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Does Tesla Model 3 Have Heads-Up Display?

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Heads-Up Display?

The heads-up display is a luxurious feature present in modern automobiles. The Tesla HUD is the most commonly used accessory with an HD display and a lens to project the image.

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Heads-Up Display? Tesla Model 3 does not have a built-in heads-up display system. Instead, the company provides HUD accessories to its customers. You can install it in your Model 3 that is launched after the year 2018. Add this accessory by connecting its wires and attaching the screen to the dashboard to see the image on the anti-glare screen.

The feature is safe because it contains built-in blue color filters. The blue color filters reduce the brightness and lighten their original color. As a result, the color is not harmful to your eyes because of its less reflection, and you cannot feel tired.

Is there a heads-up display in the Tesla Model 3?

This type of display system is present in luxurious cars for the ease of the drivers.

It contains a projector unit that shows the different features of your windscreen. In addition, the projector shows colored images of different features to increase their visibility.

In addition, it also adjusts the brightness of the windshield according to the light from the outside.

Tesla Model 3 has the space for installing a head-up unit display.

The company provides various accessories when you purchase these vehicles.

Most people are interested in this and purchase the integrated HUD. It comes up with a projector showing the image on the front mirror.

The kit is compatible with a few models of tesla vehicles, and you cannot use it for all cars. However, you can install them in Model 3 and Y.

There are specific years of these models that provide the site of installation. You can adjust them in the models that come in between the years 2018 to 2021.

What features can you see on the heads-up display of the Tesla Model 3?

You can see the various features when you equip the integrated head-up display unit in the dashboard unit of Tesla cars.

It is helpful to show all the features on a single screen, and you do not have to focus on different sides while driving your Model 3.

It can show the different features on your windshield screen at your visibility level. In addition, it shows real-time information on your front mirror.

You can see the real-time speed of the car on your windscreen. It also shows the speed range and blinker status on your eye level.

Moreover, you can also see several warning notifications and signs on the screen. It alerts the driver by showing the warning sign.

You can see the message on the screen when something blocks your passage during driving.

The glare screen also displays the opening or closing of the door, tire pressure, temperature, the position of gears, driving distance, the status of high or low beam light, and turning lights.

What are the benefits of adding a head-up display in the Tesla Model 3?

These screens are beneficial and provide a comfortable view that is less tiring for your eyes. In addition, it is equipped with the latest technologies to reduce the flickering and blinking issues of the display.

You can connect your mobile phone to the computerized system and see the notification of the messages and calls on the screen.

It reduces distraction during driving because you can see all the things simultaneously. You do not have to see mobile phones frequently after getting notifications.

You can monitor the driving speed on the glass screen and enjoy the broad view. In addition, you can also use a navigation system on it to get a better view of the map.

It reduces the risk of accidents because of the perfect eye angle. So you can keep your eye on the road and the Model 3 screen for safe driving.

You can get all the vital statistics and helpful information on the screen and keep an eye on it while driving.

It is the best feature that looks gorgeous with the interior cabin of the Tesla Model 3. Moreover, it looks luxurious when you use this feature during driving at night.

The light blue light on the screen completely blends with the interior and gives an appealing appearance.

Your friends and relatives also get impressed after seeing this luxurious feature in your vehicle. You can connect it with the steering wheel control to enjoy music and make your journey memorable.

You can also adjust the volume when you connect it to the steering control. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest android operating system to see the radar information on its glass screen.

How do you install an integrated Heads-Up display in the Tesla Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 does not have a pre-installed heads-up display unit. I have added a simple and easy method for its placement, and you can complete the whole procedure in 15 to 20 minutes.

The small triangular plastic caps are present on the dashboard, and you have to remove them. Use the pry tool for their detachment from both sides.

The caps are connected to the dashboard with three little screws or attachments. Unscrew these attachments for their removal.

Careful handling during their detachment is necessary because these are plastic caps, and little mishandling can cause their breakage.

First, remove it from the upper side and then move towards the other side.

Move towards the passenger seat for the removal of covers. You can see the plastic covers on the foot side of the passenger seats.

Use the pry tools and remove these plastic attachments to find the wires. Now, you can see the wires originating from these covers.

Remove the two main plugs on the lower side of these plastic caps.

The head-up display adapter comes with the 3 plugs of different pin sizes. The plug with the largest pin size is the main plug for the power supply.

One 12-pin plug is the processor, and the other is the adapter plug. Now you have to correctly connect the wirings with the processor of your Tesla model 3.

It is necessary to correctly install the wiring harnesses after seeing the plug direction. Ensure their connections are tight and cannot get loose after some time.

Connect the wiring under the plastic panels and adjust the HUD on the dashboard. Drive some meters for a test drive, and you can see different features on the screen.

It comes up with an anti-glare screen on its front sides to reduce the reflection of light into the eyes, which irritates most drivers.

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