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Common Problems with Leisure Travel Van

Common Problems with Leisure Travel Van

Leisure Travel Vans are built with high-quality materials, which can minimize major issues in these RVs. In addition, the exterior design is beautiful, with a perfect paint color scheme that can grab the customer’s attention.

Common problems with Leisure Travel Van include slamming doors, high cost, the issue with leather seats, the absence of low tire pressure warning, and no place to install rear seat belts. Moreover, they have less comfortable beds, faded wood, and poorly installed curtains.

It is comfortable, easy to drive, and convenient, and its interior is roomier. In addition, you can easily park these camper vans on the road due to their precise exterior design.

Leisure Travel Van Problems Solutions
Slamming of doors Lubricate hinges
Costly Savings
Issue with leather seats Add seat covers and towels
Absence of low-pressure tire warning Check tire pressure
Cannot install seatbelts on rear seats Add baby seats
Less comfortable bed Add thick sheets
Discoloring of wood frame Maintain distance between refrigerator and frame
Curtains come on windows Use velcro tape

Slamming of doors

Many people face slamming issues on RVs’ entrance and exit doors. In addition, you can hear the squeaky sound when you open and close the doors.

The slamming doors issue comes from the accumulation of dust and dirt in the hinges, which can increase friction and produce uneven noise.

Moreover, these can also produce noise during driving because of their poor latching and improper installation.

Furthermore, loose hinges also cause poor closing and uneven sounds during driving. You can fix the slamming issue by removing the dust and dirt from the hinges.

Spray the WD-40 lubricant on the hinges and latches to reduce friction and remove dust and dirt from these parts.


These camper vans are costly because of their high-quality chassis structure to delay age-related degradation.

Moreover, these are best for camping because of their lot of amenities. However, these have higher price tags relative to other RVs available in the market.

These are worth buying because of their higher resale value. You can sell them in good amounts when you do not need them anymore for camping.

It contains a lot of convenient accessories in the kitchen, bedrooms, and living area, which can decrease their overall cost.

No need to worry about them because you can purchase them with monthly savings.

Moreover, you can also earn a good amount by reselling them because it is a cost-effective solution.

Issue with leather seats

Leather seats for drivers and passengers are only beneficial for winter because they are sensitive to temperature.

These can get hotter in summer because of high temperatures, and you cannot sit on them for longer. This is because it has a porous body that can adjust the temperature according to the body and surrounding temperature.

These can get hotter when windows are open, and sun heat comes from them. Moreover, you can also feel warm while sitting on them when ac is not on.

You can fix the issue and make them comfortable in summer by adding towels and seat covers because replacing seats is costly.

Close the windows or lower the window drapes and curtains to prevent the entry of outside heat.

Absence of low-pressure tire warning

The Leisure travel van does not have a low tire pressure monitoring warning. It is the fault of the manufacturing industry that did not install the safety component in them.

These do not contain tire pressure monitoring sensors to identify air pressure and wheels and warn drivers in case of emergencies.

Drivers do not know about the low tire pressure because of the absence of a warning system. It can also increase the wear out in tires and the risk of accidents.

You can fix this issue by checking the symptoms of low tire pressure. Check the pressure when you feel any noise coming from the tire sides.

Stop driving if you face unbalancing issues and poor steering wheel handling due to low tire pressure.

Cannot install seatbelts on rear seats

The company claimed that you could install seat belts on the rear side seats for the safety of your children, and their installation accessories are also present there.

People do not find any installation accessories of the seat belts on the rear seats when they purchase a camper van for camping.

It becomes difficult for people t take their children with them during trips and provide safety. The issue comes due to misunderstanding and misguidance from the company.

You can fix the issue in the Leisure Travel Van by purchasing baby seats for your infants and their security. Add the baby seats on the original seats using a base foundation and secure them.

Less comfortable bed 

The beds in these camper vans are hard, and you feel tired while lying on them. In addition, these are less comfortable than home beds that can also disturb your sleep.

Most of the beds in RVs have plywood support which is thin in structure and does not provide enough foundation for the mattresses.

The poor support and thin foundation of plywood decrease the mattress’s comfort level. Moreover, the mattresses are also thin that do not provide a soft and cozy feeling on plywood boards.

You can invest money in beds to make them comfortable for sleeping. Add luxurious sheets on mattresses to increase their thickness.

I prefer to put the padding sheets on the bed frames to provide more support.

Discoloring of wood frame 

You can see the discoloration of the wooden frame on the side where the refrigerator is present. This is because the fridge generates heat when you turn them on for cooling purposes.

The heat can cause permanent discoloration of the wooden frame present behind the refrigerators. The heat cause damage because of the absence of heat deflectors or exhaust.

Moreover, there is no proper space between the wooden frame and the refrigerators. Therefore, maintaining a few inches of distance between the wooden frame and the refrigerator to decreases heat exposure.

Furthermore, install heat deflectors and exhaust fans on this side to dissipate the heat of the refrigerators.

Curtains come on the windows

The window curtains do not contain clips and Velcro straps for their folding. Instead, people keep the curtains away from the windows by knotting their fabric.

These can come on the widows due to wind pressure when you open them. Sometimes the fabric curtains also come in windows when you close them.

The issue occurs due to the absence of folding accessories that can keep the curtains away from the windows.

You can fix the issue by attaching the small plastic clips on the top side of the windows to secure the curtains. In addition, you can also attach the Velcro straps on its bottom end so it can keep them away from windows.

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