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Common Problems with Nash Travel Trailer

Common Problems with Nash Travel Trailer

Northwood RV manufacturing company build high-end trailers, and Nash trailer is one of them. These are made of tensile strength steel that increases their durability and makes them best for off-roading.

Common problems with Nash Travel Trailer include their heavy weight, poor door fitting, an issue with sliding windows, poor rock guard installation, and rust on the undercarriage and frame. Moreover, you can see bulges on a vinyl floor, poor sofa setting, and a radio without Bluetooth.

These have some issues with their components, but you can select them because of their affordable prices. People love them because they are only four seasoned trailers with low-price tags.

Nash Travel Trailer Problems Solutions
Heavy Checking towing capacity of hauling trucks
Poor-fitting of doors Replace door
Hard to slide windows Lubricate sliding rack
Poor installation of rock guard Reinstall the rock guard
Rust on frame and undercarriage Paint the undercarriage
Bulges on vinyl flooring Reinstall vinyl strips
Radio without Bluetooth Change the radio
Poor setting of the sofa Readjust the couches
Dust and construction trash Clean the interior


These travel trailers are heavy, which makes their towing with trucks difficult. In addition, it is hard to haul them because of their heavier structure.

These are heavy because of their steel material instead of aluminum and fiberglass. In addition, the high tensile strength steel structures increase their weight.

Steel is a durable material but increases the overall weight and cause issue in hauling. In addition, you can also face handling issues because of their excessive weight.

You can resolve the problem by checking the weight-carrying capacity while adding things to the storage compartments.

Excessive weight can also affect the different components of the towing vehicle, including brakes, transmission, and tires.

Poor-fitting of doors

The fitting of doors inside the frame is improper, which can cause the entry of cold air and bugs inside the cabin.

The dust accumulates on the furniture, and you have to clean them too often. In addition, dust mites can ruin wooden furniture, cabinets, and doors.

There is a space of about 1 to 3 inches between the door and frame. You can see the gap due to the improper size of the door and frame in the trailers.

In addition, bugs ad insects can ruin the foodstuffs in your trailers and damage the electric system. You can resolve the problem by filling the gap with a plastic pad and a plywood piece.

Moreover, you can add new doors in the frame with the proper size and ensure no space between them.

Hard to slide windows

People often face issues with sliding glass windows because they are hard to move. These become hard to slide when something gets stuck on the sliding mechanism.

The presence of dust and rust on sliding rails also causes difficulty in the movement of sliding glass windows. Moreover, the glass windows come out of track when you push or pull them hard.

You cannot close or open them smoothly when these come out of track. The poor lubrication of the rollers increases the friction and makes it hard to side.

You can resolve the problem by cleaning the sliding rails of the glass windows and removing dust and moisture from them. It is also beneficial to lubricate the sliding mechanism so the sliding glass can move smoothly.

Poor installation of rock guard

Rock guards are on the RV’s rear or front sides to protect them from damage. The road chips, dirt particles, and small stones produce scratches on the back and front sides of the trailers during the movement of tires.

The issue becomes severe when you are moving on off roads. Small stone chips can damage the rear end, and you can see cracks on their surfaces.

The rock guards on the front side of the trailers are not installed correctly. As a result, the heat can cause their contraction and warping and change their structure.

The water enters through these rock guards because of the gap created by the contraction of these structures.

You can fix the issue by removing the contracted rock guards and adding new ones.

Rust on frame and undercarriage

The rust on the frame of these trailers is less common, but most people face the issue of corrosion on the undercarriage.

The undercarriage of the Nash travel trailers is not coated with wax or rustproof materials and paints. As a result, the rust on the undercarriage can damage the tires and weakens the chassis structure.

Sometimes the undercarriage rust becomes severe, and you can see small holes on the lower side. Road salts and mud can also corrode the undercarriage.

You can fix the undercarriage rust issue by painting it with rustproof paints. Apply a paint coat when you see scratches on the frame’s lower side to prevent a rust attack.

In addition, it is also necessary to keep them clean and wash the lower side.

Bulges on vinyl flooring

These trailers have vinyl floorings instead of wooden types to prevent wood rotting. As a result, the floors become uneven, and you can see bulges due to their specific material.

Vinyl material contract and expand according to changes in temperature. Contraction and expansion of vinyl floors disturb their smooth texture, and you can see the uneven surface from different parts.

These can expand in summer and slightly contract when the temperature becomes low. In addition, water and moisture exposure leads to the bulging of vinyl floors.

You can see the swelling in areas that are more exposed to heat. The problem mainly occurs in areas that are near the kitchen or stove.

You can fix the bumpiness by reinstalling the vinyl strips using adhesives. It is also better to use plastic mats so heat and moisture cannot affect them.

Radio without Bluetooth

These RVs have a radio with a good stereo system so you can listen to music during the trip. These Radios come without Bluetooth, and you cannot connect them wirelessly.

Bluetooth radios are beneficial because you can connect the devices with them without connecting wires.

You need Wi-Fi connections to connect mobile phones to radios. There is no specific cause of this problem, and it is the manufacturing fault.

You can resolve the issue by replacing the radio in the trailers. You can add Bluetooth radios instead of Wi-Fi type because their connection becomes poor and cause connectivity problem.

The poor setting of the sofa

The couches adjustment is improper because you cannot properly make eye contact with people.

In addition, the furniture adjustment does not create a focal point in the room. Everyone sitting on the sofa cannot see the TV screen.

The people sitting on the sides get bored because they cannot see something on the screen. So these RVs have this type of arrangement to save space.

In addition, the issue also comes due to improper installation of TV screens on the walls. You can fix it by readjusting the sofas in the living room area.

Create the focal point in the room and adjust them in the round direction for better communication and visibility of the TV screen.

Furthermore, you can also reinstall the TV on the correct wall so everyone can see them.

Dust and construction trash

The Nash trailers are manufactured with high-quality exterior materials but poorly maintained.

The company does not clean them properly while launching them in the market. As a result, you can see the dust and construction trash in the corners when you purchase the new one from the market.

Moreover, you can also see wood dust accumulation on the corners of the wooden cabinets because of poor maintenance.

People have to put effort into their cleanliness before going camping. You have to clean them properly and remove the dust from the floors.

Clean the wood dust from the cabinets by vacuuming them with vacuum cleaners. Mop the floors so dust cannot damage the furniture and other parts.

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