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Common Problems With Winnebago Solis

Common Problems With Winnebago Solis

People like the Winnebago Solis motorhomes because of their latest features, but it has minor issues with their various components.

Common problems with Winnebago Solis include faulty seatbelt retractors, small fridge, and poor heating system. In addition, you can face issues due to less comfortable seats, absence of winter tires, poor finishing, non-insulated walls, and shower pan leaks.

However, these are not major problems; you can easily resolve them by spending a minimum amount.

Winnebago Solis problems Solutions
Faulty seatbelt retractor Keep seatbelts clean
Small fridge Use plastic bags for storage of food
Less fuel efficiency Maintain speed and tire pressure
Android auto stop working Update the software
Poor installation of the heating system Reinstall the heating system
Less comfortable seats Add cushions and throw blankets
Absence of winter tires Wrap tires with chains
Poor finishing Clean the floors
Poorly insulated walls Use thermal curtains
Leakage of shower pans Use epoxy sealers

Faulty seatbelt retractor

A seat belt retractor is a device that holds the webbing in its place according to the driving conditions. These contain sensors that help extend and contract the webbing according to the speed of the RVs.

Sometimes these become faulty and increase the risk of accidents. In addition, it causes an issue when you are inclining in hilly areas because of their poor sensor or locking mechanism.

These become faulty due to improper installation and accumulation of debris in the internal mechanism.

Sudden and frequent application of brakes and car accidents also damage their internal parts. You can fix the issue if these are faulty or damaged along with seatbelts.

Call the professionals for their proper and correct installation. Keep the webbing clean to avoid the accumulation of dust in internal parts.

Small fridge

The large-sized refrigerators are not present in these motorhomes for storage of food. Instead, a small fridge is on the side, with fewer compartments.

It increases your effort to cook new food when you want to eat or feel hungry. You cannot take a large amount of foodstuff with you because of small refrigerators.

Manufacturers add the smaller ones because you can cook the new food, and storage increase the weight of the motorhomes.

You can increase the space inside the refrigerators by storing food in sealed bags instead of utensils that take up more space.

In addition, you can also use canned food items that do not need a cold place to prevent spoilage.

Less fuel efficiency

The Winnebago Solis RVs are less fuel efficient because of the absence of diesel tanks. However, diesel is more fuel efficient than gas because of its higher density and difference in compression ratio.

These provide better mileage with less consumption of fuel. However, the manufacturers do not want to add diesel tanks because of the high density of diesel.

These are heavy and increase the load on the motorhome. Using diesel engines reduces fuel costs because of their thicker density and high compression ratio.

You can improve fuel efficiency by checking the air pressure in the tire and with regular maintenance.

Maintaining the speed and avoiding frequent braking for less gasoline consumption is better.

Android Auto stops working

Many people complain that Android Auto stops working on the touch screen and you cannot connect your phones.

You cannot connect them with Bluetooth because of the issue in the app. The software glitches cause poor connectivity issues. You can face this when software is not updated timely.

Fix the issue by updating the software of the android screen and their proper connection.

You can also resolve the problem by resetting the connectivity setting, removing your device from the computerized system, and adding it again.

Poor installation of the heating system

The heating system in these RVs is installed poorly and cannot provide heat in all cabins. As a result, you cannot feel the heat in the pop-up canvas area, and it is difficult to sleep there in winter.

The issue comes due to their poor installation, and you cannot feel warm air in bedroom areas. The issue also comes due to less air from the vents and weak motors.

You can fix the issue by cleaning the vents and removing the dust from them. Unclogging can increase the warm air supply and make you feel better in winter.

Moreover, it is better to hire a mechanic for their installation at the correct place.

Less comfortable seats

The seats are uncomfortable, and you cannot enjoy long trips because of tiredness. In addition, the middle seats are less comfortable, and you cannot sit there for longer.

Seats do not have proper lumbar support to support your back during driving. Drivers also feel tired because of the absence of an armrest.

Seats do not have a heated system, and you feel issues in winter. Adding cushions and throw blankets in winter can make the seats cozy and comfortable.

Add the hard cushions on the back to enhance the lumbar support function.

Absence of winter tires

Winnebago Solis motorhomes do not have winter tires for driving in winter. These are heavy and require these wheels for better traction and to avoid slipping.

The company did not install them because they are heavier and more costly than conventional ones. In addition, it becomes difficult to drive them on snowy roads because of slipping.

These cannot make better contact with the road. However, you can fix the issue by wrapping the standard tires with chains to increase friction and reduce slipping.

It is also better to purchase and install winter tires when planning winter trips.

Poor finishing

The finishing of these motorhomes is bad, and these are not adequately maintained before launching in the market.

You can see several marks on the roofs, floors, and walls that come during their manufacturing. This is because the nails and bolts are not screwed properly, and you can see these are coming outward from the walls.

The stains on the floor give a bad appearance which is highly unsatisfactory for people. Therefore, you have to spend extra effort and time to finish the properly.

Clean the floors and remove the marks from their surface. Secure the nails and bolts so they cannot cause injury or damage other materials.

Poorly insulated walls

The walls of Winnebago Solis are poorly insulated heat, which cannot retain heat during winter.

Heaters need more effort to maintain the temperature of the interior. Poorly insulated walls cause heat loss, and you cannot enjoy the cozy environment.

Moreover, the issue also comes on hot summer days when the outside temperature is so high. The heat from the sun enters through poorly insulated walls, and ac cannot work efficiently.

The company did not insulate the walls because it increases the weight and cost of their RVs, which is not feasible for the buyers.

You can insulate the walls and doors using thermal curtains that are helpful to retain the heat. Moreover, it is also better to try plastic sheets and radiant aluminum foiling to prevent heat loss.

Leakage of shower pans

The shower pans are small structures like bathtubs to separate the shower area without constructing separate walls.

These are smaller in size and less deep than bathtubs and are only used to highlight the shower area.

These are available in different materials like fiberglass and plastic. These are installed directly o the floor, and you can take a shower while standing on them.

The shower pans start to leak after some time in these RVs because of their cheaper material. Leakage comes due to poor sealing between these pans and floors.

The use of abrasive cleaners and falling of heavy material produce wear and tear in them. You can resolve the leaking by fixing them with bolts.

Use epoxy sealers to bind the cracks and holes in their structure.

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