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Common Problems With Sandstorm Toy Hauler

Common Problems With Sandstorm Toy Hauler

Sandstorm Toy haulers are best for camping and loading heavy equipment. These RVs have a lot of sleeping space because of the queen-size beds. The material used for their manufacturing is of good quality, but sometimes it causes an issue because of poor handling and care.

Common Problems with Sandstorm Toy Hauler include overheating a stereo system, loose barrel chair screws, damaged vinyl flooring, and collapsing kitchen drawers. Moreover, you can face issues due to the faulty water heater, low-quality tires, and overheated generators.

People like these Toy Haulers because of their features and long-term warranty, which applies to various items. Moreover, the interior of these trailers is very comfortable and spacious, which provides more walking space.

Sandstorm Toy Hauler Problems Solutions
Overheating in a stereo system Place it in the ventilated areas
Loose screws of barrel chairs Tighten the screws and stapler the upholstery
Damaged vinyl flooring Avoid using harsh cleaners
Collapsing of kitchen drawers Tighten the mounted screws and track the system
Toilet not flushing Add warm water mixed with dishwashing soap
Faulty Water heaters Remove dust and soot
Low-quality tires Park in a suitable location
Overheating of generator Make the compartment well ventilated

Overheating in a stereo system

Many people face issues with overheating of the stereo system, which causes speakers to blow out. Overheating occurs due to the improper installation of the amplifier.

The two wires meet with each other and cause overheating. Moreover, the absence of ventilated fans near the stereo system increases the temperature.

The heat generated from the speakers does not go outside and raises the temperature. In addition, you can face this issue when you keep the volume high for a longer time.

The blockage of the speakers with dust and dirt cause overheating. Sometimes speakers are not installed at the perfect location, and something blocks the removal of warm air.

The entrapped heat due to blockages overheats the entire system. Check the wires and their connection to the circuits.

Removing nearby objects from these systems is also better for better airflow. For example, take a soft brush and hair dryer to remove dust from them.

Loose screws of barrel chairs

Barrel chairs in these trailers have a rounded back and luxurious design. Screws are used to attach the rounded back to the lower body.

Many people complain about their wobbly backs due to loose screws and staples.

Screws become loose with time, and you can face the wobbling back issue of these chairs. Moreover, you can also face this when the manufacturer does not install them properly.

Screws also become loose when you move them frequently and place them without any support.

Upholstery on these chairs is secure with staples that are invisible. Staples also come off from the upholstery and cause its separation from the frame.

You can fix this issue by correcting the placement of chairs in RVs. Readjust them near the walls to provide support and prevent screws from loosening.

In addition, you can also stapler the upholstery again and give the furnish appearance. Finally, you can add the new chairs if you are not satisfied with them.

Damaged vinyl flooring

The floors of the Sandstorm Toy Haulers are covered with vinyl sheets that are less durable than wooden or laminate material.

Adhesives are used to secure these sheets on the surface of the floor. You can see the issue of the sheet peeling off from the corners when the adhesive dries with time.

Long-term exposure to heat or a dry environment causes adhesives to become dry and lose their stickiness. Moreover, you can also see the cracks in the vinyl sheets when they become old and dry.

Scratches come on their surface when you move abrasive things on them or put heavy furniture. The use of harsh detergents also produces marks on their surface.

You can fix this issue by using a mild detergent for their cleaning. Avoid using wax polish to furnish their surface and give them a new appearance.

Adding plastic pads under heavy furniture can also protect them from scratches.

Collapsing of kitchen drawers

The drawers present in the kitchen area vibrate and produce noise when you drive these trailers on bumpy roads.

You can hear the vibrating noise because of their poor placement. Loose screws and nuts that hold them in their place cause this issue.

Moreover, the contraction of wooden material cause problem in its proper fitting. Drawers collapse due to vibrations for a long time and hitting with sides.

In addition, drawers also fall on the floor because of poor adjustment of tracks. The damaged mounted screws cause their collapse.

Readjust the track so they cannot fall during driving. Then, tighten the screws that are mounted to secure them in their place.

Do not overtighten the screws because they can produce cracks in wooden material.

Toilet not flushing

The toilet does not flush properly because of the clogged draining system. Sometimes the accumulation of soap scum and poor cleaning practices cause blockage, and water cannot flush through drains.

The problem also occurs due to blockage of the flushing system with tissue papers and other objects. In addition, the improper function of water tanks makes flushing challenging.

Sometimes there is not enough water in the tank, and you cannot clear the bowl. In addition, toilets are not flushing correctly due to sewer lines’ obstruction ranging from mild to severe.

Moderate means the flushing process is slow due to clogged sewer lines and obstruction in water flow from the tank.

Check the valves of the water tank to ensure these are supplying enough water.

Put the water container on the stove and add dishwashing soap to it. Pour this water into the toilet to remove the obstructed material and clear the sewer lines.

Faulty Water heaters

Pilot light is present in propane-based water heaters to ignite the burner and provide warm water when you turn on the tank.

Sometimes these lights do not illuminate and produce ignition to warm the water. Malfunctioning in these lights occurs due to the accumulation of dirt and soot on their surface.

Moreover, this light won’t ignite due to insufficient propane supply through the tanks. You can also face this issue due to a faulty or failed thermostat.

Check the supplier valve of the propane tank to ensure a continuous supply of gas for ignition.

Removing the dust and soot from their surface is also better to avoid blockage in their ignition.

Low-quality tires

The tires of the Sandstorm Toy Haulers are of low quality and can easily crack. Cracking occurs due to the use of low-quality rubber to manufacture tires.

Rubber is vulnerable to cracks when it comes in contact with light, oil, UV radiation, and heat. Parking your RV in sun heat for longer increases the chances of rubbing breakdown.

Wheels also crack due to poor driving practices and hitting with curb area. Overheating of tires also leads to visible cracks.

Overheating occurs when you drive longer in summer and the roads are hot. You can fix the issue by inflating the wheels correctly.

Park them in a suitable direction and away from sunlight. Remove the mud and snow from the tires after coming outside.

Overheating of generator

Many people complain that the generator overheats after some time and shuts down suddenly. Overheating in these components occurs due to improper installation.

Obstruction in air circulation causes the hot air to circulate within the components and increases the internal temperature.

Low coolant levels also produce overheating in the generators, which eventually shut off. The use of old oil and clogged filter also increase their temperature.

You can prevent overheating by changing the oil and filters of the generators regularly. In addition, make the compartments properly ventilated to remove hot air from the inside.

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