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Common Problems With Cedar Creek Cottages

Common Problems With Cedar Creek Cottages

Cedar Creek Cottages are the four seasons travel trailers with a gray, black, and freshwater tank. The exterior of these RVs is made of high-quality aluminum material.

Common Problems with Cedar Creek Cottages include poor installation of the stove, jammed doors, scuff marks on countertops, and cracks in bathroom sinks. Furthermore, you can also see chipping of the shower wall, broken TV cable, and moisture in thermal windows.

It is better to know about these issues when you want to purchase these trailers. You can select them because of their spacious bathrooms that give a feeling of home.

Cedar Creek Cottages Problems Solutions
Poor installation of the stove Minimize the use of the stove
Jammed doors Lubricate the hinges and reshape the doors
Scuff marks on the countertop Buff with sandpaper and apply lubricant
Cracks in bathroom sink Avoid rubbing it with a hard cloth
Chipping of shower wall Coat the wall with lubricant sprays
Broken TV cable Check the connection of the cable with the TV
Moisture in thermal windows Turn on dehumidifiers

Poor installation of the stove

Stoves in Cedar Creek Cottages are not installed at the correct location. These are present near the interior area and increase the risk of fire.

Moreover, air circulation is also less when you cook something. Therefore, it is challenging for you to sit inside when you are cooking something on it.

In addition, the smoke also accumulates on the walls and changes the color of the paint. Finally, it increases the temperature of the room during the summer.

The working efficiency of the air conditioner also reduces due to the heat of the stoves. Therefore, the manufacturers want to install them near windows for better air circulation and keep the smoke outside.

Improper presence of stove increases the risk of fire on window curtains. You can fix the issue by minimizing the use of stoves for cooking. Prefer to use the oven to heat your food and for cooking purposes.

Keep the flame low so it cannot produce a burning smell and irritate people. In addition, it is also better to prefer outdoor cooking using fireworks, which is also fun in winter.

Jammed doors

The doors become jammed after some months, and you face difficulty opening and closing them. People have to put more effort into opening them, and it can also break the handles while pulling them.

The jamming issue comes from low-quality wooden material that expands according to changes in weather and humidity levels.

Moreover, sagging due to loose hardware makes their opening and closing difficult. The issue also comes due to a faulty lock system, which you cannot open.

The leakage of water in these trailers increases the humidity and causes the expansion of wooden doors. You cannot open them when their expansion occurs.

You can also face this problem due to broken hinges that do not allow their movement. In addition, the old hinges with accumulated dust and rust lead to blockage.

You cannot open them due to poor lubrication and rusted hinges. Sometimes the wooden parts get damaged and get stuck at the closing position.

Painting doors with multiple coats increase their thickness, and you cannot open them easily. You can fix it by checking the broken hinges and replacing them with a new one.

Grease the hinges and lubricate them for their smooth movement. Cut the doors from the bottom of these expands due to moisture exposure.

Scuff marks on the countertop

You can see the scratches and scuff marks on aluminum countertops when you get the new one from the market.

The problem comes due to poor finishing before launching them in the market. In addition, during manufacturing, hard materials come in contact with aluminum countertops and produce scratches and lines on them.

The presence of scuff marks causes moisture to enter the interior layer and ruins the whole structure. You can also face this when you cut fruit and vegetables on them without using cutting boards.

Knives produce scratches on them and reveal their unfinished layer. The use of harsh brushes and rags for their cleaning produces these marks.

You can fix the issue by buffing the affected area with wax. You can also use sandpaper to remove the large scratches and smooth the surface.

Buff the surface with lubricant or degreasing agent to maintain its shine.

Cracks in bathroom sink

Sinks in these trailers are made of low-quality stainless-steel material that can crack easily. Stainless steel is coated with plastic film to give it a shiny appearance.

The company added the sinks of this material to reduce the weight instead of laminate.

The shiny coats disappear when you use them for a longer time. You can see the cracks in the steel material due to the disappearance of the shiny coat.

In addition, regular cleaning practices also cause the cracking of shiny plastic coats. For example, using abrasive cleaners for cleaning sinks damages the plastic coat.

Long-term exposure to water can also cause this issue, and you can see visible cracks in sinks. You can fix this issue by properly cleaning them with mild detergents.

Avoid rubbing a hard rag on their surface during cleaning because it can damage the plastic coat. Instead, refurnish the sink with new plastic coats to get rid of scratches.

Chipping of shower wall

Bathroom walls near the shower start to chip after 7 to 8 months because of regular exposure to water.

There is leakage in shower faucets which causes water to seep into the walls. In addition, paint starts to lose its adhesiveness because of exposure to water.

In addition, water also comes on these walls during bathing, making them more vulnerable to chipping.

You can fix the issue by coating the wall with lubricant sprays so water splashes cannot damage the paint and interior material.

It is also better to sand the loose material and refurnish it again.

Broken TV cable

Antenna cables are present in the RV to pick up the signals from the surrounding satellites. You can see different channels on TV because of these cables that receive a signal from the satellite.

Many people complain that the screen becomes black and white during the journey. The issue comes from broken wires that no longer catch the signals from the surroundings.

These TV wires are present outside the trailers, so they can break due to blowing wind. In addition, you can also face an issue when these are not connected to the TV correctly.

Check the connection of these cables with the TV when you do not see anything on the screen.

Moreover, replace the broke wires so they can catch signals properly, and you can enjoy the journey while seeing the screen.

Moisture in thermal windows

Cedar Creek Cottages trailers are equipped with double-paned thermal windows. These contain a double glass layer to reduce heat loss from the interior.

These are beneficial in summer because heat from outside cannot enter the cabin. Moreover, it also improves ac efficiency because of less heat loss.

Sometimes moisture accumulates between the layer of glass material due to condensation reaction. Differences in temperature during winter cause the water droplets to trap between these layers.

Warm air collides with cold air when the outside is cool, and the interior is warm due to heaters. Mixing of the air that has temperature differences causes moisture to accumulate on them.

You can fix the issue by blowing the air vents at high speed. It is also better to use a dehumidifier in rooms to remove excess moisture.

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