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Common Problems With Tab 320

Common Problems With Tab 320

TAB 320 is a teardrop camper that is famous among people because of its low cost and lightweight material. People like them because they are easy to tow and lighter weight.

Common problems with TAB 320 include rotten floors, poor sealing of front windows, failure of fire extinguishers, and cracks on the outside frame. In addition, you can also face leakage of propane from hoses, electrical problems, and cracking of condensate pans.

These are the perfect choice for people who love traveling but check the quality of their interior and exterior parts before selecting them.

Problems with TAB 320 Solutions
Rotten or molded floors Check cracking of the condensate pan
Poor sealing of front window Coat with weather-resistant silicone material
Failure of fire extinguisher Recharge it with an extinguishing chemical
Cracks on frame Welding
Leakage of propane Check propane tanks and valves
Electrical issues Add distilled water in batteries

Rotten or molded floors

People complain about the floor rotting issue in these trailers, which produces small holes. The rotting of wood most commonly comes under furniture that is not exposed to air.

The long-term exposure of wood to water causes wood to rot and does not last long. The molds also grow in these areas because of the presence of water and humid conditions.

The exposure to water comes due to temperature differences. Therefore, low temperatures and humid environments are the best media for the growth of molds.

Moreover, the water also comes on the wooden floor due to internal leakages. The loose water hose attachments cause water leakage, seeping into the plywood floors.

Rotting wooden floors are common in the kitchen area because of the water leakage through refrigerators. Also, cracking of the condensate pan causes water leakage from refrigerators.

You can fix the mold growth and rot of wood by protecting it from water exposure. For example, do not walk on the floors with wet feet; use rugs on the side of the kitchen and bathrooms to absorb water.

Turn on the fan of the ac at high speed to remove extra moisture from the interior cabin. Replace the condensate pan to fix the crack.

Poor sealing of the front window

The window seals start to damage after some months, and you cannot close the windows. The improper closing causes dust and dirt to come inside.

It also affects the working of ac and heaters because of fluctuations in the outside environment. Moreover, dust also accumulates in hidden places and ruins them.

The window seals in Tab 320 are made of plastic material that can break and cause sealing issues. In addition, the seals break due to exposure to excessive heat.

The expansion of glass causes the seals to break and improperly close windows.

The issue comes when you park your vehicle without any shade on summer days when the outside temperature is high.

The window sealing comprises fragile rubber material prone to age-related damage. These become loose and brittle when they are old.

You can fix this issue by coating it with weather-resistant silicone material. It prevents freezing and cracking problems during winters due to an excessively dry environment.

It is also necessary to lubricate the window seals to protect them from drying.

Failure of fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are closed containers containing liquid chemicals to reduce fire-related hazards in these teardrop campers.

These help control the fire and tackle emergencies. However, many people complain that fire extinguishers become faulty in the middle of the journey, which is risky for further travel.

The problem in these devices comes due to the blockage of hoses. The extinguishing chemicals do not come out in emergencies because of hose blockage.

Obstruction from hoses occurs when dust and debris build up in their openings. Moreover, these are metal containers that rust quickly.

The rusting produces small holes in these containers that cause pressure issues. The leakage also comes due to overcharging of these devices.

You can fix the issue by charging the fire extinguisher to restore its functioning. Charge them at their optimal level because overcharging also causes damage.

In addition, it is also better to inspect their internal parts when labels become fade.

Cracks on frame

You can see the small invisible lines on the lower side of the frame where nuts are installed. The cracking comes on the side where bolts are attached because of their forced installation.

The frame also gets damaged in accidental cases, and you can see the visible marking on them. Frequent driving on bumpy roads also leads to the cracking of exterior material.

You can face this problem due to using low-quality material that can crack easily. In addition, the frequent temperature changes also cause the exterior frame to crack.

Long-term exposure to sunlight heat causes dryness and cracking of the exterior side. It is a significant issue because it ruins the electrical component and wooden flooring.

The water enters the interior side in rainy seasons because of these cracks. You can fix the issue by welding the cracked ends.

Metal adhesives are also available in the market that is helpful to adhere the broken ends.

Leakage of propane

Propane tanks are present in these trailers to run the refrigerators and heaters. Propane is the cheaper source to run these electrical instruments.

You run out of gas due to the constant leakage of propane from the tanks and hoses. Th issue comes due to damaged tanks or holes in them.

The holes produce in the tanks when these become old and lose their strength and durability. The corrosion also causes the production of holes in them.

The leakage of propane also comes due to loose propane valves that ensure their controlled supply to the specific system.

Detect the propane leakage, and you can smell rotten eggs from the leakage area in your camper. Replace the tanks if there are a lot of small holes in them that are not repairable.

Use aluminum tape in the tank to stop leakage. Check the propane valves and tighten them if they are loose.

Electrical issues

Tab 320 trailer use batteries as the electric source to turn on the light and run other electric equipment when no external source is present.

Many people complain that they see the lights flickering after some time due to dead batteries.

Batteries become weak due to overloading and when you are using heavy electric accessories at the same time. For example, using ovens and refrigerators simultaneously puts a load on the batteries and damages them.

The sulfation process also hinders the current supply through its terminals. The over and undercharging of batteries make them dead and faulty.

You can fix it by checking the connection of the battery terminals. Moreover, remove the corrosion and sulfation from its surface using abrasive cleaners.

It is also necessary to check the water level and add distilled water to it for its proper functioning.

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