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What Year G-Wagon Parts Are Interchangeable?

What Year G-Wagon Parts Are Interchangeable?

The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is an off-road vehicle available in multiple variants since 1979. Over the years, it has undergone numerous updates and body style changes. Therefore, it has several variants available. Despite some changes and upgrades, many parts are interchangeable between different model years. It also has military versions in use in several countries.

What Year G-Wagon Parts Are Interchangeable? You can interchange G-Wagon body parts for 1979-1991, 1992-2000, 2001-2018, and 2019-onwards models with minor differences. 2000-2007 variants having the 4.0-liter V8 diesel engines with a turbocharger have compatible 5-speed transmission parts. You can swap its exhaust parts for 2009-2018 and 2019-onwards models.

We will cover a variety of components, including its exterior, interior, engine, transmission, and brake parts. We will also discuss the compatibility between civilian and military variants of the G-Wagon.

What year did Mercedes change the G-Wagon body style?

Mercedes-Benz introduced the G-Wagon, also known as the G-Class, in 1979. It was available in 3 body styles, including 2-door convertible, two-door wagon, and 4-door wagon. The original body style, with its iconic and rugged design, remained largely unchanged for several decades.

However, the manufacturer introduced different variants and special editions according to the specific requirements of customers.

In 1991, the G-Wagon underwent its 1st major design change, introducing luxury features like leather seats, burl wood trim, and ABS in civilian models.

In 2016, the G65, with a powerful V12 engine and leather interior, was available in the US market to ensure extreme power and luxury.

In 2019, Mercedes-Benz introduced a redesigned G-Wagon with a new body style. It marked a notable departure from the classic design consistent for nearly 40 years.

The 2018 version featured updated exterior elements while retaining its distinctive and iconic appearance.

The redesign brought improvements in terms of comfort, technology, and performance while maintaining its legendary off-road capabilities.

G-Wagon Interchangeable Parts

Since the production of the G-Wagon in 1979, the first major update in its body style occurred in 1991 and 2019 by the manufacturer.

Therefore, most of their parts are interchangeable between the models before and after 1991 and 2018. It also depends on the generation and year of the off-road vehicle.

Exterior parts

Interchangeability of body parts like fenders, grille, hood, and bumpers can vary for different years because of cosmetic changes or updates introduced by the manufacturer. You can replace fenders for 1979-1991 and 2001-2018 variants.

1992-2000 and 2019-onwards variants have compatible designs with different side mirrors and side camera mounting points, respectively.

Other body parts, including the grille and hood, are swappable for 1979-1991, 1992-2000, 2001-2018, and 2019- present variants with minor modifications like emblem design changes in some model years.

Bumper compatibility can vary slightly according to headlight design and mounting points. However, they are the same for models within a generation like 2001-2018. 

Interior parts

Seats and trim panels remain the same for all G-Wagon models in a generation, and you don’t have to do any modification work. However, there will be changes in models or special editions by Mercedes Benz.

1979-1992 W460 variants have interchangeable seats. Later variants have the same mounting points with changes in safety features like seat belts and airbags that need modification in wiring and programming.

Furthermore, 1992-2018 models have compatible trim panels and dashboards with some changes in the positions of window switches and radio.

AMG models of G-Class Wagon have different interior designs, and their parts compatibility varies accordingly. G55 AMG models have instrument clusters compatible with 2002-2006 and 2007-2011 variants.

Transmission parts

Its models having the same engine and transmission types have compatible transmission parts. Variants from 2000-2007 having a 4.0-liter V8 diesel engine with turbochargers have a 5-speed transmission, and you can swap parts between them.

G63 models from 2013-2015 have a 5.5-liter V8 engine with a twin turbocharger and 7-speed 7G-Tronic automatic transmission system, and their parts are swappable.

2nd generation variants W463A from 2019-onwards have 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engines compatible with 9-speed automatic transmission 9G-Tronic.

There are also a few variants with diesel engines and different compatible transmissions available. Therefore, you have to choose according to the specific variant of the SUV available to you.

Engine parts

Engine components are compatible for G-Wagon models of the same engine specifications as multiple variants for the same year are available. M113 V8 engines have multiple variants from 2004-2012 model G55 AMG and G500 and G550 from 1998-2008 variants.

You can swap parts between them having compatible specifications. There can be variations in electronics or transmission systems for the same engine types between different years.

1979-2000 models have 2.5-liter turbocharged V8 diesel and 5-liter V8 gasoline engines and have most of their parts compatible.

4.0-liter V8 gasoline engines from 2019-present models with a dual turbocharger also have interchangeable parts between the same years.


Most G-Wagons have the same headlight mounting points and wiring configuration. However, there are updates introduced by Mercedes-Benz regarding the styling, their orientation, and also updated features like daylight running lamps (DRL).

LED headlights from W464 models are compatible with 2009-2018 W463 models of G-Class and have similar specifications.

2007-2011 variants have HID headlamps, while 2012 -onwards have LED headlights as part of some upgrade packages and DRLs.

Special Editions during different occasions also have updated LED headlamps as compared to HID in some earlier models.   


There are no significant design or size changes in the windshields in different generations.

Its glass panel is interchangeable across W460 models from 1979-1997, including all variants, and W463 from 1990-2000 without any changes.

Later variants from 2001-2018 also have compatible windshield parts. Revised W463A G-Wagon models (G550) from 2019-present also have compatible windshields as they share features like heated screens and physical dimensions.

Suspension system

Mercedes G-Wagon G63 AMG models from 2012-2022 have compatible front suspension coil springs. Earlier versions from 1979-1985 and 1986-2000, W460 and W461, also have interchangeable front and rear shock absorbers.

W463 models in its 2nd generation have an independent front suspension system available, and you can swap their parts in 2019-present models.

Suspension parts also have linkages with the steering, and you should check their compatibility with the suspension parts you are going to swap.


G63 AMG variants from 2019 onward have updated brake calipers and discs having larger dimensions than earlier models, and you can swap these parts between these new generation variants.

The same is the case for G500/G550 G-Wagons from 2019-present. Earlier variants from 1979-1989, 1990-2000, and 2001-2018 have their brake parts, including calipers, rotors, pads, and other fittings that are compatible.

Exhaust parts

The interchangeability of its exhaust parts can vary according to the specific model, engine type, and generation.

Moreover, emission standards from the EPA also force it to have specific types of catalytic converters and other sensors to fulfill regulatory requirements.

G63 AMG, G500, and G550 models from 2019 have both left and right-side exhaust mufflers with stainless steel construction and other sensors compatible with the same engine options. 2009-2018 models G63, G500 and G550 have compatible exhaust system parts.

For example, if your vehicle has a V8 engine, you can look for exhaust parts from other V8-equipped variants of the same generation.


You can swap wheels between models with similar dimensions, bolt patterns, and offsets. All G-Wagons except AMG from 2019-present have the same bolt pattern of 5x130mm and offset.

Therefore, you can swap wheels and other relevant parts between them, while AMG models have larger offsets and brakes. Consequently, you need modifications to make them work.

Moreover, there can be slight changes in different variants of the SUV within the same generation. However, you can swap them between 1979-1991, 1992-2008, 2009-2012, 2013-2015 and 2016-2018 variants.

What parts are interchangeable between civilian and military G-Wagon models?

While civilian and military G-Wagon models share common chassis and core drivetrain components, they have limited interchangeability because of significant differences in their intended applications.

You can swap some parts, such as engines and transmissions, after some modifications between the same years. However, replacing body parts between both variants is rare due to the substantial differences in their design and dimensions.

Military G-Wagons are purpose-built, featuring unique body styles to accommodate specialized equipment and needs.

The same is true for interior parts, as military versions are typically modified and equipped for military use, making them completely different.

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