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Common Problems With Keystone RV

Common Problems With Keystone RV

Keystone is a famous RV manufacturing company in America, and people like to buy them because of their spacious design and comfortable interior.

Common problems with Keystone RV include rust on the rear bumper, poor wallpaper adhesion, missing exhaust fans, poor welding of the folding ladder, creaking on the floor, and discoloration of walls and furniture. Furthermore, you can see molds on upholstery, holes in the roof, a low voltage supply, and a faulty electric fireplace. 

Keystone RVs’ sales decrease after every passing day because of multiple issues with their manufacturing and accessories.

Keystone RV Problems Solutions
Rusting on the rear end Coat with anticorrosive sprays
Poor adhesion of wallpaper Prepare the surface for their installation
Missing exhaust fans vent Open doors and windows
Poor welding of the folding ladder Reweld the broken joints of the ladder
Creaking of floor Secure the plywood layer and fill gaps in it properly
Discoloration of walls and furniture Refurnish the furniture and repaint the walls
Molds on upholstery and low-voltage supply Decrease temperature and check generators and batteries
Holes on roof Fill holes with fiberglass patches
Faulty electric fireplace Check its wires

Rusting on the rear end

The rear side of the trailer becomes rusty after use of 3 to 4 months. These are made of low-quality aluminum material, and corrosion can destroy them easily.

Aluminum is used to make their frames to make them lightweight. Rusting also occurs due to exposure to water and mud from the roads during driving.

The absence of a rustproof layer causes this issue on the rear side. In addition, corrosion comes on its surface due to poor maintenance after the trip.

You can fix this issue by washing the rear end after coming from a trip to remove road salts, mud, and dust. Then, coat its rear end with anticorrosive sprays so it cannot damage the aluminum frame.

Poor adhesion of wallpaper

Wallpapers are on fiberglass walls to give them a furnished and appealing appearance. Wallpapers are attached with adhesive materials, which start to come off the walls after a few months.

The adhesiveness on the wallpapers becomes loose due to the humid environment in the interior cabin. Sometimes the heat of the electric heaters also causes the melting of glue, and these sheets come off the walls.

The application of these accessories on the dusty wall causes their poor adhesion. You can fix this issue by adding new wallpapers on the walls with high-quality adhesives.

Remove the dust from the walls while applying glue on their surface.

Missing exhaust fans vent

Exhaust fans are missing in these trailers, which causes poor crossing of the air. Carbon monoxide remains on the interior and makes people uncomfortable sitting there because of the gas smell.

In addition, the missing exhaust fans also increase the interior humidity and disturb various systems and accessories.

You cannot remove the toxic gasses from the interior due to the absence of exhaust fans which poses safety risks. This also causes issues in its furnace.

In addition, carbon monoxide also remains in the interior when you turn on heaters or stoves. You can resolve this problem by installing the exhaust fan vents in the free space.

Moreover, it is also better to slightly open the windows when the stove or heaters are on.

Poor welding of the folding ladder

The folding ladder is present on the outer side of these RVs to reach the roof when there is some issue in this area.

The joints of these folding ladders are welded with low-quality material. Improper welding cannot hold the joining points properly and cause their breakage.

Moreover, welded joining points also break due to the presence of rust. Rust and dust decrease the strength of welding and make them weaker.

You cannot remove the snow from the roof and fix issues because of broken ladders. Add the new foldable welding ladder to your trailer to resolve this problem.

Moreover, it is also better to secure joining points using screws and rewelding.

Creaking of floor

The subfloors of Keystone RVs are made of fiberglass material and are layered with plywood. As a result, you can see cracks in the plywood layer after some time.

Creaks on the floors come when you frequently drag heavy or harsh objects on them. In addition, the creaking of plywood occurs due to heat and the high temperature of the interior.

Poor adhesion of the plywood layer also causes creaking when you step on them. You can also hear the squeaking noise from the floors during walking.

Creaks in floors come due to a heating system on the lower end of the trailers.

You can fix this issue by securing the plywood layer properly. Then, fill the gaps between them using joists and bolts.

Reduce the temperature in the interior because it can cause contraction of wooden material.

Discoloration of walls and furniture

You can see the discoloration of the trailer walls and furniture due to changes in temperature and poor maintenance.

Yellow-colored patches are formed on the fiberglass walls due to exposure to water and heat. Moreover, the color of the furniture starts to fade.

Using cheaper polish to furnish the furniture causes their fade after some months. The presence of dust and poor maintenance fade the color of sofas and bed frames.

The heat from the sunlight also fades the color of wooden furniture and forms discolored patches on its surface.

You can fix the issue by rearranging the furniture and putting them away from doors and windows. Then, refurnish the table with a high-quality finishing polish and repaint the walls.

Molds on upholstery and low-voltage supply

The molds come on the upholstery of the sofas due to the high humidity of the trailers. In addition, you can also face this issue when you use a damp cloth to clean the couches.

Water remains there, which is a favorable environment for the growth of molds. In addition, the water leakage near the furniture also makes the surroundings cool and humid.

Reduce the molds on upholstery by keeping it dry and using cotton covers.

Many times people face the issue of low voltage supply from outlets. The problem occurs when you simultaneously switch on the heavy electric appliances.

Low charging of the battery decreases the voltage supply in sockets. In addition, the poor functioning of generators also reduces the current supply.

You can fix it by checking the generator and batteries. Ensure that the terminals of the batteries are cleaned and that there is no oxide accumulation.

Holes on roof

The roof of these trailers is made of fiberglass, which is less durable than iron. As a result, you can see holes or cracks in the roof because of their poor sealing.

In addition, cracks or holes are formed when you park them outside in the rainy season. Finally, exposure to heat from the sun causes the creaking of fiberglass material.

In addition, the risk of cracks and holes increases when you turn on the heaters in the room, which increases the temperature and affects sealing.

You can fix this issue in its roof by filling the cracks with epoxy resins and patching them with fiberglass material. In addition, you can prevent the formation of holes by parking trailers in safe areas and away from sunlight.

Faulty electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces are present in Keystone RV to make the interior comfortable and cozy during winter. It raises the temperature like electric heaters.

Sometimes these fireplaces become faulty due to weak batteries of their remote. The issue comes in their functioning because of broken or poorly aligned wires.

Short circuits and tripped breakers also cause their malfunction. In addition, you cannot turn them on because of poor ground wires and overloaded circuits.

You can fix it by checking the batteries of their remotes. Replace the batteries if these are weak to turn them on.

Check the wires and switch off other components when you turn them on.

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