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How to Open Honda Civic Hood from Outside?

How to Open Honda Civic Hood from Outside?

It is challenging to open the hood of your car from the outside. This issue is caused when the honda civic inner handle is not working correctly, or the rusty latches get stuck. 

How to Open Honda Civic Hood from Outside? You can open the Honda Civic hood from the outside by pulling the latch lever from under the hood or behind the front grill by pushing it in the right direction. In addition, you can release the cable by accessing it from under the car after removing the skid plates. Furthermore, you can also push the bonnet down and guide your friend to pull the releasing cable simultaneously to lift it upwards. 

You have to open the hood if you want to fill the oil compartment, so devise some strategies to open it quickly when the releasing handle is not working.

Look at the locking system and figure out the exact problem interfering with the releasing mechanism.

How do you open the Honda Civic hood from the outside?

There are three ways to open your vehicle’s hood that is stuck. First, you can open it by pressing the lever down present inside the car.

However, some other techniques can help you when the lever is not working.

Pull the hood latch lever

One of the easiest methods is to open the bonnet of your honda civic from the front side of the vehicle. Then, park your car, turn off the engine, and get out of it.

Then, come to the front side, put your hand in the center area and find a latch lever. After locating a lever, you have to pull it in the left direction.

Furthermore, there is one other method to open it from the front side. Sit down on your legs and locate the lever by looking through the grill.

You can see it easily behind the logo of the Honda Civic. First, use a screwdriver to access the cable. Then, push the lever towards the right side by applying some force.

When it dislocates from its original position, you can see that the hood pops up quickly. So, you can pull the latch lever from outside so that it gets open.

You have to remove the latch after unscrewing the bolts so that it can open completely. Then, change the latch with another if you find it is creating the problem.

Release the hood cable

You can use the cable for opening the hood because it connects to the lever and the latch. Lie down under the vehicle and release it by pushing.

Remove skid plates

You can also access the cable underneath the car. Finally, remove the skid plate, a metal shield to protect the vehicle from touching the road surface.

It is essential to remove these plates to reach the cable easily. Therefore, take off these plates after unscrewing them.

Access the cable 

You can see the hood releasing wire after removing the skid plates, which are fixed between the small hooks of the clutch-like material.

Pull the hood cable 

Use your hands or a steel rod to take that wire out of the hooks of the metallic piece. When you take them out, the hood gets open immediately.

Furthermore, it connects directly to the bonnet, which opens up after releasing the relevant cable from under the car.

Push and pull method

This method requires two persons, where one person closes it by applying reasonable force.

Next, look at the latch location because you have to apply force on that point particularly. Then, push this cover down and hold it in the same position for some time.

After that, ask your friend to pull the release cable and hold it tightly. Next, push it down again and then lift it upward.

You have to do the same practice many times till it gets open. Then, it releases the pressure on the latch, and you can easily open it.

Why would you open the Honda Civic hood from the outside? 

Many people use the hood releasing button badly that it gets damaged, so they have to open it. Moreover, the latches can get stuck due to rust accumulation on the surface.

Non-functional lever

You have to open the car from the outside when the button present inside the car is not functional.

Moreover, it may get loose when it is continuous use, or mishandling can also result in quick wearing.

So, you have to devise other strategies to release the bonnet from outside the car. When the lever cannot send the command through wires, you have to remove it by other means.

Hood latch stuck

When it is stuck in a locking position, filling oil and refilling the wiper fluid is impossible. Moreover, you cannot jump-start the battery present under this cover.

In addition, a stuck latch is a lock that seals the hood and connects it firmly to the car. Therefore, it becomes difficult to lift it by pressing the lever or pulling the cable wire.

It is better to lubricate the latch using a liquid wrench that lubricates all the rusty nuts and bolts.

Accordingly, it can efficiently dissolve the rust on the screws after penetrating the layer of grease and grime. In addition, you can replace the rusty latch with a new one.

Cable rusting and kinking 

Rusting of the latch and connecting wires can interfere with the release of the hood of your honda civic. Moreover, you can see some kinks or twists in the cable after raising the front cover.

A rusty wire is not efficient in picking up the power and responding to the command. You can replace these rusty latches and cables with the new ones to ensure smooth raising.

Broken cable

There are many chances of problems with the releasing cable, like it can get break quickly due to sparks. It breaks immediately when it stretches beyond its limit and pulls itself out of the releasing mechanism.

Moreover, it can also get seized and becomes stiff and cannot help in releasing the hood. So, you can reinstall the cable or change it with another one.

Misalignment of the latch

After accidents, the misalignment of latches is a common problem that hinders the smooth opening and closing mechanism. It occurs when the bolts holding the latch on the surface tightly get loose.

Therefore, it is better to adjust the latch and align it properly after opening. You can quickly figure out the misalignment by keeping it close to the hood and looking at the difference in position.

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