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Ford F150 Not Showing Gears

Ford F150 Not Showing Gears

The gear display is present on the dash screen of your Ford F150, and you can see the engaged gears during driving. Sometimes the display becomes faulty, and your pickup is not showing any gears, which becomes problematic during a dim light.

Ford F150 does not show gears on the dash screen if you accidentally press the plus sign on the shifter knob. Moreover, the problem also comes due to faults in the cluster screen, burnt-out indicator bulbs, and the locking of gears during towing. The dead batteries of the truck and poor electrical connections also cause this issue. 

It is essential to fix this issue because you cannot drive with a faulty gear display at night.

The shift lights are beneficial during driving in low light conditions so you can easily check the engaged gears on the dash screen.

Ford F150 Gear shifter problem

A gear shifter is present near the driving seat to change the gears according to the required speed and driving needs.

It is the knob-like structure mentioned with different numbers from 1 to 6. You can engage them according to the type of road and speed adjustment.

Many people complain that when they shift the 6th position and press the plus sign on the shifter knob, the gear shifter display disappears from the screen.

The dash screen is still working, but you cannot see the driving position display on the screen. The same knob that is used for adjustment can turn off this feature.

The shifter’s minus and plus signs are present for up and downshifting. You have to press the minus sign on the knob to fix the problem.

The display signs reappear on the screen when you press the minus sign on the shifter knob. In addition, you can also fix the issue by using the plus sign.

Press and hold the plus symbol for a few seconds to restore the gear display on the dash screen. You can also resolve the problem by toggling the shifter knob up and down.

Locking of gears while towing

Many people lock the gears while towing other vehicles with their pickups for safe and secure driving.

However, you have to move at a slow and constant speed during hauling to decrease the risk of accidents.

The disengagement is a better option because you do not have to drive your Ford truck at a fast speed.

There is a switch on the shifter knob, which is used for locking and unlocking purposes according to its specific usage.

You can use this switch for up and down shifting and locking purposes during hauling. The same shifter switches are used to unlock the transmission system.

You can see the specific position on the Ford F150 display screen after unlocking. The continuous Down shifting most commonly brings your display back.

You can see the specific driving mode on the cluster screen during driving. It is also better to downshift the transmission from 6 to 5 for unlocking purposes after hauling.

Many people forget to do this and then become worried after the disappearance of the display.

Dead battery

Batteries are the most important electrical component, supplying power to a different system. Ford F150 dashboard system cannot perform its function without taking voltage supply from the batteries.

The gear display disappears from the screen due to your truck’s dead or weak batteries.

In addition, you can also feel the blinking of the display light due to an interruption in the power supply.

The batteries become dead and weak when you do not turn off the accessories at night.

These electric devices drain the batteries, reduce their power supply, and weaken them.

Maintaining the battery and its components is essential to increase its longevity. In addition, proper maintenance and servicing increase its life.

Check the functioning of the batteries when you cannot see the gear display on the dash screen.

You should turn off the electric devices in your vehicle when they are not working during the night.

Proper servicing after every 6 months from recognized service stations is also necessary.

Switch off the heavy electric devices that drain more power from a battery source or minimize their use during driving.

Furthermore, it is also recommended to check the electrolyte levels, tighten its terminals for safe use, and reduce voltage supply issues.

Problem with cluster screen

The gear display is present on the cluster screen of your Ford F150, and you can see the driving position on it.

The yellow light represents the S mode on your screen. The display becomes invisible due to the malfunctioning of the cluster screen.

The poor electrical connections of the ground wires cause the failure of the screen, and you cannot see anything on it.

The failure also comes from bugs in the computerized onboard system and software.

In addition, the system becomes faulty due to electrical problems like loose wiring and faulty connections.

You must fix the cluster screen issues to restore the shifter display. Identify the issue of the cluster screen using scanner tools.

Connects the ports of the scanner tools, and you can see the fault codes on its screen. The mechanics can read these codes, identify the problems and easily fix them.

Moreover, you can also reset the system to fix the software issues.

Do not connect the non-compatible devices with your Ford trucks because it can make the computerized system faulty.

Problem with gear display bulb

The shift indicator bulb is present in your vehicles, which is helpful to illuminate the gear display on your screen.

The display disappears from the dash screen due to a burnt-out bulb. These small bulbs burn out due to blown-out fuse or fluctuations in power supply.

In addition, age-related damages are possible with these indicator bulbs, and you cannot see any sign without them.

Many people complain that their trucks are not showing gears on the cluster screen. The issue comes due to these burnt-out bulbs.

They also burnt out due to overheating and over-usage. You can fix the issue by replacing these bulbs and installing new ones.

Take your truck to the nearby service centers with professional mechanics.

These mechanics check the brunt-out bulbs and carefully install the new ones at their place.

Do not touch these small bulbs with your fingers during installation because it can increase their burnt-out risk.

Poor electrical connectors

The shifter knob is connected to the cluster screen and gear display with electric connections.

Sometimes, these connections become loose, and you cannot see any symbol after changing the driving position.

The poor electric connections and loose wirings between these two components cause malfunctioning. The loose connections cannot supply the signals to turn on the display bulb.

Check the electric connections and wires that connect the shifter knob to the gear display in your Ford F150. Tighten the loose connections of the connectors using a plier.

Use gloves before approaching the electric connections. Replace the poorly insulated and burnt wires from different ends with new ones.

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