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Ford F150 Display Screen Not Working

Ford F150 Display Screen Not Working

Many people get worried when the display screen stops working in their Ford F150 because of issues in head units. As a result, it becomes difficult for them to see the back view for easy parking.

Ford F150 display screen does not work because of a blown-out fuse, non-updated Ford sync, and problems with the head unit and LCDs. The issue also comes due to broken backlights, poor cleaning practices, cold temperatures, setting errors, disruption in power supply, and Bluetooth connectivity. 

It is problematic when the display screen suddenly stops working on your long trip. In addition, you cannot use the infotainment features of the stereo system, which can make your journey soulless.

Problems with Ford F150 display screen Solutions
Blown out fuse Install new fuse
Ford Sync issues Reinstall the Ford Sync app or update it
Defective or broken backlight Add new backlights
Poor maintenance and cleaning practices Use dry or soft cloth for cleaning
Cold temperature Use protective sheets on display
Setting errors Always turn on the display screen button
Disruption in the power supply Replace broken wires or tighten loose connections
Bluetooth connectivity Use Bluetooth one device

Blown out fuse

Several fuses of the infotainment system are present in the fuse box to control the surge in the power supply.

The fuse blows out due to an overflow of electric current and cuts off the electric supply. The screen becomes black suddenly when a fuse blows out.

The issue comes because there is no power supply to the infotainment and stereo system. In addition, the blown-out problem comes from contact with metal objects.

They also blow out when you forget to turn off the headlights or disconnect the connection to other electric equipment. This will also cause problems with its radio.

Find the fuse box in the panel to find out the faulty one for their replacement. Then, turn off the engine and open the hood of your truck.

Open the fuse box, and you can find the faulty fuse here, which becomes brown due to heat or has broken parts.

Remove it from the panel and install the new one with the correct amperes at their location.

Ford Sync issues

It is the interconnected software that is present in Ford F150 trucks for the connection of mobile phones and other devices.

Add this software on your mobile phones to use the infotainment screen features like navigation, stereo system, and various phone option.

The bugs are present in the software, and you cannot connect your phone to the display screen. Ford Sync issues come when you do not have their latest version on your mobile phone.

The screen does not support the old version and causes glitching. You can fix it by turning off your mobile phone and restarting it to reset the app.

You can also delete the app from your smartphone and install it again for its proper connectivity and functioning.

Update the software when you receive a notification of a new update. Then, open the SYNC setting to check the information on the latest update.

Defective or broken backlight

The head unit is the primary component of the screen which becomes faulty, and you cannot turn on your infotainment features.

You cannot see anything on the front screen due to a broken or faulty backlight. However, small lights in this system provide illumination to see various features.

The display becomes black or blank when these lights blow out or malfunction. The problem with these lights comes due to fluctuations in the power supply.

Moreover, several physical damages also make these small bulbs defective. Therefore, you have to pay attention and inspect the different components when facing flickering issues.

The flickering symptoms show an issue with backup lights that cause dullness and brightness problems.

You can fix it by replacing the backlights of the panel. Remove the whole panel for the replacement of the backlights in your truck.

You can see the plastic bags with these lights on the backside of the head unit. Remove the old ones and install the new ones with the same light color and dimensions as the previous lights.

Poor maintenance and cleaning practices

Your display’s poor maintenance and cleaning practices make them faulty, and you cannot use them with your fingers.

These screens are highly responsive, and you can switch between different features with a single touch with your finger.

Sometimes people keep using their fingers, but the infotainment system becomes unresponsive. The issue comes when dust accumulates inside the head unit and cannot respond well to touch.

Moreover, water entry into the internal components also causes this issue. The water-related damage occurs when you wipe off the screen with a damp cloth or towel.

You can fix the issue by adopting correct cleaning practices regularly. Remove the dust from the top surface with a soft and dry cloth.

Use a soft towel or tissue because the harsh cloth can scratch it. Close the mirrors while driving on dusty and unpaved roads to reduce the entry of dirt.

Cold temperature

Cold temperatures not only affect the battery and other components of your truck but also disturb the normal functioning of the display screen.

Many people complain that they face the issue of a frozen infotainment system and lagging in the video while using it in cold weather.

Displays are made up of liquid crystals, and their movement slows down in cold weather because of freezing.

You can face lagging or delay in the video while using the infotainment feature. In addition, protective sheets can prevent the liquid crystal from freezing in winter.

Turn on the heaters in vehicles when the temperature outside is extremely low.

Setting errors

Many of my friends who have a Ford F150 truck complain that their display screen becomes suddenly off at night.

They checked the power supply and connectivity issues, but everything was fine. However, it worried them because they could not find any problem with the head unit.

The display settings are turned off, and you cannot use them at night. You can resolve the issue by adjusting the settings through the display button.

This button has a block sign marked with a single line. You can turn the on and off the display with this button, and it is better to always turn it on for better driving.

Disruption in the power supply

These front screens need a proper power supply and voltage for their functioning. You cannot use or see any feature on them if the power supply cuts down.

The disruption in power supply comes due to poor grounding of wires. Moreover, several thin cables are connected to the infotainment system.

These become faulty or lose their connections with the circuit board. As a result, the current cannot flow smoothly through these faulty wires.

Driving on bumpy roads also makes their connection faulty due to bumps. You can resolve the issue by inspecting the damaged wires in the system and replacing them.

You can also restore the screen’s functioning by tightening the cables’ loose connections.

Bluetooth connectivity

You can connect your smartphones with a front display of the Ford trucks. It becomes easy for you to use the features of phones on the screen using voice commands.

You can make or attend phone calls and use a navigation system to reach the destination in a limited time.

People often complain that the screen becomes blank when they connect their phones with Bluetooth.

The problem comes due to poor connectivity or pairing issues. The disturbance in Bluetooth connections comes when more than one device is on and added to your system.

You can fix the issue in the Ford F150 display screen by only turning on Bluetooth on one device. Remove the added devices from your operating system for proper identification.

Maintaining a suitable distance between them is also better for a good connection.

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