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Ford F150 Power Inverter Not Working

Ford F150 Power Inverter Not Working

Power inverters are present in Ford F150 trucks to convert the DC voltage to AC voltage. The electrical devices that you use in your vehicles need AC voltage for charging.

Ford F150 power inverter stops working because of poor electric connections, voltage supply fluctuations, worn-out capacitors, and overuse. In addition, the issue also comes due to blown out fuse, use of extension cords, overheating, broken wires, short circuits, improper installation, and faulty switches.

It is necessary to check the power of your object when attaching them to a power outlet to avoid burning and failure. Some equipment needs a high voltage supply for functioning, and you cannot use the inverters.

Ford F150 power inverter not working Solutions
Poor electric connection Clean battery terminals
Fluctuations of voltage Check fuses
Worn out capacitors Replace capacitors
Over usage Do not exceed their working capacity
Blown out fuse Install new fuse
Use of extension cords Avoid connecting two devices with the same extension
Overheating and short circuit Turn off the ignition for a few minutes
Improper installation and issue with the power switch Change the power switch and hire a mechanic for their installation

Poor electric connection

The power inverters take power from the electric source of your car for charging your phones and other components.

Many people complain that these devices stop working suddenly in their trucks. They can see the light blinking on their sides because of no voltage supply.

You cannot receive the power when you attach the electric component to them. The issue comes from poor electric connections between the power inverters and the battery.

The battery is the ultimate source to provide electricity for these components. However, you cannot receive proper power if the batteries are dead or weak.

The rodents attack wires and chew them, which can cause poor connectivity. In addition, the issue also comes due to the corroded terminals of the battery. You can fix this by checking the electric supply and its connections.

Clean the corroded terminals of the battery with baking soda or mild solvent. It is also essential to check that it is not weak and working correctly. You can also upgrade the power inverter.

Moreover, you should also inspect the connections for proper current supply.

Fluctuations of voltage

The voltage fluctuations cause poor working of the outlets and cause malfunctioning in its components.

It greatly affects the inverter bridge, and you cannot receive enough voltage to charge your AC devices.

The over and under voltage are both equally problematic for this accessory. The circuit breaker and fuses are present in Ford trucks to regulate the smooth flow of electricity.

The fluctuations in voltage occur due to blown-out fuses and damaged circuit breakers. The low voltage supply is also problematic for your battery because it starts to draw power from it.

You can fix the issue by inspecting its components properly and taking it to the mechanic. The fluctuations in voltage also cause the burning of its components, and you have to replace the whole device.

It is not difficult to replace the whole unit, and you do not need screws and bolts for their fixing. These are less costly, and you can purchase them for $15 to $20.

Worn out capacitors

The capacitors are the tiny components that are present in inverters for smooth and consistent voltage supply.

The primary purpose of capacitors is to continuously supply the current during fluctuations. The wear and tear in them occur due to their age.

They start to lose their working capacity and strength when they become old. In addition, capacitors are highly sensitive to temperature, and exposure to heat can make them faulty.

You can increase their longevity by maintaining the required temperature for their work. Moreover, do not change the outlet if the capacitor is not working.

You can only change this small part for better functioning of the whole unit.

Over usage

Every electric component has specific life, and they become faulty after completing their life span. Therefore, overusing the device in Ford F150 causes the malfunction of its parts.

In addition, many people forget to plug out the electronics when they are not in use or fully charged.

It is essential to use them wisely to increase their longevity. Plug out the electronic equipment when they are fully charged.

It is also suitable to remove them at night to save the current supply and not burden the system.

Blown out fuse

The fuse is the internal component of the power outlet, and it can blow out due to changes in the voltage supply. These are small devices but play an essential role in the functioning of the whole unit.

You can see the blinking of light due to the blown-out fuse. The system automatically shuts down when the fuse becomes faulty or malfunctions.

The fuses help protect the inverters from damage in case of short circuits or poor electric connections.

You can fix the issue by changing the fuse and adding the new one. Next, open the front side of the inverters by removing the screws with a wrench.

Put it on the side, find the fuse in the bottom right corner, and install the new one there.

Use of extension cords

Many people use extension cords to attach multiple devices with the power inverters. These electrical cords interrupt the current supply and cause fluctuations.

Moreover, using one or more devices in an extension cord overloads the system. Finally, the system shuts down when you add heavy electric appliances to them.

The current carrying capacity also decreases due to the long length of the wires. Therefore, you need to check the voltage on various outlets of the extension.

Moreover, avoid simultaneously connecting the two heavy and current drawing appliances in the extension.

Overheating and short circuit

The overheating problem in inverters indicates an issue with the Ford F150 battery and power supply. Moreover, overheating also comes when you attach heavy appliances with them for charging than their limited capacity.

The broken or damaged wires produce short circuits and suddenly shut off the voltage supply. These can also clog up with dust and dirt because of poor maintenance.

Avoid using them, and turn off the ignition of your truck to cool the outlets. Then, park your vehicle on the road several times to fix the issue.

In addition, it is also necessary to unplug the electronic equipment from the outlets.

Improper installation and issue with the power switch

The power inverters are not working in pickup trucks due to poor installation. These cannot maintain the connection with the electric source and cannot provide a voltage supply smoothly.

The loosely connected devices also cause a problem and do not work well. Sometimes the issue comes in the switch, and you cannot receive enough power when you plug in your phones or other devices.

The switches become faulty due to the accumulation of dust. Moreover, the problem in them also comes when you put pressure on them.

Carefully use the switches when plugging in your phones or other devices. In addition, avoid putting pressure on the outlets because they can produce wear and tear.

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