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How to Replace Ford F150 Antenna?

How to Replace Ford F150 Antenna?

Sometimes Ford F150 antenna stops working, and you have to replace it. All trucks have a signal receiver and antenna to listen to broadcasts of the radio channels.

How to Replace Ford F150 Antenna? You can replace the Ford F150 antenna by removing it from the mounting plate. Then remove its base by unscrewing the bolts of the metallic piece and detaching the cable from the glove box. Then install a new wire, attach it to the antenna connector and fix it with a new base. Then connect a new antenna on the base with the help of an adapter and turn on the radio.

There is no need to hire a mechanic to do it. Just gather the right tools and follow these simple steps to replace it. It takes between 50 to 80 minutes to complete the procedure.

Unscrew the antenna

First of all, read the manual to get information about the type of antenna present in the Ford F150.

Then park the truck and turn off the engine and battery to turn off all the electric appliances.

Then wear safety gloves and goggles to protect yourself from danger. In Ford F150, it is present near the front doors, and it is approximately 28 to 32 inches long.

You can pry it off easily with the help of a wrench. It is fixed at its site with one lock-in screw.

Take a small wrench or socket and unscrew the screws of the signal receiver to detach it from its place. Place a clean cloth on the truck front to prevent any damage.

Then hold the lower side of the antenna in the wrench and rotate it in the anticlockwise direction.

It will get loose, and then take it out with your hand. If the screw is too tight or stuck in its position, lubricate it to remove the signal receiver.

Remove the antenna mount

The mounting plate serves as a base to attach the wire with it. It is a metallic piece that is covered by a plastic cover.

You can take off the plastic cover by using a flat screwdriver. Place the flathead in between the cover and mount surface apply little force to detach it from the antenna base.

The metallic base is fixed in its place with the help of two or three screws.

You can use a screwdriver to unscrew all of them. Place the flat head screwdriver on it and rotate it in the anti-clockwise direction.

Then take the screws from their place and repeat the procedure for other screws to remove them from the base.

Finally, when all the screws are out, you can remove the mounting base from the vehicle surface.

Disconnect the wires

The Ford F150 has an orange cable that is attached to another connector in the glove box.

Open the glove box by pushing it outside from both sides. Here you will see an orange line disconnect it from the connector.

In this box, the cable is fixed with plastic pieces with screws. Unscrew them to detach the cable in the glove box.

Unscrew the hex screws of the wheel liner or fender to pull off the fender wall. It will allow you to visualize the wire connections.

In Ford trucks, four screws fix the fender in its place. Unscrew all and use little force to pull away from the fender wall.

The rubber grommet is attached to the antenna wire, pry off the grommet and pull the cable out from the vehicle. Tape the other side of the wire to keep it secure in its place.

Install the new antenna wire

Installing the cable is precisely the reverse of removing it from the vehicle.

You can buy an aftermarket antenna cable to replace the old one. Then, attach a thread with the cable and pass it through the hole to the glove box.

Remove the thread and attach the rubber grommet to seal the hole. You can remove the truck tire to install the cable.

Screw up the fender wall with the help of head screws to fix the wheel wall in its place.

Then you can use different plastic pieces to fix the cable in the glove box. Finally, close the glove box by pushing in the door in its place.

Attach the supporting mount

The base or mounting plate should match the type of system you are going to install on your vehicle.

It is better to mount the metallic base to give your antenna a strong base to stand on. Clean the mounting site with a clean cloth to remove dust and debris.

Place the metallic piece on the housing place and use a screwdriver to tighten up screws in it. You can use the screws of the old base to fix the new mount.

Then attach it with the Ford F150 antenna wires with different screws. You will need three screws to attach to the frame.

Then attach the plastic cover to the base to cover it. Next, push it inward the fix it around the metallic surface.

Install the new antenna

Buy the new signal receiver from any nearby electronics shop to install on your truck. First, check it, and if they do not fit, then purchase an adapter.

The adapter is essential to attach it to the frame. You can consult any professional to decide the type of adapter that will fit the truck.

But, first, you should connect the required adapter by rotating it inside the hole of the new signal receiver.

Then place it on the hole of the antenna base and fix it. You can use a wrench or socket to fit it there.

Hold the adapter and rotate the wrench in a clockwise direction to tighten up the adapter in the mount.

Now the new Ford F150 antenna is fixed on its position and check its performance by turning on the radio.

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