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Does Tesla Model 3 Have Lumbar Support?

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Lumbar Support?

People always want comfortable and relaxed driver and passenger seats for long-distance trips so they cannot get tired. The presence of lumbar support in Tesla cars increases the comfort level of the seats because you can adjust the suitable sitting posture.

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Lumbar Support? The old Tesla Model 3 was equipped with lumbar supports to make the driver and front passenger seat comfortable. The company removed this feature because it increases the overall cost. The new Tesla models do not have this feature and have a plastic covering on the side of the seat.

You can purchase the old Tesla car model that came before the year 2021 to enjoy this feature. You can find this accessory in those models and enjoy a comfortable journey with a better driving experience.

What is lumbar support in cars?

Lumbar support is the comfortable feature that is present in most luxurious cars. It supports your back, and you do not feel tired while driving.

It is the cushion-like structure that is present on the bottom of seats for comfortable driving. You can inflate this soft form when you want to use it.

In addition, it can also correct your sitting posture, and you do not feel tired while driving your vehicle.

It is the best feature for old people because they cannot sit on hard surfaces for a long time without support.

The seats that are equipped with lumbar support are known as 12-way power adjustable. The soft cushion-like material offers a comfortable ride and reduces the stress on your back.

You do not feel pain in your back while going on long-distance trips. In addition, it is suitable for driver seats because they can adjust the sitting angle.

Adjusting the sitting angle becomes beneficial for focusing on the front screen. The drivers easily drive their cars with great interest because they are not tired and enjoy the journey.

Is there any lumbar support in the Tesla Model 3?

It was present in the old vehicles of the Tesla, including Model 3 and Y.

The news came in the year May 2021 through Twitter. In this forum, the representative confirms the ditching of this feature in specific vehicles.

The new models do not contain any buttons on the sides for their functioning. It is only covered with plastic material.

The company removed the lumbar support from the front side passenger seats. People become worried when they do not find this feature in their new cars.

It means you cannot adjust your seats forward, backward, or upward. The new model of Tesla Y also does not have this feature on the front passenger seat.

Why Tesla removed the lumbar support from the Front seats?

Many people complain about the absence of lumbar support in new models of the Tesla that comes after May 2021.

The company’s owner countered these issues and described the supply chain crises they have been facing for the last several months.

Increase manufacturing cost

These are lighter-weight cars because of the fewer accessories and the latest features. However, the raw material cost is increasing daily in the market.

The company owner cleared that they received many complaints about the increased prices of the Tesla cars.

It is necessary to resolve the customers’ price issues and satisfy them. The sale of the manufacturing industry also decreased when people stopped buying their vehicles because of the high price tag.

The company removed this feature because the raw material used for its manufacturing is costly and affects the overall manufacturing cost.

Less used feature

The company cut down the total cost of the Tesla vehicles by removing its unnecessary features. People are not taking these cars for long journeys because there are fewer charging stations on the highway.

It becomes problematic for you to recharge them when their battery ends. Most of my friends who have these electric automobiles use them for daily driving.

This is the less used feature in the daily routine. It is more useful when you are going on long-distance trips and need support after getting tired.

How do you check the Presence of lumbar support in your Tesla Model 3?

Most people get confused about the Presence of lumbar support in their Tesla Model 3. You can confirm this feature by checking its button.

The button for this system is present on the side of the seats. You can adjust the angle and sitting position while clicking on this button.

You can move the button in several directions, upward and downward, according to your comfort level.

The side button is helpful to inflate or deflate the lumbar support for a comfortable ride.

The button indicates that this feature is present in your vehicle. However, in most of the new models, the button sides of the driver seats look different.

Only two buttons are present on the side, and the third one is simply the plastic material. Therefore, it is not an operating button of the lumbar support that you can use for height and angle adjustment.

What are the things you can use instead of lumbar support?

Adding different things can make the driving and front passenger seats more comfortable. These are not the perfect option like the original lumbar support, but they give a relaxed feeling during a road trip. 

Use cushions and pillows

Many people use cushions and soft pillows to adjust their sitting posture in their Tesla Model 3. In addition, the soft cushions also provide a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

The drivers remain active and sit comfortably after placing a cushion on the bottom side of the seats. You can also use massage seats in your vehicle.

The cushions come in the market with a different type of fabric. You can purchase the soft and the hard ones according to your preferences.

Moreover, detachable accessories, like cushions, are also present in the market. Therefore, it is a suitable option for cars that are not equipped with this feature.

These cushions have straps on both ends to fasten them accurately. The cheapest idea is that you also roll the bath towels and place them on the back side to maintain the correct sitting posture.

Adjust the height of the seats

The tesla cars come with a driver profile feature to adjust the height. However, you need to make the profile according to your height and comfort level.

The system can automatically adjust the angle and height according to the saved data. You can make them comfortable by adjusting the headrests.

In addition, there are two buttons on the side of the seats in the Tesla Model 3. You can operate them to move the seats backward and forward according to your preferences.

Moreover, these side buttons are also helpful for up and down movement. The up-and-down movement is beneficial to increase the visibility of the driver and grip on the steering wheel.

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