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How Much Does a Black Series Camper Cost?

How Much Does a Black Series Camper Cost?

Black series campers’ cost varies according to the number of specifications, internal features, entire chassis, and floor plan.

However, they are expensive vehicles with extended designs and portable qualities. I have explained details about their different prices according to models and types.

How Much Does a Black Series Camper Cost? A black series camper costs you around $20000 to $49000, purchase a dominator in $14000 to $20000, and a Classic 12 in $39000 to $40000. Also, you can buy a Classic 15 in $49000 to $50000, a Patron for $34000 to $38000, and a Classic Double for $24000 to $25000. Furthermore, the average cost of HQ12, HQ14, HQ15, HQ17, HQ19, and HQ21 is around $58000 to $87000.

The manufacturing company makes and supplies black series RVs Across the USA while having a rich history. In addition, they are well-known travels with exceptional qualities.

The brand launched the first off-road black series camper in 2007. Furthermore, they manufactured different variants with a diversity of features and specifications.

What Are Black Series Campers?

In rugged and outdoor areas, the black series is a luxurious camper. Also, it has a pop-up design that appeals to many RV users.

It facilitates camping with authorized testing procedures and provides warranty policies.

The company offers a floor plan with separate bedrooms and furniture. The drainage and outdoor portable bathroom sections make it a luxurious experience.

They have different classes with variable models and styles. However, the black and white color scheme remains similar throughout the manufacturing procedure.

What are the different types of black series campers and their cost?

It has five different classes with off-road properties and high-quality internal specifications. Each has a variable price range with fluctuation of facilities. 

The average cost of a black series pop-up camper is around 39000 to $51000. The maximum price range can lead up to $51600.

However, it has a minimum average cost range of around $14000 to $39000.


It is a 13 feet lengthy camper with a portable lounge and a queen-size bedroom. It has alloy wheels with a high-quality brake system and an excellent structure.

It has an advanced battery-empowered light system. The water storage tanks, waste material containers, and drain pipes make it a home-like setup.

The camping facilities are exceptional, and an awning is an essential component. On average, it may cost you around $14000 to $20000.

Classic 12

It is a classic design with a separate kitchen and toilet. The shower facility makes it a luxurious setup. On average, you can purchase it for around $39000 to $40000. 

However, extraordinary features increased the total cost, and you can buy it for around $42000. It can settle a family of two adults and one child with comfortable camping conditions.

The premium leather, aluminum coating, and wet bath are additional luxuries that increase the cost. 

You can purchase a pop-up camper at a minimum of around $ 39000 to $39800. But, the setup lacks facilities like furnished kitchens and wet baths.

Classic 15

It is a hybrid camper but provides high-quality off-road performance. It includes a luxurious kitchen, a toilet, and a drainage system.

It can accommodate 3 to 4 adults with one kid. However, it is a costly setup and may cost you around $49000 to $50000. 

However, an entertainment system, air conditioner, and shower compartments increase the total cost. You can get one unit for around $51000 to $51600.


It is an 18 feet long off-road-style camper that can accommodate a family of three people. It is a vehicle with facilities for cooking, camping, water storage, and wastewater removal. 

The average cost of these Black Series travel trailers is around $34000 to $38000. These are one of the economic off-road vehicles with more than 40 to 50 different facilities. 

The manufacturers offer customization offers and add different features for a few thousand dollars.

Classic double

A black series classic double costs you around $24000 to $25000. However, it has fewer facilities inside the cabin compartment. 

It has an outdoor kitchen, a tent, and a covering. The toilets and shower compartments are portable. They are cheaper than other classes of similar layouts.

Black Series Travel Trailers with cost, size, weight, accommodation space

Variants of Black series travel trailer


Size (in feet)



Accommodation space

HQ 12

$58000 to $62000

20 x 8 x 9

6900 pounds

4 people

HQ 14

$64000 to $65000

20 x 7.9 x 8.4

4900 pounds

3 people

HQ 15

$70000 to $73400

24 x 11 x 8

7200 pounds

3 people

HQ 17

$70000 to $72000

25 x 11.3 x 8

6000 pounds

5 people

HQ 19

$85000 to $87000

27 x 11 x 9

6600 pounds

3 people

HQ 21

$76000 to $ 81000

29 x 8 x 11

6700 pounds

4 people

What are the factors that affect the cost of black series campers?

It is an expensive vehicle, but several factors enhance the total cost.

The manufacturers build them on specific standards, a particular layout, and high-quality specifications. 

Extraordinary design

It has an exceptional layout with a pop-out structure and aluminum panels. The roof comprises a complex covering of material that protects moisture penetration. 

They have foam insulations over the walls for maximum protection.

The windows have shades, coverings, and fly screens for better vision and ventilation. They have an erectable tent that can move forward within seconds.

They provide the best camping conditions, luxurious traveling, and stable accommodation. However, they are lightweight vehicles with high-quality chassis.

They have the best distribution of weight over shocks that keep them durable. The entire layout is stable and long-lasting. It makes these campers more expensive than other setups.

Maximum interior features

Black Series RVs have several features in the cabin compartment for better accommodation of travelers. The availability of king-size beds with comfortable mattresses makes it a luxurious setup.

The presence of a refrigerator keeps the food safe for a period. It allows camping and traveling conditions without any disturbance.

Separate living and sleeping rooms appeal to the users. A few compartments comprise queen size bedrooms with different furniture items.

Also, it has electric power sources through the battery of the camper. But, additional solar panels fulfill the requirement of electric energy.

Warranty policies

The manufacturing company offers warranty policies while selling these campers. The confirmations and guarantees make them costly.

The sellers offer a 5 to 6-year warranty for an off-road black series pop-up camper. Also, they have easy towing with any vehicle due to their design and control policies.

Also, they negotiate prices according to customer budget. You can get such benefits through documentation and other authentic procedures.

Comfortable long-distance traveling

They have smooth wheels with an elaborated floor plan. Each section has different furniture according to the user requirements.

They are off-road campers that facilitate long-distance traveling without any problems. 

Also, they have minimum technical problems due to the high-quality engine and internal machinery. The moveable awning and camping tent are extra facilities but make them costly setups.

Insulated walls

Black Series travel trailers have built-in insulated walls that prevent the hazardous effect of winter weather. Also, they protect from rain and moisture by repelling their impact.

They keep the internal temperature moderate and comfort the travelers. The insulation requires dual layering of aluminum with steel and requires a lot of material.

It makes the manufacturing process costly for one unit. The company provides more weather protection than other campers.

High-quality chassis

Black Series RVs have a supporting and rigid frame that hides the surrounding walls and other components. They have an independent suspension system that includes spring coils and shock absorbers. 

The built-in specifications include two spare tires for replacement. The brake system has convenient handling, and mechanical brakes comprise chains.

The wheels have a high-quality performance in off-road traveling conditions.

Separate toilets & bathrooms

The portable bathrooms make them appealing for a small family. They are usually outdoor toilets and are available for every traveler.

The presence of a bathtub and shower section makes it fancy and desirable. However, adjusting these facilities in a pop-up camper requires extra investment.

The manufacturer must spend a fortune on these designs for maximum comfort.

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