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How to Install 3 Inch Lift Kit on Toyota Tacoma?

How to Install 3 Inch Lift Kit on Toyota Tacoma?

Adding a 3-inch lift kit to Toyota Tacoma can make your drive smooth on a rough and rocky path.

The lift kit is a fantastic instrument with a high-quality spring bar that holds heavyweight machinery. 

How to Install 3 Inch Lift Kit on Toyota Tacoma? You can install the 3 inch lift kit on Toyota Tacoma by lifting the Truck on the jack stand. Remove the center cap and wheel from the truck. Separate the assembly of a strut, control arm, and sway bar with the impact gun. Remove the spring and place the block o the upper side, and add the bolts. Trim the lips of the bracket and place the lengthy spring and assemble all the disconnected links.

It is trending, and you can install the kit lift in any generation and model of Toyota Tacoma. You should add this if you go on the work passing through rough roads daily.

Easy Steps for installing 3 inch lift kit on Toyota Tacoma

You should follow the following method to install the lift kit in your Truck. People keep on changing their appearance and adding new things to make the vehicle stunning.

The 3-inch lift kit includes the strut spacer, new coil springs, and new rear shocks. Buy a lift kit from the market and take it out from the box.

Park your vehicle in an open area and place the jack stand beneath it. You should place the four jack stand to lift the Truck equally from all sides. You should know the weight of the Toyota Tacoma for better results.

Rotate the jack handle in an anticlockwise direction until the Truck reaches the desired level. The vehicle will not fall if you lock the jack with clips.

You can also take your Toyota Tacoma to the workshop and park it on the electric rails. Turn on the button, and it will take the Truck to a higher position.

Keep in mind that there should be no support beneath the tires. Remove the center cap or hub with the wrench and socket from the rim if it is present.

There are lug nuts that hold the center cap on the rims. Take an impact gun to unscrew the nuts and pull out the cap.

Pull the wheel out and set it aside. Unscrew the nuts that hold the wheel and remove the tire from the Truck. You can also use the same wheel after lifting the vehicle or attach the new and bigger wheel.

All the parts beside the wheel are visible to you after the removal of the tires. Go beneath the Truck, either it is on a jack stand or on electric rails.

Now you will separate each part to access the spring. Take 19mm bolts and open the cotter pins carefully. Furthermore, there is a sway bar that will need 17mm bolts or sockets for disconnection.

Lose the nuts that hold the upper strut connection with the control arm and hit the ball joint with a hammer to break the seal and separate the assembly.

Disconnect the lower strut mount bolts and remove the skid plate. The skid plates are the protecting part present undercarriage and work as a shock absorber.

There is also a control arm that has a connection with the spindle. Unscrew the nuts and slide the control arm to the upper side. 

Remove brake line bracket and take this out from the lower part. Mark with the pen for trimming and cut its lips with the cutter to make more space for the new lift.

A bracket holds the sway bar, but you should place some support beneath it while removing tall the connection of the strut and sway bar.

Apply anti-rust spray to clean the parts and use a soft microfiber cloth to clean that area. The couple bracket holds the ABS wires, and you should set them at the side; otherwise, the sensors will not work.

Take the spring out of the assembly and fix the new bolts on the spacer. Next, fix the lengthy spring in the same place and fix the nuts. 

Place the control arm and fix the sway bar at its position. You will see the difference in length before and after adding the spacer and arm bracket.

Do this same procedure with the other wheel and place the skid plate. Reinstall the wheels and center cap again. Heading toward the back wheel, take a three-inch block and place this between the axle and leaf spring.

Rotate the jack in the opposite direction and take the Truck to the ground level. Enjoy your riding with a lifted Truck after outstanding modification.

What size lift kit is legal for Toyota Tacoma?

The maximum size of the kit lift is 5 inches, according to the California Body Lifts. You have to follow the rules and regulations of your state when you bring the modifications to your vehicle.

You must read the laws of your state whenever you are changing or adding the parts for your convenience decoration.

3 inches is the ideal size for lifting the Truck. However, do not exceed the 5 inches kit; otherwise, you will pay the fine for violation of laws.

Can you fit 35s on a Tacoma with a 3-inch lift?

You can add the same or new bigger size wheel after installing the lift kit. You can also fit 35 inches wheel on a Tacoma with 3 inches kit, but it will need additional effort and modification.

It provides more clearance and is more durable in hilly areas. In addition, the bigger size wheels have more traction with the roads and keep the balance.

You can add 35 inches wheels to your vehicle if you want to give it a huge and captivating appearance. 

What size can tire can you put with a 3-inch lift?

The ideal size of tires on Toyota Tacoma is 33 inches for a 3-inch kit lift. You can also put the bigger size, but it will require more time and cost.

Toyota Tacoma is a large vehicle, so you should choose the best quality wheels for it. The company makes modifications in every generation according to the demand of customers.

You can also adjust the 265/75/16 tire size on the vehicles with 4-inch lift kit. Again, your priority should be the ideal size that fits and looks amazing.

Why would you install the 3 inch lift kit on Toyota Tacoma?

There are many benefits of lifting the Truck. Many people add this to increase the value of your vehicles and some according to the need.

The Toyota Tacoma is famous among the new generation and the youngsters because they go on long journeys and trips with friends.

It provides smooth driving and clearance of ground. In addition, it is more reliable and durable than the suspension and level kit. In addition, the higher level protects the damage from rocks.

How much does it cost to install the lift kit on Toyota Tacoma?

The cost of installation depends on the material and size of the kit. However, the average cost is around $380-4400 that is much affordable.

You can purchase expensive parts of high quality at higher rates, such as $5500 and above. The cost depends on the material and brand.

You will find durable and best things when you go to the famous brand, but it will be a little expensive than the local market.

Sometimes you call a professional, there will be extra charges for the professional. The average cost of labor is about $750-$850 for the whole process.

Many laborers and professionals cost according to the hours, but some demand according to work. So you will spend about a total of $5000 with labor and get the standard quality kit.

The time duration depends on the availability of tools and space. You can reduce the time by arranging all the needed tools at a place if you are doing it yourself in the garage of the home.

It will take approximately 3 to 5 hours, such as 3 hours for professionals and 5 hours for you. You can also take your vehicle to the workshop, and the workers will do this task within 3 hours.

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