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Ember RV Problems

Ember RV Problems

Ember RVs are of good quality and have wide interiors. They are lightweight, which makes their towing easy with better fuel economy. These are designed according to the demands of the modern travelers. However, these trailers have minor problems which are repairable under their warranty.

Ember RV problems include black floor issues, exposed nails, loose cabinets, wind-sensitive awning, warped sides of the cabinets, sagging of cabinet floors, and disconnected LP system fittings.

RVs usually have minor to major issues because of their complex construction. In addition, the risk of problems also increases because of driving on the road and varying weather conditions.

It is frustrating for people to deal with problematic situations in your trailers. It can make your traveling experience unpleasant, and you spend most of your time and effort repairing the defective parts.

Problems Solutions
Black floor issue Change the floor adhesive
Exposed nails Apply putty and paint
Loose cabinets Use good-quality screws to secure them
Wind-sensitive awning issue Replace the wind sensor battery
Warped cabinet sides Apply sealant
Sagging of cabinet floors Ensure equal weight distribution
Disconnected LP system fittings Contact dealerships

Black floor issue

Ember RV trailers have a black floor issue, which affects their interior appearance. The black floor issue came because of manufacturing defects.

My friend also owned this trailer last year because of its off-roading feature. It is a good choice for off-road trips because of its lightweight and handling.

He told me about the black floor issue and that he had spent hundreds of dollars repairing it. He complained his RV floor turned black after a few months, and he became worried because he maintained it properly.

A few months back, he came to know that it happened because of a manufacturing defect. They used the wrong type of glue to set the floor, which was not compatible with the flooring material.

They used the glue that is typically used for the wooden floor. The floor of this trailer is made up of laminate material, which requires special glue for its installation.

Wooden floor glue turned black because of the absence of pores for breathing. However, you can contact the company to resolve the issue because it comes under their warranty.

They realized this problem in 2022 and changed the floor adhesive of the affected vehicles free of cost. You can also fix it at home by removing the interior accessories and peeling off the laminate flooring.

Scrape of the wrong adhesives to add the correct adhesives for laminate floor installation.

Exposed nails

The interior appearance of the trailers matters a lot because it attracts RV users. People always select trailers that have appealing interiors and exteriors.

Ember RV’s interior is appealing, but you can see the exposed nails in different places. Exposed nails affect the surrounding parts by increasing the risk of corrosion.

Nails are made of metal, and they also corrode the surrounding parts. In addition, exposed nails also increase the risk of injury to your skin. Exposed nail issues also arise because of the negligence of the manufacturers and poor inspection before their launch.

You cannot remove the exposed nails because it can affect the structural integrity. Use the hammer to tap the exposed nails and hide them. Apply the putty on these exposed parts and leave them for drying.

Sand the surface to level it and apply a paint coat. The paint coating is helpful to hide the exposed nails and give a uniform appearance to the interior.

Loose cabinets

RVs contain wooden cabinets for storing food items, clothes, and other accessories. These cabinets become loose over time, and you cannot place anything in them.

These can also fall on the floor when you put something heavy. Wooden cabinets become loose because of the constant movement and vibrations of the trailers.

These are constantly moving, and impact from the road transfers the vibrations to the various components and affects their correct mounting.

These vibrations also cause loosening of their screws. Screws become loose because of their age, low quality, and corrosion. You can also face this problem if you frequently drive your trailer on rough and uneven roads.

It is better to upgrade the RV cabinets with high-quality hardware to reduce the issues while moving on the road. Use high-quality screws for their mounting and inspect them regularly.

Moreover, you can also reinstall them correctly to reduce their vibratory movement.

Wind-sensitive awning issue

Ember RVs have wind-sensitive awnings to reduce the risk of tearing off their fabric during stormy weather. Strong wind causes the tearing of awning fabric when you park your RV at campsites in adverse weather conditions.

Some awnings have wind sensors that allow automatic retraction after detecting the wind movement. Sometimes, these sensors stop functioning and do not retract the awning when the wind gets stronger.

These sensors also re-extend the awning when the surrounding weather becomes fine. I also faced this problem when I parked my trailer at the campsite.

I realized that the weather was going adverse with strong wind. My trailer awning was not retracting, and I closed it manually to decrease the risk of separation of their seams.

The wind sensors of my RV awning stopped working because of their low battery life. I replaced the batteries to avoid any issues in the future.

Moreover, dust and dirt accumulation on the sensors affect their sensitivity, and they cannot detect wind pressure. These are mounted on the exterior surface of the awning and are vulnerable to corrosion because of water exposure.

Several weather conditions, including high humidity and long-term sun heat exposure, affect the internal components functioning. It is better to check and replace the wind sensors with new ones.

Warped cabinet sides

One of my neighbors also used this trailer and complained about the warping of wooden cabinets. He told me it is highly challenging for him to store various accessories because of the non-functional wooden cabinets.

Wooden cabinets in RVs are prone to warping because of the varying temperatures and manufacturing defects. The issue usually comes from the use of low-quality wood for manufacturing.

It is challenging to maintain the constant temperature of the interior cabin. Sudden changes in temperature cause the expansion and contraction of wooden materials, which can lead to deformity of their structural integrity.

I also faced the same issue in my RV, so it recommended my neighbors seal the wooden cabinet with good-quality sealant. Sealant application protects the wooden cabinets against moisture. He applied the sealant coating and did not face any issues after it.

Sagging of cabinet floors

Ember RV uses low-quality wood materials for cabinet construction, and people face many issues with them. The cabinet floor becomes saggy when they place heavy accessories on it.

They are not made of good-quality, dried wood material that can withstand heavy weights. Sagging issues are also common because of unequal weight distribution on one side.

You should correctly arrange your accessories in the cabinet while ensuring equal weight distribution.

Disconnected LP system fittings

Ember RV recalled their trailers manufactured in 2022 because of the issue in the LP (liquified petroleum gas) fitting system issue. Several of their components use propane instead of electricity for their functioning.

People complained about the gas leakages because of disconnected propane system fittings and cracked pipelines. You can also feel the propane smell from your trailers because of the leakage of propane gas.

Propane gas leakage is hazardous because it is combustible. The company recalled their trailers to resolve the problem. Dealers replaced the LP disconnected fitting with a new one free of cost.

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