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How to Keep Dust Out of Your Truck Bed?

How to Keep Dust Out of Your Truck Bed?

Many people complain about their dusty truck beds due to dirt particles that enter through holes of tailgate and sidewalls openings. 

How to Keep Dust Out of Your Truck Bed? You can keep dust out of your truck bed by installing a PVC bag cover on the top with a ziplock. In addition, use silicon to fill the sidewall holes and the gap between the truck bed frame and tailgate. Also, add a retractable tonneau cover, push its sides on truck rails, add rubber seals and fix. Moreover, hide the bed top with a canopy, adhere to weatherproofing, tighten the clamps, and manually clean the dirt with washing soaps. Furthermore, adjust a leather bed liner on the surface, stick with the bottom stickers, and prevent dust.

Keeping it dust-free is a cost-effective procedure, but a few bed covers are expensive. For example, the retractable covers have electric control, and canopy shells have built-in electric lights with connecting wires.

They are more expensive than a leather bed mat and a manually controllable bag cover.

I have explained six different methods to keep your truck bed dust-free for a long time. The procedures include versatile bed covers, dust resister box shells, cleaning and control techniques.

Protect the truck bed with a bag cover

The pickup trucks are beneficial for long-distance trips and off-roading. But, the truck bed is prone to the accumulation of dust particles that decreases its appearance. 

Also, it affects the stored materials and people on the truck bed. To resolve this problem, get a bag cover because it hides the entire surface quickly. Manufacturers make them with Polyethylene that can resist dirt and water.

Different sizes are available according to the dimensions of pickup truck beds. They are economical bed covers with quick installations. 

Moreover, it blocks the openings and small holes on the sidewalls. They are removable, and you can hide the bed in dusty areas.

For installation, select an appropriately sized truck bed bag. Next, hold the sides with the help of a friend and start from the front side. 

It adjusts on the corners due to elastic corners. Also, a few of them have a side or middle zip for an enclosure. 

Some of them have hooks and ropes for better installation and support. They hide the entire surface with PVC layers. 

However, you can access your stored material anytime by opening the zip lock. The dirt cannot reach its surface from the sides and front.

You can fold the cover bag and adjust it under the seats. 

Fill the gaps in the truck tailgate

The dust enters a pickup truck bed from the tailgate and small holes near the sidewalls. Sealing these openings is one of the best ways to make them dust-free. 

Commercial sealing materials are available that consist of silicon with high coverage. 

For this purpose, wash the truck with clean water and wipe the excessive amount towards the tailgate. Then, leave it for natural drying, and it takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

Now, use a wet and fiber-free piece of towel. Then, rub it on the side holes of the tailgate and seams of the walls.

Repeat the activity 2 to 4 times and remove the accumulated dust particles. It is an essential step because the dirt resists silicon.

Open the bottle of sealing material and make sure it can bring out a generous amount of material. Next, access the rubber sealing between the bed frame and tailgate. 

Add the sealing liquid and press them together. In this way, the dust cannot enter the surface through the flat tailgate. Also, follow the tailgate sides and fill them with sealing material. 

Add 3 to 4 layers and prevent it from cracking under loads. In addition, find the drain holes on the bed surface and hide them with the silicon. Leave it for drying and keep the truck bed dirt free. 

Use a Lid covering

In parking conditions, the truck bed has exposure to external dirt and constant weather effects.

In such conditions, a permanent solution is essential to block the passage of dust particles.

Select a tonneau cover to hide the rear section of your vehicle. It is available in different sizes with versatile manufacturing materials. 

They are moveable and adjusted on the top corner of the truck frame. The bottom portion is accessible, and you can unload your stuff. 

The retractable fiberglass and aluminum covers have complex installations. They come with built-in rails and clamps that adjust to the bed and truck frame. 

Adjust the cover over the bed rails and push it slowly. Next, select the front sidewalls of the bed that is near the cabin compartment. Push the rails under the bed and fix them.

In the presence of clamps, attach them from the lower side of the cover and fix them with its sidewalls. 

Then, add rubber seals under the edges of the cover and tailgate. As an alternative, use foam strips or small blocks.

They protect the bed from air dirt, and rubber seals inhibit the entrance of surrounding dirt particles. It immediately provides a clean rig appearance with a dust-less bed surface. 

The installation takes around 20 to 25 minutes due to the complexity of covering material. 

Enclose truck bed with canopies

These are camping shells that hide the backside of your vehicle and turn the midsized truck into a camping hub temporarily.

These toppers are box caps that go over the entire bed. You can adjust a canopy on your truck rear section in around 12 to 15 minutes.

It comes with built-in sticky weatherproofing, hardware like clamps, and flexible window sections. Adjust the topper shell over the top and align the corners with the help of a person.

Adhere the weatherproofing directly to the surface of its frame. Then, you can add sealing material to fix the box shell firmly.

Open the tailgate and adjust the material over it. Next, get under the bed cap and find the clamps.

The package includes four clamps that can attach to the vehicle body. Fix them in their spots and tighten them. 

Close the window through zip lock and protect the surface from road dust, air dirt particles, and gravel grains. 

Manual cleaning and wash services

You can keep dust out by using washing and cleaning techniques with ready-made cleaners. First, brush out the loose dust particles with a towel.

Also, clean the debris and layers of accumulated dirt with a bristle brush. Finally, mix a washing soap in warm water, dampen a towel in it, and rub over the truck bed corners.

Wipe excessive water and soap towards the tailgate. Then, rinse the surface with warm water and start from the cabin side. Push the water towards the tail end and remove it. 

Allow natural drying and apply a thin coat of wax for a shiny appearance. It resists heavy dirt and facilitates easy cleaning. 

Use protection leather sheets/liners

Multiple truck bed liners are available with different functions and unique properties. For dust protection, use leather sheets that are dustproof and water-resistant.

Also, a few can absorb the dirt and debris for several hours. You can remove the liners and clean them regularly. 

In the presence of liners, the rear section remains clean because external debris cannot roll over them. They are available in different styles and sizes according to the models of pickup trucks. 

Separate liners are available for the tailgate with fixing abilities. In addition, they have built-in dual-side stickers on the lower side.

Adjust the mat according to the design of the rear box, hold one corner, and remove one side of the sticker.

Press it on the surface for 2 to 4 seconds and check the stability. The dirt cannot move inside the leather mat, and they are cleanable. 

A chart of different truck bed covers, manufacturing material, average size, average cost, properties

Type of truck bed covers

Manufacturing material

Average Size

Average Cost


Bag cover

(fits any full and mid-size truck)

Water-resistant PVC and fabric

42 x 52 x 23 inches

$170 to $430

A non-breathable PVC and water-resistant cover that hides the interior edges. Repels dirt and road gravel.

Lid/ Tonneau cover

(6 feet to 6.7 feet truck bed)


83 x 71 x 6 inches

$550 to $2200

It provides sealing properties with tear resistance. In addition, dual vinyl layering makes it a durable covering to remove dirt from the truck bed.


(6 feet to 6.6 feet truck beds)

Fabric and polyester

32 x 12 x 12 inches

$130 to $210

The compact design with multilayered polyester and fabric mesh prevents the accumulation of dirt. Also, it can close from the front side and seal the passage of dust particles.

Bed liners

(sizes available for all pickup truck beds)


51 x 6 x 6 inches

$150 to &980

They are leather sheets for the truck bed and tailgate. The bed liner blocks the penetration of gravel and dust grain with built-in absorption features.

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