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Common Problems With Thor Compass

Common Problems With Thor Compass

Thor Compass is a famous motorhome in America, and these also come in the market with the name Thor Gemini. There are small issues with their manufacturing but people like them because you can drive them on sandy roads to hilly mountains.

Common problems with Thor Compass include broken mud flaps, faulty tankless water heaters, leakage at the rear end, clogged extinguishers, and faulty power outlets. Moreover, you can face issues like poor installation of towel racks, the issue with rolling blinds, closet shelf collapse, tile floor peeling off, faulty door locks, and improper fixing of table tops.

The issues are present in these motorhomes, but you can fix them without spending maximum cost. You cannot ignore them because of their amazing design and broad interior.

Thor Compass Problems Solutions
Broken mud flaps Add new mud flaps
Tankless water heaters not working Unclog the air vents
Water leakage on rear ends Fill holes with epoxy resins
Blocked extinguisher Clean the nozzle
Faulty power outlets Check power outlets using voltmeter
Issue with Rolling of blinds Remove dust from ratchet mechanism
Poor installation of towel rack Tight the screws of towel racks
Closet shelf collapsing Fix the shelf with adhesives and nails
Tile floor peeling off issue Use high quality sealants
Faulty door locks Avoid using incorrect keys

Broken mud flaps

Mud flaps are present on the rear side of the RVs and are made of rubber material. These protect the lower side from dust, debris, and mud while driving on the floor.

In addition, it also protects the rear end from road salts and water splashes during snowy and rainy days.

Mudflaps in these motorhomes break easily because of their soft and flexible material. The hitting of hard objects with their surface causes their breakage.

Moreover, parking in open areas produces cracks in them due to heat from the sun. These can also break due to water pressure during the washing procedure.

It is better not to drive with broken mud flaps to protect the rear end from damage. Add the new mud flaps and replace the broken ones.

Carefully wash the exterior side so it cannot cause detachment.

Tankless water heaters not working

These heaters do not contain tanks and have a plumbing system for water flow. It heats the water when it flows through these lines rather than heating the whole tank.

Sometimes people do not get enough water from the faucets due to faults in plumbing lines. A high content of minerals is present in the hard water.

These minerals build up in the lines of the heaters and clog them. In addition, you cannot get warm water when multiple facets are used.

You can also face the issue because of blockage of air vents and poor ignition system. You can fix the issue by ensuring the unclogging of the air vents and exhaust fans because it causes sudden shutdown of heaters.

Turn off the extra faucets in your RV to get warm water for the shower.

Water leakage on rear ends

You can face the leaking water on the rear end of the motorhomes because of the faulty tank. Many people did not encounter it because they thought it was due to snow melting.

You can see empty water tanks after a few hours, and it is very challenging to survive without water during the trip.

Leakage on the rear side occurs due to loose pistons of the water tanks that can make them empty in a few hours.

In addition, small holes and cracks on their surface also lead to water leaking. You can resolve the issue by patching the cracks with fiberglass material.

Use epoxy resins to fill small holes and punctures in plastic water tanks.

Blocked fire extinguisher

Sometimes the fire extinguishers on the interior side become bad and cannot function in an emergency.

The issue comes from the low levels of extinguishing chemicals that need recharging. In addition, excessive vibrations during driving and poor fitting can make them bad.

Vibrations due to bumpy roads damage their internal parts, and these cannot function. In addition, these are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity conditions.

High humidity in the interior and sudden temperature variations cause their malfunction. You can resolve this issue by their proper placement so vibrations from the road cannot affect them.

Moreover, decrease the humidity and maintain the temperature in the room. Finally, remove the corrosion and accumulated dust from the hose and nozzle for their proper functioning.

Faulty power outlets

Power outlets stop working in these motorhomes and do not supply enough current. As a result, it becomes difficult to charge electronics and use electric appliances.

These do not provide electric current because of faulty generators or shore power sources. Moreover, the blown-out fuse also causes these issues.

The tripped breaker in the circuit system inhibits the voltage supply in power outlets after detecting faults in the system.

These also become faulty due to the tripping of GFI circuit breakers. You can fix this issue by ensuring that the circuit breakers are on.

Moreover, you can check the electric current supply from various outlets using a voltmeter.

Issue with Rolling of blinds

The blinds are present in front of each window to keep the dust, debris, and bugs away. In addition, you can also raise them to take outside light in the morning and cold breeze in the summer.

Sometimes you cannot roll these blinds up because of the failure of the ratchet mechanism. The mechanism stops functioning due to the accumulation of dust and debris.

Moreover, you cannot move the string due to poor lubrication of the ratchet mechanism. However, you can make the ratchet mechanism functional by removing dust from it.

Take a toothpick to remove the dust or small particles from them. It is also necessary to lubricate it correctly from the inner side for smooth movement of the string.

Poor installation of towel rack

Towel racks in the bathroom are not installed properly, and these fall on the floor. These can fall off when you hang the towels on them, making them dirty and wet.

These racks are made of cheaper material and have less weight-holding capacity. As a result, these can fall on the floor when you hang heavy towels on them.

Moreover, the issue comes when you put clothes and towels on them. Loose screws of the towel rack also cause their collapse.

The improper fitting of the towel racks and loose screws cause them to drop on the floor. You can fix the issue in Thor Compass by tightening the screws of the racks when they become loose.

In addition, you can also make new holes with a drill machine for the installation of bolts.

Closet shelf collapsing

Shelves present in the closet area also break and come on the floor. These are made of low-quality wooden material that causes collapse when you add extra weight.

Sometimes these cannot collapse but start to sag from the middle area. Sagging occurs due to the use of low-quality wood without enough support.

These can fall off on the ground when not correctly attached to closet walls. Loose screws and failure of adhesives cause their detachment from the walls.

You can fix it by checking the adhesion on all sides of the shelves. Then, you can install them again with high-quality glues for proper adhesion.

Moreover, tighten the screws or secure them with nails on the closet’s walls.

Tile floor peeling off issue

Many people complain about tile peeling-off issues in Thor Compass RVs because of their improper installation.

Tiles start to come off from the surface when these are poorly installed. Often, manufacturers forget to compress them with heavy material after installation, which causes peeling-off issues.

Moreover, the issue also comes due to water seeping into their inner layer. Finally, the use of low-quality adhesives causes peeling off from the sides.

You can fix this issue by reattaching the tiles using high-quality sealants and leaving them for some time. Avoid walking on them after some minutes of installation because it causes binding issues.

Add some heavy weight for their adhesion, and leave them overnight.

Faulty door locks

Door locks become faulty, and you cannot open them when they get stuck.

You cannot open them with a key due to poor alignment of the latch and the strike plate. In addition, the issue also comes when these become dirty and rusty.

The poor installation of the doors also hinders their functioning. You can fix this issue by adequately removing the dust from them and lubricating it.

Avoid using unrecognized keys because they can disturb the alignment of the latch and strike.

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