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Common Problems with Beaver Motorhome

Common Problems with Beaver Motorhome

People love this motorhome because of their high-end quality and wood finishing. The woodwork in the interior is of high quality and gives a luxurious appearance.

Common problems with Beaver motorhome include cracks in the bathtub, scratches in the bathroom mirror, the issue with wool carpets, wheel well rattling, low-quality windshields, and faulty seat belts.

These are the most comfortable motorhomes because of their luxury interior and exterior body panels. These have minor issues with some of its parts, but you can enjoy smooth driving because of their high-quality power train.

Beaver Motorhome Problems Solutions
Cracks in bathtub Check the support
Scratching of bathroom mirror Wipe dust with a soft fabric cloth
Issue with wool carpets Replace the carpets
Rattling of the wheel well Inspect the screws of the wheel well
Cracked windshield Indoor parking
Issue with passenger seatbelt Check retracting mechanism
Tire blowout Do not exceed the gross weight capacity of the RV

Cracks in bathtub

Bathtubs in these RVs allow people to relax when they get tired from the long journey. These bathtubs are of average quality but can creak after some months.

Cracks produce on their inner side when people use ammonia-based detergents to wash them. In addition, the poor support on their lower side cause cracking.

Moreover, the issue also comes when something hard or heavy falls into the bathtub. Heat also produces a crack in their structure when you continuously use warm water for taking a bath.

The bathtubs are made of soft and flexible materials that are more prone to breaking. These cracks are more common near the boundaries of the area surrounding the drains.

You can prevent the bathtubs from cracking using specified cleaners for washing. Avoid using boiling water and harsh cleaners.

Check the support when you feel wobbling while stepping in bathtubs.

Scratching of bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirrors in these motorhomes have minor scratches that can lead to breaking problems. These scratches come due to vibrations from the road and their hitting walls.

Moreover, poor cleaning practices, like using non-glass cleaning solvents to remove soap residues, produce scratches and marks on their surface.

In addition, people wipe out the moisture from bathroom mirrors using harsh rags and rub them hard on their surfaces.

Using toilet tissues and paper towels to remove dust and clean water drops leads to visible marks on the mirror.

You can resolve the problem by cleaning them carefully and using the right tools. For example, use glass cleaners to remove white moisture and soap spots from their surface.

I always use a soft wool cloth to wipe off the dust from my bathroom mirror because of its soft fabric.

Issue with wool carpets

Beaver Motorhomes are luxurious and have all of the luxurious items. The floor contains wool carpets to make them appealing and cozy in winter.

Ideally, wool carpets are unsuitable for RVs because they are costly and increase weight because of their thick fabric.

In addition, water leakage can ruin their fabric because these are hard to dry. Dust and dust mites accumulate in the wool carpets and cause dust-related injuries in people.

Spillages are also hard to clean from their fabric because of their slow drying. Therefore, it is better to replace wool carpets with simpler ones that are easy to clean and maintain.

In addition, the fabric of other carpets does not absorb dust and humidity from the surroundings.

Rattling of the wheel well

Wheel wells are the protective covering on the tires of the motorhomes to protect the wheels. It increases the longevity of tires by preventing them from the small rocks, dirt, and harsh materials of the road.

You can hear the rattling noise from the wheel wells during driving because of their poor installation. These can collide with tires or the surrounding surface due to their improper placement.

Sometimes the nuts and bolts of these parts become loose and produce a rattling sound during driving. In addition, it can distract drivers during driving and make them worried.

Avoid driving when you hear the rattling noise from the wheels well. Instead, check the struts and bolts of these parts and tighten them properly.

Cracked windshield

Their windshields crack easily due to sudden temperature changes. Cracking of the windscreen does not occur due to manufacturing flaws, but these are stress cracks.

It can break due to the expansion and contraction of glass material due to fluctuations in temperature. Exposure to hot and cold temperature too frequently produce stress cracks on the glass windshield.

Moreover, you can see marks on them when stones or rocks from the road are hit with glass material. It is not legal or safe to drive with cracked windshields because it can impair visibility.

The cost of repairing depends on the extent of the cracking, and you have to replace them completely if the cracks are severe.

You can resolve this issue by parking the motorhomes indoors to avoid sudden temperature changes.

Issue with passenger seatbelt

These are highly safe motorhomes because of the seatbelts on the passenger seats. The seatbelts on the rear seats sometimes do not extend correctly.

People cannot fasten their seatbelts because of the poor retracting mechanism. The retracting mechanism allows the retraction of the seatbelts.

These cannot extend because of the faulty or jammed retracting mechanism. These can become faulty when you are moving downhill for a longer time.

The excessive pulling locks the seatbelts through retracting mechanism, and you cannot extend them more.

You can resolve the problem by opening the retracting and replacing them if they are jammed or stuck. In addition, you can also reset the seatbelts for their proper retraction and functioning.

Tire blowout

A tire blowout is common in RVs because of their weight. The weight of living accessories and furniture is more in them as compared to other vehicles.

High-quality and thick tires are installed in them, but these can blow out after some time due to overheating issues.

These are luxurious and contain a lot of living accessories that can increase their weight. The excessive weight causes the wheels to overheat and blow out suddenly.

In addition, blowout occurs because of their less use than other vehicles. People often use them for camping, and these are not in routine use.

Tires lose their strength when they are not in moving condition and stay in one place for a longer time.

You can protect Beaver Motorhome wheels from sudden blowouts by keeping them away from sunlight and trees that can degrade them.

It is also necessary to check the air pressure and inflate it properly. Moreover, do not add too many accessories on their interior side so that they can exceed their average weight-holding capacity.

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