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Does Tesla Model 3 Have Massage Seats?

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Massage Seats?

The massage seats give a smooth and relaxed feeling, which benefits drivers who spend most of their time sitting in the Tesla car. It can keep the muscles of their back in a moving position, and they cannot feel tired during driving for several hours.

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Massage Seats? Tesla Model 3 has massage seats, but you cannot use them without installing their accessories. The air bladders are present that inflate or deflate after installation of the massage module kit. The addition of this kit makes the seats of your car comfortable, soothing, and less tiring.

The message module kit is specifically designed for the selected models of Tesla cars. For example, you can add these seat accessories to the Model 3 and Y.

What are massage seats in cars?

Massage seats are available in most luxurious cars to make the journey enjoyable and comfortable.

The small pockets are present under the seat covers in your Model 3. You are filling the air in these air pockets to give the driver and passengers a calm feeling.

The small compressors are present to fill the air in these pockets. You can feel relaxed when the compressor inflates or deflate these pockets with air.

The buttons are on the sides of the driver and passenger seats to activate and deactivate this feature.

In addition, you can also control the intensity and speed of the massage with these buttons. In most vehicles, this feature is present on the back side as well as the bottom side.

Is Tesla Model 3 equipped with massage seats?

Tesla Model 3 has a luxurious feature that increases its market demand. These are not equipped with massage seats, but the company provides the massage module kit. You can also use the lumbar support in your car.

These seats are equipped with air bladders, but you have to install their kit and wiring harnesses for their inflation and deflation.

The air bladder starts moving when you attach the kit’s wires to the center console unit. The white clip is present in this specific unit to attach the plug.

You can install this kit on the inner side of the seats to make them relaxing and comfortable. The plug is specially designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Y to make them comfortable.

The seats of these vehicles are designed so you can install this electrical plug in them. It comes up with model 3 as an additional accessory.

The air bladders in the seat controls start producing the massaging effect after placement.

How do you install a massage module in Tesla model 3?

The installation procedure of this plug is easy, and it does not take much time.

It is better to do this at your home and not hire any professional mechanic for your help. First, raise the seats with a 90-degree screwdriver to remove the bolts.

Remove the nuts present on the lower side to detach the side guard. Now you can see the connecting cables in the seat control and remove them using a screwdriver.

Attach the wiring harnesses connections at their specific location. Then, connect one side of the cable with the control and the other side with their original location.

Move towards the back side of the seats and approach the center console unit. Detaching the lower parts of the center console unit requires much force.

You can see the white clip and attach the module plug with it in your Model 3. It is necessary to check the working of this module before closing the center console unit.

Click on the round-shaped button on the side, and you can hear the beep sound. Touch the back side, and you can feel the movement of the air bladder.

Now fasten the cables using double-sided tapes or velcro. Next, reattach the center console unit and fasten the side guard of the seat using the bolts.

Fasten the screws and bolts with the screwdrivers, and enjoy your trip.

What are the benefits of massage seats in the Tesla Model 3?

People love to install this kit in their Tesla model 3 because of its several benefits. Moreover, it does not require extra labor and installation cost.

The feature is most suitable for the busiest people to make them comfortable. However, many people have busy job schedules and do not have enough time to rest.

They cannot give the rest to their back due to consecutive duty hours and family responsibilities.

You can feel back pain while sitting on the hard seats of vehicles for a longer time. Therefore, it is helpful to correct your sitting posture and enhance blood circulation.

These seats give a soothing and relaxed feeling when you sit in your car and are also better for your health.

Many people get tired after long-distance trips and feel pain in their backs. Also, sitting in the same place for several hours and focusing on the roads make you tired.

The massage seats help move your body and reduce tiredness issues. In addition, the drivers are delighted with this feature because it makes them active during driving.

Moreover, drivers also get distracted when tired and cannot focus on the front screen. The distractions and tiredness of drivers increase the risk of accidents.

The Tesla provided the module kit for installation of this feature according to your need and made your vehicle less tiring for long trips.

The addition of massage seats in Model 3 and the installation of their kit gives a luxurious touch to the interior. It is the feature that is primarily present in luxury cars to increase comfort.

The luxurious appearance also grabs the attention of your friends, and you hear positive comments from them.

Moreover, you can also impress your relatives by giving them a free ride to drop them at their homes.

Installing a massaging module kit in your Tesla cars benefits you.

It can improve blood circulation and reduces your anxiety level. As a result, you can feel calm while sitting and driving your vehicle when returning home after a hectic job.

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