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F150 Window Tint Cost

F150 Window Tint Cost

F150 window glass tint is a cover, includes security features, appealing appearance, and variable visibility. Also, people utilize cost-effective to expensive truck tint kits for better installations, protection, and convenience. 

In general, the F150 window tint costs around $40 to $450 as a single item, and a kit ranges up to $4000. Also, the repairing cost of damaged window tints is around $160 to $550, and replacement charges are from $120 to $1100 according to window tint quality. Furthermore, the factory tints are built-in features, free to protect from UV rays, road hazards, and provides a comfortable journey with a cooling effect. 

Moreover, consider your budget before purchasing expensive items because the fixing procedures depend on their quality. Also, follow the American laws about tinting the glass windows because violence results in penalties and money charges. 

Also, several states like New York, Oregon, and Pennsylvania allow around 35% to 70% window tints for better security and visibility.

Typically, the cost depends on the percentage and type of the tint because each has a different impact on a glass surface. In addition, upgrading the interior, long-distance traveling, family setups, and matching mirrors leads to product applications. 

Also, all new models are available with a built-in protection layer, and the traffic authorities guide Ford users about these safety tools.

What is a Ford F150 window tint?

A window tint is an ability to reduce the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays. Also, by reducing the interior visibility, restrict robbers, and protect against leather seat fading. Also, it keeps the interior cool and reduces the glare of headlights.

Furthermore, it makes the window glass appealing, and travelers can sleep inside without any hesitation. In addition, a vast range of single tints and kits are available. All of them adjust on the front and rear glass of a Ford F150.

What is the average cost of an F150 window tint?

The average cost of different tinting products revolves between $40 to $450, and the price changes according to model specifications. Also, the kits include various installation tools, supporting equipment, and manual instructions.

However, these are expensive items, and the maximum prices are around $2000 to $4000. In addition, these are beneficial for the new models of 2020, 2021, and 2022 F150 with crew cabs.

Moreover, the kits are convenient to install due to several instructions, and you can fix them without any external support. 

What are different window tint types, their classification in terms of percentage, installation cost, and differences they make on the glass?

Here is a chart representation of various Ford F150 window tints that help in an appropriate item selection. Also, consider these specifications and compare them with your requirements because they prevent money loss.

Name of window tint Available percentages Installation cost Difference the tint make
Ceramic window tint 35% and 70% $150 to $850 They provide a sleek appearance to the windows, safety, and clear visibility. Also, protect from sun radiation and has the lowest rate of any human skin diseases(sunburn and rashes)
Dyed tint 35% and 50% $70 to $110 They block the ultraviolet rays are economical and reject heat. However, an infused tint film with nanotechnology provides a reflection shield against heat. Also, it keeps the occupants of the truck safe and removes the harmful rays.
Metallic tint 35%, 50% and 70% $200 to $850 The films comprise metallic particles that are highly efficient against environmental effects. Furthermore, they provide security, glass coverage and are long-lasting than many other types. Also, these films resist fading, increases reliability, and secure the glass surface for several years.
Hybrid tint 20%, 35% and 70% $160 to $700 It combines the layers of dyed tint and utilizes the metallic particles simultaneously. As a result, the protection against UV radiation increases with a ratio of 3% to 5%. Also, it does not allow heat penetration through the glass, secures the travelers, and keeps the interior cooler. It also includes the category of customized options.
Carbon tint 20% , 35% and 70% $80 to $450 They are one step above the metallic layer coatings. Also, the makes utilize carbon particles that make heat rejection convenient. Furthermore, it provides a matt appearance to the glass, and no cell signal interference happens with excellent results.

What is the installation cost of the Ford F150 window tint?

Typically, the average installation cost of the window tints is around $120 to $420. Also, it increases with high-quality items and window effecting factors. 

However, the maximum installation range for the overall truck windows is around $490 to $570. 

Also, the prices are higher than the above limits for the customized colors and higher percentages of these coatings. In addition, for a different color window tint, the installation process costs you from $900 to $1100, and it rises according to truck frame condition. 

Also, the selection, installation method, and other factors depend on customer choices.

What is the repairing cost of the F150 window tint?

Generally, the window tint removal and replacement is not a quick procedure due to their reliable fixation. But, few people change the percentages for achieving higher visibility range and security from weather effects. 

Moreover, repairing the damaged window tints on a Ford F150 costs you around $160 to $550, and it depends on the severity of window conditions. Also, for removing them from the windows, you require professional help.

Furthermore, the labor charges for this tricky procedure and overall removal procedure cost you $65 to $270. Also, the prices increase according to the complexity of the tint kit, lack of tools, and window damages.

However, people remove and replace them due to their peeling, cracks, scratches, and degradation over time.

What percent is factory tint Ford and why?

In general, a factory tint is a shade that the manufacturing company applies on the Ford F150 windows. On average, the percentage of this tint film varies from 15% to 20% and provides clear visibility. 

Also, they protect from the surrounding effects, weather conditions and range up to 26%. Furthermore, they are available for glass privacy with protection layers, clarity, and stability against dangerous road factors. 

Moreover, it saves the travelers from the nearby people, secures the internal item from snatching, and keeps them comfortable throughout the journey. Furthermore, they also protect against the sun’s UV rays, and you can install other percentages of tints. 

Factors affecting the cost of a Ford F150 window tint

Several factors affect the total cost of these items and increase more than the standard limit. Also, it depends on the security purpose and thickness of the tint films.

Furthermore, few manufacturing brands offer their installation procedures with different packages. 

Number of windows

Typically, the window coverings exist in the form of packages and kits with different size surfaces.

Also, in contrast, when the owner installs only front-side window tints, the prices are low. Furthermore, they increase with the addition of backside glass in the procedure. 

Quality of the tint kit

Generally, the quality of the tint material depends on the material used, and the required percentage also defines the performance. However, the products provide support, protection, and sunlight safety, and other related features. 

But, the high-quality kits with customizing options are one of the most prominent items. Also, they increase the total cost of the budget by around $20 to $35.

Condition of the surface

The top layer of the window determines the adjustment ability of the tints. Also, with scratches, holes, and dirt accumulation, the installation procedure becomes challenging. Moreover, the owner spends extra money on repairing and control of the surfaces. 

In addition, the style of window surface takes part in the covering activities, and the charges increases. However, the professional expert reduces the total cost of the procedure, yet prices are high. 

Better visibility

Typically, the tint coverings provide safety from ultraviolet rays, but they also provide visibility. As a result, travelers can see through the window glass at every time of the day. For better results, high-quality products are advisable because they provide clear and constant vision. 

Furthermore, they are also one of the most secure ways to cover the glass surface on a Ford F150. Furthermore, these are expensive and make the moderate items costly with the customized features. 

However, only the manufacturing portals can make such changes, and a non-skilled person can destroy the overall tint appearance. Also, the glass breaks in the forceful applications, and hence installation cost includes and makes the budget higher than the standard criteria. 

Heat repel

Generally, heat repelling is an essential factor of these window tints, and without it, the items are useless for the F150 drivers. Also, few brands have a higher tendency to reject the heat penetration and handle the interior environment. 

Furthermore, they keep the temperature under control with the advanced automatic features of a pickup truck. In short, these are security tools and provide maximum protection from problems like sunburn, skin rashes, and uncomfortable traveling conditions. 

Consequently, these items are costly than those window tints, which only restrict the sun radiations, but the heat remains constant. Also, selection depends on customer choice according to the Ford models, design of windows, and size of the glass. 

9 Examples of window tint kits for F150 with their cost, window side, and dimensions

Brand name Cost Window side Weight  Dimensions Compatible For F150 model Tint type(in percentage)
Rvinyl window tint kit $40.9 Front 8 ounces 26 x 3 x 3 inches 1993 to 2011 20%
The tint effect precut window tint $32 Front 9 ounces 26 x 4 x 4 inches 2015 to 2020 30%
Truck window kit $38 Front 9 ounces 26 x 4 x 4 inches 2015 to 2020 20%
Rvinyl window tint kit $38 Front 32 ounces 26 x 4 x 4 inches 1999 to 2007 20%
F150 window tint kit $40 Front 9 ounces 26 x 3 x 3 inches 2017 to 2021 20%
Rvinyl window tint kit $40 Front 9 ounces 26 x 4 x 4 inches 2015 to 2020 20%
Rvinyl window tint kit $39 Front 10 ounces 26 x 3 x 3 inches 1997 to 2003 20%
Rvinyl window tint kit $40 Front 7 ounces 26 x 2 x 2 inches 2004 to 2008 20%
Rvinyl window tint kit $40.9 Front 35 ounces 26 x 4 x 4 inches 2011 to 2019 20%

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