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Ford F150 Leveling Kit Problems

Ford F150 Leveling Kit Problems

You can use leveling kits on Ford F150 trucks to increase their height and prevent debris from the roads. Moreover, these are also helpful in preventing the bumper from touching the ground surface.

Ford F150 Leveling Kit Problems include its poor alignment, decreasing stability, and producing a vibrating sound. It will also increase the fuel mileage and increase the refilling cost. In addition, the excessive rubbing causes damage to tires and causes instability. It also decreases the warranty of the truck and affects shock absorbers. Moreover, it also affects the braking system, and the truck takes more time to stop.

They are a little problematic, but it is good to increase the ground clearance. It also increases the life of the engine by providing better air crossing.

Poor alignment during installation 

The alignment of this kit is vital after their installation fix them with its parts. When there is poor alignment or setting, it will cause an issue.

The poor alignment will also affect its different parts or increase their risk of damage. The proper alignment is vital for the appropriate distribution of the truck’s weight.

This issue will also cause instability and disturb the balance of the vehicles. You have to adjust the casters under wheels after the installation.

When you don’t adjust the casters adequately, it will cause high-speed instability. You can also face vibration while moving, increasing the risk of accidents.

You also have to set the alignment of the headlights according to the height of the tires. When you are not doing this, you can collide with other vehicles.

If your Ford F150 starts to move on one side while driving and the steering wheel is not stable, you can identify this issue.

You can resolve this issue by adjusting the casters after installing this kit. After adding all of its parts, set the headlights according to the height of the wheels.

Stress on suspension system

The suspension system is a significant component of the vehicle that helps maintain the vehicle’s proper movement.

Ford F150 leveling kit helps to raise the front or back side of the truck some inches to make it better for off-road trips.

It also changes the whole design and puts pressure on the suspension system. It puts pressure and makes it more vulnerable to wear and tears.

You cannot drive with a broken suspension system because it can increase the risk of accidents due to misalignment.

The vehicle starts to move at one side, and you can collide with another vehicle. It will also disturb the stability of the steering wheel, and you cannot control it.

The misalignment and excessive vibrations can also affect the engine’s working and decrease their life.

You can resolve this problem by adequately adding this part with the help of mechanics.

However, you cannot drive them on bumpy roads because it will increase the chance of wear and tear.

Moreover, it is also necessary to prevent their hitting with potholes because it can cause an issue.

High fuel consumption

The fuel consumption also matters a lot after installing leveling kit in your Ford F150. Due to the increase in size, the large area is exposed to the air.

The more energy you need to stop the vehicle because of more air resistance. The consumption of fuel also depends upon the size of tires.

The poor adjustment and alignment will also increase the more fuel consumption. In addition, the fuel consumption will increase when the engine provides more power to stop the vehicle.

In addition, when you drive them at high speed, more fuel will burn to run the engine. Therefore, more consumption of power will also increase your fuel economy.

Increasing the truck’s height increases the airflow, and excessive dragging can cause this problem.

You can fix it by adding a leveling kit that is less and has few inches, which can produce less dragging and air resistance.

Moreover, you can also do the alignment adequately, reducing fuel efficiency.

Clunking noise from sway bars

Sway bars are the necessary part of the vehicles that are the suspension system’s component. It helps to handle your truck and maintain its proper alignment.

In addition, it is also essential to provide stability and comfortable driving. Therefore, when installing the leveling kit, you have to tighten the sway bars.

When you forget to tighten the ends of the sways bars link, then it can cause a problem. The loose linkages at the end of sway bars will produce a clunking noise.

When you hear this sound, you should turn off the vehicle and check its parts. If you drive it constantly, it will interrupt the driver during driving and damage the suspension components.

The ends become loose because of the poor adjustment of the new kit. In addition, this problem will also occur because you forget to tighten all the components accurately.

First of all, raise the Ford F150 truck a few inches above using jacks.

After attaching jacks, use a socket and ratchet to tighten the ends of the sway bars.

Damage to tires

The tires are a vital part of the Ford F150, which are helpful to maintain the balance of the trucks.

However, when you install the leveling kit in your vehicle, it can cause issues and decrease the life of the tires.

The installation of this component will cause wear out of wheels and disturb the balance. In addition, you can move at one side, which disturbs the stability.

It can cause tire rubbing when you are moving at high speed. 

The disturbance of angle and constant rubbing will reduce their off-road features, and you cannot take them on bumpy roads.

The stability of the steering wheel will also disturb due to this issue. Moreover, due to damaged tires and constant rubbing, you can also feel vibrating sounds coming from this part.

It is better to resolve this issue as early as possible to reduce the risk of accidents. You can raise the vehicle, add the jacks, remove the old tires and install the new ones.

The other way to fix this problem is to properly align the kit and add casters which can cause less rubbing of wheels.

Poor installation

The leveling kit installation is an essential procedure that you have to do carefully to reduce the risk of damages.

Without proper care and maintenance, the installation will cause a problem and make your Ford F150 more vulnerable to damage.

When you do not tighten all its components, it will cause slipping at high speed. The slipping will increase the risk of accidents, and it is also challenging to install it again.

You also have to install them according to the adjustment of the truck’s height. When you do not install its parts appropriately, it will pay more weight and pressure on the suspension system.

You also have to maintain all the crucial components of the kit properly. You should not install it yourself because you cannot correctly fix it.

You should hire a technician or expert to install all of its parts correctly. Moreover, also tighten all the joints and screws after some time for regular maintenance.

Decrease warranty

The vehicle’s warranty is the most crucial component, which also decreases its repairing cost.

Everyone wants to buy items with a better warranty and have a repair choice from the customer service center.

The installation of leveling kit voids the vehicle’s warranty because it makes it more susceptible to damage if you maintain it poorly.

Excessive pressure will also affect the shocks and cause wear and tear in their structure.

Moreover, when you install them after buying a vehicle, the company cannot provide repair services in case of any damage.

The issue comes because it is not part of your pickup truck and causes a problem due to poor adjustment.

It is better to use a kit with a bolts system, and you can remove them whenever they are not in use.

Affect braking

The braking system is crucial to control trucks and prevent accidents and collisions with other vehicles.

The addition of leveling kit affects the braking system of the For F150 and puts you in more danger due to poor brakes.

The efficiency of the brakes will also reduce and increase the braking distance. However, it takes more time to stop the truck when you apply brakes due to oversized tires.

It will cause issues at high speed because it takes more time to stop. You can reduce the pressure on brakes by adding a load that is not greater than their minimal capacity.

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