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Thor Motor Coach Electrical Problems

Thor Motor Coach Electrical Problems

Thor motor coaches are famous for their large space and basic accessories. However, many people complain about their electricity problems, which can ruin their trip and lead to expensive repairs.

Thor Motor Coach electrical problems include damaged fuses and faulty breakers, refrigerator stops working, and dead batteries. The AC unit stops giving cool air, and the oven’s temperature display becomes less bright or eventually disappears. The electric sockets also get damaged early because of low-quality material. 

It is better to check the wiring and fuses of these motorhomes before going on long trips. It becomes problematic for you to proceed journey when there are no nearby service centers, and the problem worsens due to driving.

Electrical problems with Thor motor coach Solution
Issues with fuses and breakers Replace the fuse and inspect the circuit breakers
Dead batteries Add distilled water in batteries or recharging
Refrigerator not working Inspect 120-V power shore connections
Damaged electric sockets Do not plug in more than one device simultaneously
Oven display disappears Check power outlets and their connections
Failure of AC Check circuit breakers and GFI

Issues with fuses and breakers

The electric issues increase the safety risk for the passengers and the motorhomes themselves. This is because the electric system in them is very delicate and customized.

Little negligence can put your life at risk and also cause damage to electric equipment. Therefore, the fuses and breakers are present in them to prevent current overflow.

The issue comes when you attach your motor coaches with the wrong electric sockets for charging purposes.

Fluctuations in voltage cause these fuses to blow out or circuit breakers to trip to protect the other devices from damage.

The fuses also blow out when you use multiple heavy equipments simultaneously, like ac and ovens. Sometimes the generator circuit breaker also trips due to fluctuations in electric current.

You can fix the issue by inspecting the blown-out fuses and replacing them with new ones. The location of fuses varies from brand to brand.

In Thor motorhomes, these are present under the bed. Use the test to check the bad fuse and take them out.

It is necessary to install the fuse of the same ampere in Thor Axis for accurate functioning. Move towards the breaker side after checking the fuses or facing an AC device issue.

Reset the GFI button if all the breakers are fine and at their specific location.

Dead batteries

Many times, people complain that the LED bulbs in the room of their Thor A.C.E become dull, start to flicker, and eventually turn off.

The issue mostly commonly comes when batteries are going to die. There are two electric sources; one is a 12-V battery that provides the DC.

The other source is a 120-V AC source which turns on the devices like ovens, air conditioners, and LEDs. These power shores also charge the 12-Volt batteries and provide the voltage supply.

Sometimes the batteries die, and you cannot turn on lights and other electric equipment. This is because the batteries become weak due to insufficient power supply from power shores.

In addition, the issue also comes due to low levels of electrolytes or water in them. Finally, the issue also comes due to their over and undercharging.

You can feel the rotten egg smell due to the sulfation process. In addition, the lack of maintenance and unusual charging practices makes them weak and causes electric problems.

You can fix this issue in Thor Four Wind by adequately charging them while going on trips. Avoid using heavy equipment with them and plug them into power shores of 120-V.

Check the electrolyte levels and add distilled water to them.

Refrigerator not working

People often face the issue that their refrigerator stops cooling at night. It becomes problematic for them because the food they store for trips becomes spoiled.

These are expensive to repair, which also increases the cost of buying new food. In addition, the refrigerators stop working due to loose connection of the connectors.

The cooling also decreases in the Thor motor coach when other electric appliances draw excessive power. The refrigerator issues also come due to a blown-out fuse and fluctuations in voltage supply.

You cannot fix the refrigerator issue because dealing with these heavy components is risky. It is better to take your motorhome to the company’s service centers to resolve the electric problems.

Plug out the other equipment like ovens and air conditioning units when your refrigerators are cooling less to direct the current flow to them.

Check the plug-in switch because these are also broken and cause an interruption in voltage supply and short circuits.

Damaged electric sockets

Many people complain that electric sockets in their motorhomes get damaged after a few months. The issue comes due to the use of low-quality materials for their manufacturing.

The faulty wiring and power supply surge produce short circuits in the outlets and cause their burning.

The outlets also get damaged when you plug more than one device into them and put them under heavy load.

The electric sockets are damaged easily because of their frequent use. You cannot charge your mobile phones or laptops due to the failure of internal sockets.

You can fix this issue by using only one device at one time. Do not overload the circuits because overheating damages them and alters their shape.

It is better to turn them off and not plug in any device if you feel a burning smell and sparks from them. Instead, check the wires in the circuit board and tighten the loose connections.

Oven display disappears

Microwave oven is an essential accessory in the motorhome, and you can get rid of recooking practices.

You can bake your favorite food in it and heat them again whenever you want. Sometimes the indicator light on these ovens starts blinking due to faulty wirings or a shortage of power supply.

It is not suitable to use it when you see the disappearance of the display. The loose connection between the switch and circuit outlet causes power supply issues and blinking of the display.

Turn off your oven when you see linking to its temperature indicator light. Then, check the loose connections of the wires in the main circuit board.

Inspect the 120-V power shore connection and ensures that they are connected properly.

Failure of AC

Many people complain that AC suddenly stops working in their Thor Motor Coach, which is a challenging situation in summer because you cannot survive in a hot environment for longer.

They blow hot air because of insufficient power supply through alternating current power shores.

The issue also comes due to damaged wirings supplying power to the mounted ac units. In addition, the wires get damaged due to short circuits or the melting of plastic insulating layers.

You can also face this problem due to tripping or circuit breakers of ground fault indicators. The tripping of these systems prevents the flow of current to the outlets.

You cannot use these outlets to power the ac and microwave ovens. Sometimes the AC is working but not blowing enough air due to faulty fan motors.

You can fix it by checking the motors and blades of the fan. Locate the circuit breakers and ensure that these are not tripped.

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