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Ford F150 Speaker Upgrade

Ford F150 Speaker Upgrade

Several people upgrade their factory-installed door speakers of Ford F150 to improve the bass and sound level.

You can upgrade the Ford F150 door speakers by removing the standard 6.8 inches speaker and swapping them with 6.9 inches speakers or 6.5-inch round speakers. Ford this, you have to remove the door panel, remove nuts and wires, and install new speakers. 

Each variant has a different number of speakers according to their design and space inside the cabin.

What is the method to upgrade the Ford F150 speakers?

The modern variants come with high-quality and efficient sound systems. But, several people do not find them satisfactory and upgrade them with different high-performance gadgets.

The regular cab configurations of the 2019 Ford F150 have four speakers on the doors. However, you can upgrade them with a 6-speaker system with a few modifications. The modification is possible on the Super and crew cab. 

However, the 2021 version has an 8-speaker Bang and Olufsen setup with a power of around 640 watts. In addition, the manufacturing company has optimized them for each seat inside the passenger cabin.

They have built-in subwoofers with heat resistance and can tolerate internal heat levels. On all the trims of the 2022 Ford F150, you can find ten equipment systems at different mounting spots with high-performance and Bang and Olufsen systems. 

You can upgrade the stock gadgets with new and compatible equipment. B and O systems are already efficient with high bass and clean music frequencies. You can change the size of factory-installed speakers with new options.

With such modifications, you can get the desired results and loud audio inside the cabin of your pickup truck. 

For an upgrade, you can change the standard 6.8 inches option to 6.9 inches and install a round speaker of 6.5 inches with built-in subwoofers.

The procedure is feasible for lower trim levels because they have a less efficient system. To install the new options on the doors of the Ford F150, stabilize the truck in your garage and turn off the engine. 

Remove the terminals of the battery and leave the system for cooling. For the swap, access the door panels of your pickup truck.

The panels usually contain plastic material. You can remove them with a sharp prying tool. Adjust it inside the panel and pull it outwards.

Repeat it around 2 to 3 times until the panel detaches from the frame. Then, access the stock bolts that keep it in one position.

Use a correctly sized wrench, adjust it over the bolts and remove them. It loosens it from the mounting spot. Now, find the electric wires and disconnect them from the power source.

Remove the small equipment and replace it with a high-quality gadget. Reconnect the electric cords in the electric circuit.

Adjust the new equipment, fix the bolts, and re-tighten them. Finally, reattach the removed panel and check the performance of the installed gadgets.

Why would you upgrade your Ford F150 speaker?

You can hear loud sounds by changing the small audio gadgets with new high-performance gadgets. The following are a few reasons for the swap. 

Better sound frequencies

They can produce a large spectrum of frequencies due to their advanced features. They have resistance against a load of pressure. 

They facilitate loud audio frequencies with minimum distortion. As a result, you can hear realistic and clear music without straining. 

They deliver continuous performance for more than six hours without internal wearing. You can enjoy similar audio on your headphones with a high range of frequencies.

The upgraded systems have built-in tweeters and a versatile range of frequencies. In addition, the middle subwoofers support the entire system and promote audio clarity of music at distinct speed levels. 

The external air cannot change these frequencies due to their compact and protected designs. 

Improved depth of music

Compatible speakers improve the depth of audio. You can hear the background music without a vibrational effect.

They comfort the travelers due to non-distorted and loud sounds.

Their built-in sensors can identify the fluctuation of frequencies according to the track. They promote a merge of sensors and depth of the music.

Their efficiency depends on the diameter more than the standard wavelength. In addition, the middle subwoofer improves the bass handling capacity of the system.

More channels and power

The upgraded options have multi-channel compatibility with different audio signals. In addition, they work efficiently with the power system of the pickup truck.

They absorb and regulate the fluctuating electric flow due to their advanced internal features. They appeal to music enthusiasts because their trips depend on high-quality and loud music. 

You can use their multiple-channel properties by connecting them to the multimedia system and battery of the Ford F150. 

The 8-speaker systems can have four channel properties that withstand the radio and customized audio frequencies. 

Cost and time required to upgrade Ford F150 speakers

It is a non-complicated activity for the expert and skilled person. Before up-gradation, check the size of Ford F150 built-in speakers.

Read the manual and assess the manufacturing restrictions. Check the availability of new and compatible speakers before removing the old options. 

The procedure is less time taking and consumes around 20 to 25 minutes. It depends on the condition of the door panels and the equipment. 

The installation is less challenging and costs around $12 to $14 for the front doors. 

What size speakers fit in a Ford f150?

Ford F150 has 18 speakers on different parts of the cabin compartment. These are factory-installed on all four doors. 

Its 2021 version has headrest-embedded speakers for nearest sound deliveries.

Tweeter options are present on the front pillars of the 2021 F150. In addition, you can find them on the corners of the dashboard and near the front headliner. 

They have classified rear and front options. They have dimensions of around 6.9 to 7 inches on the front side. 

On the rear, they are around 6.5 inches. A 2021 version has 6.5 inches on the front section, and you can upgrade them. 

On the doors of the F150, you can identify the 6 inches options. You can upgrade them to 6.5 to 7 inches according to the door size and the truck’s dimensions.

According to variable trim levels and modified sound systems, their number varies. In addition, it is challenging to assess the dimensions of door panel speakers because it combines truck size and bass. 

2014 F150 have them on the doors with stock dimensions of around 6.8 inches. 

On the 2018 XLT version, you can find 6.9 inches speaker on the front doors, and the rear is around 6.5 inches. In addition, its XLT trim has 11 speakers in different locations. 

1998 to 2017 models of Ford F150 have standard speakers of around 6.8 inches. You can install 6.5 inches speakers on these variants. Some older versions have them around 6.1 to 6.2 inches due to the limited dimensions of the cabin. 

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