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Common Problems With Opus Camper

Common Problems With Opus Camper

Opus Campers are famous because these are affordable and come under a lower price tag. Moreover, these are beneficial and best for family trips.

Common problems with Opus Camper include their heavy weight, less space, faulty gray water tank level indicator, faulty speakers, and broken door handles. In addition, you can face issues due to their design flaws, faulty cabinet latches, and poor water pumps.

These have some minor issues with their designs and accessories, which decrease their reliability score. However, you can purchase them because their tent and outside awnings make the camping experience more enjoyable.

Opus Camper Problems Solutions
Heavy and less spacious Prefer outdoor cooking
Faulty gray water tank level indicator Clean the sensor with dishwashing soap
Left side speakers not working Check wires and fuse
Broken door handles Fasten the screws of the door handles
Design flaws Use the interacting components carefully
Faulty latches of cabinets Avoid frequent opening and remove dust
Problem with the water pump Check the wiring and motor of the water pump

Heavy and less spacious

These RVs are less spacious but heavy in weight because of their manufacturing material. Moreover, these contain a lot of accessories in the minimum space to fulfill customer requirements.

Driving with a heavy camper is problematic because it can increase the wear and tear on tires. Moreover, it affects the rear axle and suspension components.

The risk of bending axle joints is more due to their heavy weight. It becomes challenging to load and unload them on the truck bed.

Heavyweight disturbs the stability and brakes of the pickups during driving. It also causes sagging of the truck bed because of its heavy weight.

These are less spacious, and fewer people can live in them. In addition, furniture placement is so congested that you feel an issue when you sit in them.

The dining area table is also congested, and you cannot sit there comfortably. In addition, the kitchen is also tiny, and only one person can stay there to cook.

Two people cannot stand in the kitchen at a time because of their enclosed space. You can fix the issue by outdoor cooking so people can help each other while cooking food.

Remove the beds from the interior and prefer to use air mattresses.

Faulty gray water tank level indicator

A level indicator is present on the gray water tank to identify water levels. These indicators determine the water level and make you aware of when its levels are low.

It is the warning indicator so you can refill the tanks when they are about to empty. A faulty level indicator shows the incorrect reading and makes people confused.

It shows that tanks are full of water, and in reality, it is not. You can see the contaminated water starts to come from the faucets because of lower levels.

The sensors become faulty due to soap scum on their surface. In addition, accumulating a thick layer of oil and grease causes their malfunctioning and fluctuating readings.

The problem occurs due to broken sensors and when something is covering them. You can fix the issue by cleaning sensors with cleaning agents.

Mixing water with dishwashing soap removes the thick layer of grease and soap scum. Furthermore, it is necessary to replace the broken sensors to avoid further issues.

Left side speakers stop working

People often complain that speakers installed on the left side of campers are not working. You do not hear any sounds from them due to their malfunctioning.

Sometimes these are not working when they age, and their internal parts become faulty. In addition, water leakage on this side also makes them faulty.

The poor wiring or broken wires connecting the speakers become bad, and you cannot hear sound from them.

Moreover, every speaker has a separate fuse to prevent it from overloading. The blown-out fuse of the left side speakers causes malfunctioning.

A faulty head unit and an issue with the amplifier make them faulty. It is boring to travel without sound, and people cannot enjoy it well because of low sound frequency.

Accumulating dust on their surface produces overheating in the system, leading to a blown-out of speakers.

You can fix this issue by ensuring speakers are not muted from the control panel. Moreover, clean them after every week using a vacuum cleaner or dryer because these can grab the dust.

It is also better to check its wiring and the connections in the circuit boards.

Broken door handles

The door handles are on the exterior surface of the doors that are used to open and close them. These can break down, making it difficult for people to open and close the doors quickly.

It takes time and effort to open them, which is also irritating for people. In addition, it can also injure your finger when you pull them from the sides.

Door handles break because these are of low quality and cannot resist damage. Furthermore, these can also come off from the door due to loose screws.

Screws are loose, which can cause them to fall off. In addition, the poor handling and pushing them hard also cause the screws to become loose.

You can fix the issue by tightening the screws with a screwdriver, and making a new hole for their installation is better.

Design flaws

The design flaws of the Opus Campers irritate the people because they can only use one thing at a time. For example, you cannot open the refrigerator door when the outside door is open.

It produces scratches on its surface when you open it accidentally. For example, you cannot open the fridge drawer if the RV door is open.

The issue also comes due to the interaction of the awning and the doors. You cannot open both of these components at the same time due to their poor installation.

You cannot open the doors when the awnings are open and have to close them to enter the campers.

These are major design flaws, and you cannot fix them because you have to spend maximum money for their correct installation.

You can minimize the problem by using these interacting components carefully.

Faulty latches of cabinets

The cabinet latches become faulty, and you cannot lose them properly after adding cloth, shoes, and other things.

These can fall on the floor because of poor latching, creating a mess in the campers. In addition, latches become faulty when you open and close the cabinets too often.

It can reduce their adhesiveness with the attaching plates and cannot fix there correctly. In addition, the presence of dust and grease on their surface makes their latching improper.

You can fix it by removing the grease and dust from their surface. Avoid handling the cabinets too hard because it can also cause the latches to sag.

Dust accumulates in the inner side of the cabinets, and dust mites and bugs come there.

Problem with the water pump

The water pump is present in RVs to supply water from tanks to the faucets. These become faulty, and you cannot receive water when you turn on the faucets.

The water pump cannot work due to the tanks’ low water level. In addition, these are operated by motors that are failed due to wear and tear in their components.

The issue with the wiring and fuse of the motor inhibits its functioning. The wires and can broke, and their fuses also blow out due to electrical problems.

You can hear the noise from the faulty motor and when it is overheated. You can fix the issue in the Opus Camper by changing the water pumps if they are too old.

Inspect the motor and wiring of these pumps to identify the problems.

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