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Ford 6.2 Cylinder Numbers

Ford 6.2 Cylinder Numbers

Many people are confused about the Ford 6.2-liter cylinder numbers. It is a V8 engine with high power and torque rating used in heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Therefore, you will find it in F150 SVT Raptor, F250, F350, F450, and F550 Super Duty pickup trucks. Ford has given the particular code name Boss to this family of engines with the larger displacement. 

Ford 6.2-liter Boss engine has 8 cylinders arranged in a V configuration in 2 rows. To identify the correct order of cylinder numbers, stand before your pickup truck after opening the hood. Mark cylinder on the front on your left side as 1 up to last on the same side as 4. Then, repeat the same procedure for the row on your right side, starting from the front as number 5 and last as number 8.

It is crucial to identify the correct order of cylinder numbering to rectify the diagnostic trouble codes related to misfiring, valves, or spark coils.

This article will guide Ford truck owners with 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 engines to mark the correct cylinders sequence in this motor. In addition, it will be helpful for them to perform do-it-yourself maintenance tasks to save money and their time. 

Number of Cylinders in Ford 6.2 liter engine

Ford 6.2 engine has the primary purpose of providing a high power source for drag racing, loading, and towing applications. Therefore, it has the largest bore of 114-116mm amongst all Ford engines at the time.

Consequently, it is suitable for large displacement applications. It has 8 cylinders like other V8 engines. It has a V-angle of 90 degrees. It means it has 2 banks of 4 cylinders on each side placed at an angle of 90-degree reference to each other.

It gives the engine a balanced structure with minimum vibrations in such a piece of heavy-duty machinery.

Moreover, it has a single overhead cam design (SOHC) to ensure an inexpensive, lightweight, and compact design.

A single camshaft controls both inlet and exhaust valves per cylinder. Therefore, it isn’t easy to get variable timing on both valves independently. Furthermore, you will find 2 spark plugs per cylinder to ensure efficient fuel economy.

Location of Cylinders on Ford 6.2 liter engine

Before going for cylinder numbering on the Ford 6.2 V8 engine, it is mandatory to have basic knowledge about the various engine parts.

You must know the engine parts and can identify them by looking at their shape and their design. 

The first step is to pull the release switch inside the door on the driver’s side. It will open the hood lock, and you have to pull it over and install the holding support on single or both sides before you start working.

Next, you will find the engine assembly in the center covered by a black-colored plastic manifold pipe for the air intake system. The cylinders on both driver and passenger sides are under the valve train covers and spark plug assemblies.

It is better to remove the air pipe and other top covers. However, be cautious of falling debris or solid particles into cylinders or the engine’s throttle body.

The sequence of cylinder numbering

Ford has slightly different numbering sequences for cylinders on its 6.2 V8 engines as compared to other manufacturers. Therefore, instead of following the standardized numbering conventions, you should mark your Ford vehicle before undergoing any repair work.

After following the initial steps of opening the truck hood and locating the engine parts, stand in front, facing it. Ford has numbers in a sequence for each cylinder bank from start to end without switching sides.

Identify the cylinder on the front left side closest to you and mark it as number 1. Next on the same side as number 2, then 3, and the last one farthest from you on that side as 4.

Standing in the same position, look at your right side bank of cylinders. The one closest to you on the front side is number 5, number 6, then 7, and the last one on the right side is number 8. It completes the numbering procedure.

To keep it for reference and future use, mark the front and back sides of the engine on a page. The backside is usually the one that connects with the transmission system. You can also use driver and passenger sides as reference points.

Draw 2 rows containing 4 circles in each to label as cylinders. According to your reference sides, Mark the number on each circle identified in the sequence from 1 to 8. 

What is the difference in cylinder numbers and firing sequence?

Often people confuse the cylinder numbering with the firing order of the cylinders. However, both refer to different things.

Cylinder numbering refers to their sequence according to their physical presence order in the engine. It is a structural arrangement, and you cannot change this sequence according to your will.

It is hardware bound and finds its importance in maintenance issues when you get trouble codes mentioning a specific number of cylinders, valves, or spark plugs.

On the other hand, firing order is an operational matter controlled by the PCM module. It determines to fire the spark plug in a particular cylinder at its predefined turn.

Furthermore, according to power and torque requirements, firing orders can change in a specific model for different driving modes.

Therefore, it’s a dynamic parameter, and you should always verify it from the user manual of your truck before drawing any conclusion or making any observation.

Why is it important to identify correct cylinder numbering for Ford 6.2 Boss engine?

Although cylinder numbering seems to be an ordinary parameter having little significance regarding the truck operation, it is of prime importance from several other aspects, including maintenance or locating faulty spark plugs, valves, and valve springs. 


Modern Ford trucks involving 6.2 V8s have PCM to control their various parameters. It shows any fault in the engine through multiple indicators like check engine light, engine service light, or yellow wrench symbol on the dashboard.

You can connect an onboard diagnostic tool (OBD-II) to read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). The most common trouble code associated with cylinders fault is P0300. It shows random misfiring in different cylinders.

It can result from faulty spark plugs, valve springs, camshaft, or other related parts. Therefore, you should know this to access the particular number as indicated by the DTC.

Otherwise, you will have to check all the parts, and there are chances of replacing another spare instead of the faulty one.

To find the misfiring spark plug

Misfiring of spark plugs is the most common problem associated with Ford 6.2 engines in F250 and F350 Super Duty trucks. DTCs related to such faults are P0301 to P0308. The last digit in the code shows the faulty cylinder.

The most obvious reason can be the worn-out spark plugs, but the most common cause that I have found is the broken valve spring.

It is essential to troubleshoot the fault as misfiring can result in leakage of raw fuel to the catalytic converter, damage to engine parts, and poor fuel economy.

Unique numbering for Ford V8 engines

All other manufacturers, including GM, Nissan, and Toyota, use different numbering sequences of cylinders in their V8 engines.

This is because they use a folding method in which all even-numbered cylinders are on one side and odd-numbered on the other side.

At the same time, Ford uses numbers in a sequence for each side. Therefore, it is imperative to know the cylinder numbers for Ford 6.2 to avoid any false maintenance operation in resemblance with V8 engines from other manufacturers.

Is there any standard method of cylinder numbering on all Ford engines?

The cylinder number shows the particular position of a bore in the engine block. It is not a patented or standardized parameter.

Therefore, the numbering sequence can vary from engine to engine for the same manufacturer and different manufacturers for the same number of cylinders.

However, it is customary for each design and has a role in identifying a cylinder’s specific position and internal parts, including valves and spark plugs.

Therefore, they follow a sequential pattern instead of random numbers but are not necessarily the same for every engine. 

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