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How Much Does a Ford Expedition Weigh?

How Much Does a Ford Expedition Weigh?

Ford Expedition is a lightweight SUV because steel is replaced by aluminum and magnesium in the latest models. 

How Much Does a Ford Expedition Weigh? Ford Expedition weighs between 4800 pounds to 5805 pounds with a maximum of 209×79×78 inches in size. Its weight decreases in the latest models due to changes in its shape and trim levels. The average weight of the Ford Expedition is 2.75 tons with a 360 horsepower engine. 

The weight depends on the quality of the material in the vehicle. Therefore, if suitable material is used in it, then you drive the vehicle comfortably. Its new model has new base trim and contains more optional features.

26 Examples of Ford Expedition with their weight in pounds, kilograms, and tons

 Models Weight in Pounds Weight in Kg Weight in tons Size in Inches Engine power
1997 Ford Expedition 2260 pounds 1025 kg 1.1 tons 204 × 78 × 74 inches 217 hp
1998 Ford Expedition 2545 pounds 1154 kg 1.2 tons 204 × 77 × 74 inches 218 hp
1999 Ford Expedition 2237 pounds 1014 kg 1.1 tons 205 × 78 × 76 inches 245 hp
2000 Ford Expedition 4809 pounds 2181 kg 2.4 tons 204 × 78 × 74 inches 218 hp
2001 Ford Expedition 4889 pounds 2217 kg 2.4 tons 204 × 79 × 74 inches 215 hp
2002 Ford Expedition 5466 pounds 2479 kg 2.7 tons 205 × 79 × 76 inches 230 hp
2003 Ford Expedition 5264 pounds 2387 kg 2.6 tons 205 × 79 × 77 inches 233 hp
2004 Ford Expedition 5216 pounds 2365 kg 2.6 tons 205 × 78 × 77 inches 298 hp
2005 Ford Expedition 5604 pounds 2541 kg 2.8 tons 205 × 79 × 76 inches 303 hp
2006 Ford Expedition 5603 pounds 2541 kg 2.8 tons 206 × 79 × 77 inches 304 hp
2007 Ford Expedition 5800 pounds 2630 kg 2.8 tons 206 × 79 × 77 inches 305 hp
2008 Ford Expedition 5802 pounds 2631 kg 2.9 tons 205 × 78 × 76 inches 306 hp
2009 Ford Expedition 5800 pounds 2630 kg 2.9 tons 205 × 78 × 76 inches 312 hp
2010 Ford Expedition 5567 pounds 2525 kg 2.7 tons 206 × 79 × 77 inches 313 hp
2011 Ford Expedition 5513 pounds 2500 kg 2.7 tons 207 × 79 × 77 inches 315 hp
2012 Ford Expedition 5779 pounds 2621 kg 2.8 tons 207 × 79 × 77 inches 312 hp
2013 Ford Expedition 5783 pounds 2623 kg 2.8 tons 207 × 79 × 77 inches 314 hp
2014 Ford Expedition 5547 pounds 2516 kg 2.7 tons 207 × 79 × 77 inches 314 hp
2015 Ford Expedition 5843 pounds 2650 kg 2.9 tons 206 × 79 × 77 inches 363 hp
2016 Ford Expedition 5844 pounds 2650 kg 2.9 tons 206 × 79 × 77 inches 366 hp
2017 Ford Expedition 5560 pounds 2521 kg 2.7 tons 206 × 79 × 77 inches 367 hp
2018 Ford Expedition 5440 pounds 2467 kg 2.7 tons 209 × 80 × 77 inches 373 hp
2019 Ford Expedition 5440 pounds 2467 kg 2.7 tons 210 × 80 × 77 inches 377 hp
2020 Ford Expedition 5365 pounds 2433 kg 2.6 tons 210 × 80 × 77 inches 377 hp
2021 Ford Expedition 5366 pounds 2433 kg 2.6 tons 211 × 80 × 77 inches  378 hp
2022 Ford Expedition 5410 pounds  2453 kg 2.70 tons 213 x 82 x 76 380 hp

Its Maximum Weight

Their maximum weight comes in the models of the years 2007, 2008, 2015, and 2016. It has two turbocharged V-6 engines, and its horsepower is 360 to 380 depending on the trim level.

The 2020 model is lighter and offers a good driving experience with maximum space. 

Different trims levels are in the Ford Expedition; therefore, its mass changes with time. 

These old model has excessive load because aluminum trims use in them. The latest model of this vehicle is lighter and has a load of about 250 pounds. It makes them stiffer than the old models, and you can feel comfortable during driving.

It also protects it from accidents, and only a few scratches form on it. It has 19 inches aluminum wheel that makes them heavier. 

This vehicle is also larger than all the others; that’s why it requires a heavy wheel. These wheels also protect the Ford during traveling in the hilly areas.

The SUV contains high-strength material, which prevents them from bending during accidents. In addition, it protects your engine from damage and prevents the bumper from scratches. 

The heavier vehicle is safe if you want to drive at high speed. It also looks fabulous that gives rich status to the passenger and driver. 

In 2003 models, there was an ignition problem in the Ford, and the key was not turning well. In addition, the grinding noise produces after 6000 to 8000 miles due to its load in the 2016 model. 

In the 1997 model, the Ford Expedition has lighter than all the models. However, its load in the next model is increased by 200 pounds. 

The 2016 model is heavier than all the models, and its horsepower also increases from the old model. However, the 2017 and 2018 models are also the same as the 2014 models.

But people demand lighter SUVs; therefore, the company works on the weight of the SUVs. After this, the load of the vehicle decreases in the latest model. 

The 2021 model is 200 pounds lighter than the 2017 model, but its horsepower is very high than all the models. 

What year Ford Expedition has the minimum weight?

The latest model that comes from 2018 to 2021 has a minimum Weight. However, many people demand lighter vehicles; therefore, the 2021 model has to be lighter. 

If a company make heavy vehicle, then it disturbs the market and also decreases their fame. However, the production of lighter vehicles is now on-demand; therefore, all competitive companies make lighter SUVs. 

The platinum trim in this Ford SUV is best than all trims. Its model started in 1997, and it is lighter than all the models.

The new model of the Ford is lighter that attracts the customer. The new model also has a stylish design; therefore, many people buy them. 

Its box-like shape gives them a modern look. Now company gives them a sporty look with a stylish shape. Therefore, new models look more beautiful and different from the old models. 

The company uses aluminum and magnesium instead of steel; therefore, its weight is decreases instead of increases.

If a vehicle has less load, it requires low energy to move, increasing its fuel efficiency. In addition, aluminum is lighter than steel; therefore, engineers use aluminum. 

The latest model of Ford uses more advanced material than steel and aluminum. In addition, some carbon fibers and various plastic-type materials use to increase the efficiency of the SUV.

It increases the stability of the vehicle during driving and prevents shaking. The company reduces the mass of the latest model and decreases the load on brakes. 

What is the Towing Capacity of the Ford Expedition?

The towing capacity of the Ford is about 9500 to 10000 pounds. Your engine choice determines the towing capacity that how much load you can pull with them. 

The things that Ford can tow are

  • Heavy-duty truck
  • Light-duty truck
  • Rabbit truck
  • Super duty truck
  • Small boats
  • Luggage
  • Half-ton truck
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Rear-wheel drive

The half tons mean a payload in which the suspension system and material of the box are present. If the engine produces more power, then the SUV can bear more weight.

The horsepower and the torque play an essential role in the towing capacity.

You can easily haul the camper on your Ford Expedition when planning a trip with your family members. However, do not use too many trailers because they can damage the sides of your vehicle.

Therefore you can use a small camper that has a living room and bedroom. Do not put heavy furniture in it; otherwise, it damages your vehicle. 

You can use floor bedding and floor mats that decrease the furniture requirements because these are less heavy, and you can easily tow them. You can also attach lighter boats and enjoy your trip. Do not tow heavy boats; otherwise, it causes an accident.

Average Size of Ford Expedition SUV

The 2011 and 2013 have the same length, width, and height. These Ford Expedition models launch in the early year; therefore, their size is the same. 

The old model of Ford that is 2000 has a small size than all others, and its horsepower is also low than the latest models. After this, the 2004 model is small while 2005 is large. 

The early models from 1997 to 1999 have the same size and no more difference between them. 

The 2007 model is large than the old model’s but its horsepower is the same. In the 2017 model, the company again decreases its size like the old model.

After this, the 2016 model is large than all the latest and old models. The horsepower of this model also increases here. 

People demand smart and slim fort; therefore, the company decreases its size. While the latest model of 2021 has a small size than all the models, and its horsepower is very high.

Its Curb weight and Gross weight

The curb weight of the vehicle is without any passengers and luggage in it. The gross weight is the load of the SUV with passengers and luggage in it. The Gross weight of the Ford is about 19000 to 20000 pounds.

Take the Ford to the weighing station before filling the passenger and luggage in it. The maximum curb weight ranges from 4800 to 5805 pounds.

If you attach a boat and camper to the SUV, then you should keep their total load lower than the payload. But, on the other hand, do not put too much load on them; otherwise, it damages the suspension coil of the vehicle. 

The overloading damages your Ford Expedition, and it causes bouncing. Its brakes cannot work efficiently, and it destroys the vehicle. A heavy fine is imposed on you if you overload your SUV above its limit. You cannot handle it in this condition, and your steering wheel is out of work. 

The overloading also increases the resistance between the vehicle and the tiers. It damages the tire surface and decreases its life. Do not drive with these imbalance tiers because it causes an accident.

 Your ride can also move at one side of the vehicle and cause many accidents. The engine requires more power due to overloading, and you cannot be able to drive. 

It decreases the life of the vehicle and affects engine efficiency. Therefore, to increase the efficiency of the engine, do not put more loads on them.

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