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Do Airstreams Have Slide Outs?

Do Airstreams Have Slide Outs?

Airstream is an American manufacturer of slide-out RVs with an extended floor plan and is famous as the best seller of comprehensive designs with improved built-in qualities. 

Nowadays, airstream RVs are available without a slide-out wall because the company found this design more economical. However, they maintained their classic look, luxurious interior, and high-quality chassis.

Do Airstreams Have Slide Outs? New models of Airstream RVs do not have slide-outs because they stopped making this in 2010 due to economic pressure, expensive manufacturing per unit, and demand for traditional design. In addition, this is due to leakage of seals, hydraulic control failure, and excessive material requirement. Furthermore, unavailability of repairing parts and moisture accumulation between gaps are primary causes to discontinue slide-out Airstreams.

The company business was a loss due to low annual sales. As a result, the manufacturers decreased the RVs. But, the purchase of manufacturing material generated several problems.

In addition, people faced storage problems because airstreams with slides required a garage with the appropriate width and maximum weight handling capacity.

What does an airstream with a slide-out mean?

A variety of airstreams RVs comprise retractable, extended rooms for a spacious interior and accommodation of maximum people.

It is a moveable part with hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical control with quick extension and retraction.

However, it increases the internal area and gets power from the vehicle’s battery. The cut-out section improves living space but adds weight with more furniture.

Moreover, it can accommodate around 4 to 5 people; comprise an awning, excellent storage, and an entry step.

In which year did the manufacturer stop airstreams with slide-outs?

The company launched its first airstream slide-out RV in 1998 with exceptional interior features and maximum living area. A Safari and classic Limited Slide-out travel trailer are famous examples of such designs.

They continued the manufacturing process and launched hundreds of RVs from 2001 to 2008. In 2020, they stopped these travel trailers with moveable sidewalls.

But, a 2020 Airstream with a slide-out exists but seems like a touring coach and resembles the class B motorhomes.

Why did the manufacturing company stop the airstream trailer with slides out?

The airstreams have a classic, traditional, and outstanding reputation in the vehicle industry. But, the manufacturing company preferred economic control over design and other specifications.

As a result, the company occupies a multi-year experience of slide-out RVs. However, it stopped making such vehicles due to the following reasons.

Increased cost per trailer

In the past, the airstreams with slide-outs were tested and investigated by automobile experts. But, the addition of such flexible components made them expensive.

According to a survey, the company made 8 to 9 RVs a year which affected the economy of the manufacturing company.

In addition, the spacious bedrooms, heavy furniture, and extra living space increased the cost per unit.

The low selling rate indicated a graph of low average income every year. Moreover, it has an aluminum surface without any metal mixing, and these metals are expensive.

The handling and control of misaligned parts added to the cost of machinery and supporting tools.

Everything contributed to the entire cost of one unit. It restricted the American manufacturers, and they stopped such designs.

Demand for traditional design

Airstream RVs have been equipped and designed for adventurous journeys and long-distance camping conditions. Also, people liked their classic craftsmanship, long-lasting performance, and manual control.

On the American highway, the RV proved an innovative and traditional idea. But, the addition of slide-outs made them undesirable for many Trailer users.

They find it heavier than a basic design which leads to control failure. The demand for traditional layouts increased more than the advanced models.

As a result, the manufacturers focused on customer requirements. As a result, it declined the automobile industry’s innovative new designs and fundamental models.

Seal wearing and leakage

The primary cause to stop these models is the seal leakage problem. The sliding walls comprise seals that support them with stability and firmness.

But, old age seals damages with time and lose their appropriate performance. Also, they lose their functionality while losing protection.

The UV effect and rain exposure make them lose while producing a gap between sealing material.

It resulted in several accidents due to sudden damage of seals and abrupt movement of slide-out at high speeds. People avoided these models due to frequent rumors and terrifying news.

Hydraulic control failure

The slide-outs have their space benefits but are prone to several mechanical problems. It occupies the hydraulic and electric control mechanisms for the movements of retractable parts.

However, the electric system works on the electric power of the RV battery. Also, it correlates with the gear system.

Collectively, the workload increases, and the system malfunction in the airstream RV. It stops the extension of the sliding section and requires immediate repairing that is not possible in emergencies.

Moreover, the hydraulic system is durable and provides high-quality performance. But, a pump works for the adequate activity of the hydraulic arm.

They have internal fluids that require management and control. Low fluid levels and broken valves lead to malfunctioning pumps and destroy the hydraulic levers.

Such sudden mechanical faults compelled the manufacturers to avoid slide-out models in airstream trailers because it affects the company business.

Excessive material requirement

Airstream RVs have aerodynamic aluminum external walls and a stable interior. However, the slide-outs require more aluminum with extra sealing materials.

It turns them into heavy setups with extra facilities. It raised their total manufacturing cost on every RV. As a result, the makers faced financial crises and planned to disown the company.

But, on the suggestion, they kept making the standard designs with the limited aluminum purchase and utilization. 

But, they removed the controllable parts of the trailers and maintained the economy.

Unavailability of repairing parts

The excessive use and damage of different components lead to several repairing conditions. As a result, the owner requires extra parts relevant to the entire layout.

But, it is challenging to access the damaged items that fulfill the standards of the manufacturing company. Also, the automobile market lacks these essentials and provides misfit repair parts.

It leads to poor control and malfunctioning systems of the entire vehicle. As a result, the owners inhibited the models and secured the damage of their credibility.

Moisture accumulation over time

The gap between seals and slide-out walls allows moisture accumulation. Also, it generates a chemical reaction with the aluminum and leads to corrosion.

The continuous rusting breaks different parts of the moveable compartment, and shredding happens.

As a result, the entire setup becomes vulnerable and causes life-threatening incidents. It is one of the leading causes that restricted the manufacturing procedure. 

A chart of the difference between Airstreams with and without slide outs

Airstream with slide-outs

Airstream without slide-outs

They are a different setup with maximum comfort, livability, and extra furniture.

They have less interior space for furniture and accommodation.

The slide-out is a temporary terrace to accommodate furniture.

They are lightweight RVs with convenient driving and control conditions.

They have more spacious living areas and bedrooms with king-size beds.

The living space is less spacious that decreases the furniture size.

The retracting slide-out appeals to the views and provides an outstanding external view.

They are less expensive but provide maximum comfort and luxurious traveling.

They make camping luxurious and have a facility of an awning.

It fulfills people’s cravings for traditional and classic designs with a basic layout.

They are heavier and require driving skills for appropriate handling.

They have a shot floor plan but comprise several facilities. Also, they have rooms furnished with beds and other furniture.

They have a desirable appearance due to extended parts, and it appeals to the views with shiny curved walls.

They facilitate camping conditions but are slightly less comfortable than an RV with a slide-out.

People decorate these moveable corners with customized furniture and foldable beds.

They have an optional awning because the manufacturers keep the built-in specifications different.

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