system get some holes.

Numerous reasons cause the breakdown of the furnace walls. A sudden road jerk and the striking of hard material make tiny holes. The gas requires small passages for its removal, and It flows out of these holes. 

 In the absence of detectors, the system becomes miserable. This is a common problem with the Keystone RV furnace.

Entrapped air 

The entrapping of air happens in the gas furnace pipelines, and it affects the levels of propane gas in the heating device. 

The results occur in the lack and removal of gas from all parts of the furnace. 

Open valves

It is again a human error that leads to irreversible losses. People do not close the valves of the furnace after checking the propane level. 

They leave the valves in loss conditions. These circumstances lead to low levels of propane, and the gas furnace empties at the end. 

How do you restart an RV furnace after running out of propane?

Use a blower machine to restart the furnace after running out of propane. Check the turn-on button and select the right option.

Press the blower button with a specific pressure. Leave it and wait for the system to start. Observe the function of the furnace for a while. The blower machine helps to offer the remaining gas in emergencies. 

How much gas is required for the RV furnace?

The requirement of propane gas in a recreational furnace depends on the size of the vehicle and appliance.

The manufacturers of the furnaces make different sizes for the RV. The average structure of a furnace for an RV is from 25 – 45 pounds.

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