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Ford F150 Power Inverter Upgrade

Ford F150 Power Inverter Upgrade

Ford F150 power inverter is a device that gains power from the battery and changes the direct current into an alternating current. It is a 400 watts power system that requires an upgrade to improve power flow.

You can upgrade the power inverter on the 2021 and 2022 Ford F150 by adding a 2000-watt inverter. For the 2015 to 2017 Ford F150 models, use the 1200 to 2000 watt inverter and add a 3000-watt inverter on 2006 to 2009 variants under the passenger seat. For this, you have to remove the dashboard, pry off panels, remove bolts, and connect it with the wires.

Several people upgrade these systems with efficient and compatible gadgets. With the up-gradation, they can supply power to extra things. 

How to upgrade the power inverter on a Ford F150?

Purchase a high-quality option for the pickup truck to increase the amperes. It stabilizes the voltage flow in different amenities of the cabin and bed.

You cannot use the old electric wires, ports, and outlets for new connections. The high-performance equipment is incompatible with the stock connections.

Also, upgrade the ports and electric cords. You can take professional help for these complex activities. Due to insufficient skills, you can put excessive load and pressure on the circuit.

I have explained a detailed method to upgrade the power inverter on different variants of the Ford F150. In the latest versions, 2021 to 2022, you can find the stock inverter in the dashboard compartment. 

Their mounting location varies according to the truck design and other manufacturing properties. Their stock inverter has Milwaukee batteries which are not removable. 

For the upgrade, select an efficient 2000-watt inverter. It is sine-wave equipment with improved efficiency and resistance against the circuit load.

You can empower the additional lights, lamps, massive indicators, electronic amenities, and other options. In addition, it can alter the 12-volt system to 2000 watts. 

To remove the dashboard, turn off the power supply for your pickup truck and disconnect the airbags. Next, move to the F150 driver’s side, assess the screws from the top and bottom, and remove them with a screwdriver.

Attach the screwdriver to the nuts of the kick panels, loosen and remove them. Pry the panels off with a sharp tool or flat screwdriver.

Remove the bolts that connect the dashboard panel to the frame of a pickup truck. Next, detach the glove box by removing the built-in screws and the dashboard.

Use the insulated four gauge cords and compatible cables inside the ports. Reassemble the removed parts of the dashboard and check its performance.

Upgrade the 2016 to 2017 versions with 1200 watts to 2000 watts inverter by following the instructions. They do not support vacuum cleaners and other such appliances.

Install the secondary generator to reduce the load over the circuit. Attach it to the battery of the Ford F150 with the connectors and long insulated wires.

Remove the old cables, connectors, coverings, and alternators. Then, reinstall the new and highly efficient cords within the circuit.

Connect the electric plugs with them through compatible connections. You can upgrade the factory-installed equipment on the 2006 to 2009 variants with a 3000-watt inverter.

For this purpose, access the location of the stock inverter. It mounts under the right side of the passenger seat.

You require a long cord with proper insulation to upgrade the truck. Utilize the 30 gauge cords, which are usually red for maximum visibility.

Connect one end with the battery and the other to a fuse of around 25 to 30 amperes. Install a kill switch in the middle of the console on the front side of the cabin.

Combine the switch and relay around it. Attach the positive terminal of the cord with the new equipment. Assemble the negative terminals and attach them to the battery of the pickup truck.

With two sockets, adjust an extended cord. It is a 12 gauge that attaches to the port and moves it to the center console. 

You can install a new high-power inverter inside the dashboard of your F150 truck. For the procedure, hide it on the backside of the ash collector.

In this procedure, find them and alter them with 800-wattage equipment. Use snap-in and specifically design receptacles for new installation.

Approach the shifter on the truck and remove the covering of the new 800-wattage system. Next, use the new cords and attach them to the dashboard. 

The 2015 F150 has a non-upgraded stock alternator. You cannot add a more efficient inverter to this circuit because an alternator of 200 amperes cannot handle the load. To avoid the problem, change the alternator and carry out the upgrade. 

Why would you upgrade the Ford F150 power inverter?

With the upgrade, you can use multiple electronic amenities inside the cabin. For example, you can empower more indicator lamps and headlights with these procedures.

Additional equipment

The number of watts determines their size, and you can swap the stock equipment. 3000-watt equipment can empower multiple gadgets simultaneously.

The power inverter can charge digital devices and provides constant electric flow for additional lights for your Ford F150. As a result, they become brighter due to high current flow at a specific pace.

You can add extra electronic gadgets to these pickup trucks. Then, connect the additional equipment with the new circuit according to its design. 

To get more power

You can achieve more power with massive gadgets inside the cabin. This is because they can regulate the flow of voltage in different amenities.

They can undergo pressurized conditions without internal damage. Also, they support the circuit, maintain the current flow and stabilize the other gadgets.

They are power boosters and increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system. They amplify the input signals and change them into the conventional current. Due to such modifications, the output of the AC increases more than the standard level. 

Faulty electric passage 

The stock power generators cannot withstand high temperature and pressure conditions. The circuit malfunctions and do not send the correct signals to different gadgets.

Due to a faulty electric passage, the current flow reduces. In addition, the flow lines block due to internal contamination and damage.

The factory-installed system cannot cooperate with the amenities of the truck cabin.

Therefore, their replacement is necessary with an efficient and reliable system. In addition, it upgrades the electrical passage and increases the performance of different gadgets. 

Older inverters

They cannot provide high-rate electric current due to old age, internal wearing, and excessive utilization. As a result, they become incompatible, undergo short circuits, and change the current flow.

Such systems affect the performance of other electrically empowered amenities, and the power inverter does not work. For example, you cannot leave the faulty and old inverter inside the dashboard.

It affects the performance of other built-in gadgets. Swap them with high-quality power generators which have high voltage.

Cost and time required to upgrade the power inverter on a Ford F150

It is a time-consuming activity, and its time varies according to the expertise of a person. As a result, few variants have complicated dashboards with permanent skirt panels.

You can remove them with the correct tools and adequate knowledge about the system. The average time to swap a stock gadget with a new and high-power inverter consumes around 2 to 3 hours.

The duration fluctuates according to the mounting position of the old gadget. It is a costly procedure, and the expense depends on the number of wattages.

Across the USA, the mechanic charges per watt of equipment. According to my research, the dealerships take around $2.5 to $4 per watt.

The installation of a 2000-watt inverter in a Ford F150 costs you about $5000 to $8000. However, the installation charges are negotiable according to the policies of different mechanics and the system’s complexity.

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